You are not alone…

“We may think we are alone, that no one knows our pain or the suffering we may endure, but there are forces in and around us that are consistently aware of our plight; when one thread is broken or disturbed, the entire web is affected by it.”


~ By Our Design: A Human Manual to the Evolutionary Process of Fifth Dimension Ascension

Thought Control?



One of the most prevalent questions I’m asked is, “how do I control my thoughts, they seem to plague me?!?”

In response to this question, thoughts are energies seeking acknowledgement, and ultimately resolve in some form.

An example could be when we go to cross the road, and see a car coming, we think, “I better wait, I don’t want to get hit.” This is actually a healthy fear arising in the body forming as a thought for resolution. Another would be when we see a flower and think, “that’s beautiful,” it’s a resolution of acknowledgement to something deep within for the resolve of recognition. So when the question of controlling thought arises, really it’s more about going into the energies that are asking for resolve.

A simple practice for this is to:

When feeling the intensity of thought arising, allow a space to be with the energy or emotions in them.
Once you observe, acknowledge the energies as you would a friend in distress. Talk to them, say something like, “ I acknowledge this feeling of ______________.”
Often these energies are asking to be integrated, which can only be done so by love. A suggestion here would be to place the hand on the heart, and gently feel what is felt in a space of compassion. Let the heart know that it will not be abandoned, even though sometimes we want to run from what we feel.

This one practice if done in childlike faith will change the world each of us lives in, because we are loving those parts of the self asking for a shift in reality.

Much love and respect in the journey!
💖 (Canvas painting credit by Paolo Troilo)

For those that may be struggling today, a reminder from the soul:

Instead of looking at emotions as something to shift, feel them as a part of who you truly are in energy. So when something arises emotionally, it is asking to be experienced as a part of the integration process, which leads to the shift vibrationally you are looking for. Self-love practices like holding the heart while abiding with feelings will help. An example might be when a repeating pattern arises, an energy or emotion is triggered in you, instead of trying to release it (remember its a part of you), place your hand upon the heart, and speak to the heart saying, “even though I am feeling ________, I want you to know I will not abandon or reject you while I am feeling _________, I am here for you, and am choosing to abide with this energy as it is asking for attention, resolve and love by me as no one else can.”
By establishing love practices that allow us to integrate what we feel, the energy itself becomes a transformative agent in that it is being heard, acknowledged, and loved, which is the root issue in any shift we desire to fulfill. Whether for resolve in healing, or exploration of something new, possibly just simply to express who we are from a deeper level, each experience we have is purposeful in nature— which also opens our humanity to the abundance of the universe manifestationally. Once we learn we are not a victim of circumstances, but that circumstances have meaning, we can work with the universe in wisdom for fulfillment.
Make sense?

As a species from generation to generation we are realizing there is something more than the roles assigned to us or that we choose.

As a species from generation to generation we are realizing there is something more than the roles assigned to us or that we choose.

By James Anthony Curtis
When we are challenged emotionally these energies are one of the highest indications that we are ready for a ‘shift’ in reality. What we view as our ‘self,’ or even the reflections we see in others can be terribly difficult to process as we start to ask questions about who we are, the life path we are living, and the meaning in our choices. And the power in these energies is not to be underestimated: it is both purposeful in its nature by allowing us to go deeper for the fulfillment of desires we have come to explore, express, and experience on earth, as well as carrying us in the current of transformational resolve to the precipice of unfolding wings as the ‘sky children’ that we are.
Often though, it is a very confusing time, and if we are unwilling or incapable of moving into the energies of these questions, we will find the ego provides a solution of grasping, which will interpret what arises however it can for stability, focusing on outer circumstances as a measure for resolve. However, as beings of energy, light, and awakening divinity temporal measures will not satisfy the inherent nature of questioning that arises; just as a seedling must break its shell and move through the darkness of the earth towards the warmth of the light, we too must come forth in our season. The universe works in such a way that whatever triggers us, or shows up in our life is intentionally for our benefit, even in painful or afflictive circumstances. Likewise, we live in a world full of human evolvement, where consciousness is in the process of deep integration, as each life path comes to know the one that they already are in fulfillment of highest destiny.
The relief so many seek will only appear as the heart is held in compassion. Fears, ache, and pain need not be enemies, but more-so allies in leading us into an intuitive, meaningful, deepened relationship with ourselves and what we desire. The one misconception we have as humans is that life is static, but really it is dynamic, vibrant, and abundantly creative. Often what we may view as loss, is really the opening of space for what we have desired as one reality fades another becomes apparent. And how we choose to receive any expansion is based on the love we offer to the one in experience.
Today, may we offer compassion to the one in experience, hearing the wisdom of the heart as it is held as we enter the reality of our most intimate desires in the process of being fulfilled.

The deeper healing


First let me apologize for not posting sooner. This current time in the world has been an incredible opportunity for all of us,  and energies are moving on our behalf in so many ways, even though it may not feel like it at times. I hope all of you are safe, well, and finding this journey serving you as necessary for the ascension process.

Blessings to each and everyone of you, and many thanks for choosing to be here at this time in human evolution.
Much love,

Here is an excerpt from one of the upcoming books:

“The deeper healing”
By James Anthony Curtis


It’s normal to want to feel healthy, vibrant, and alive, abundantly experiencing all life has to offer in complete contentment. Sometimes though, the deeper path is one of sickness, where we go into those places in our body journeying beneath the layers, embracing our demons and darkest fears. This “deeper healing” can look awful, feel terrible, and provoke such depths of misery, we will barely recognize the transformational power at work in the metamorphosis occurring. The temptation in these times is to immediately focus on wellness of the flesh, believing restoration of the body is what we view as ‘healthy.’ Although this is true in part, the deeper healing is in our vibrational shift, those places within us that are in need of resolution, which we have incarnated here to allow our humanity to reveal for us.

Sometimes our soul contracts take us on a journey of terror, where large wounds have been festering for years, often that are in need of extensive attention, the kind that only comes when we are facing extreme or terminal conditions. Often we become more flexible in the nature of the heart, allowing unresolved energies passage through our bodies when facing potential finality in a life path. This does not mean that we ignore the flesh, but rather, we go into the darkness of our affliction, allowing ourselves to embrace through a deeper sense of listening to what the body is asking for, offering space to the emotions arising with loving care. We do this by holding the heart, abiding in strong emotion, telling our heart as we would a dear friend, “I love you, and will not abandon you, not reject you, but I am allowing myself to feel all that is necessary for my healing of those places that are in need of resolution.”

We only do these practices as we are ready, never pushing ourselves even into a healing, as this sends a transmission to the heart either way vibrationally – one being of “pushing,” the other that we care, and are willing to be patient, nurturing as necessary for wellbeing. Our healing is really reliant upon larger self, and universal arrangement, just as we would not hurt our eye, big toe, or arm, we may trust that the universe has our best interests at heart. Our most easeful work is to give attention to what is arising within us in response to the reflections coming to us in our circumstances, opening ourselves for universal support as needed, and surrendering to the process of manifestation.

Today may we trust in the universe, knowing we are blessed, that what we experience has been preordained, even asked for, that we may realize our true divine nature. May we embrace the “deeper healing,” fulfilling our soul contracts, allowing all that we feel as we are ready, for the one coming forth, the one we have been waiting for, the love that we already are in benefit of all beings.

May it be so, so it is.

“Approaching the gates”

“Approaching the gates”

By James Anthony Curtis

When nearing the end of any relationship it is common to look back in review, feeling both the joys and the sorrows, and how we lived in our engagement of circumstances throughout asking ourselves what we desire for the future. We sit quietly with our mind, body, and emotions, breathing in the areas that arise in reflection: where we were this time last year, who we were with (which we may do month by month), allowing our senses to remember, and proceed at a pace that feels nurturing to our heart. We notice special occasions, and what made them fulfilling to us, how our body responded, the ease of living, and the appeal to the soul in our contentment. We also hear the pain in our journey, treating it with dignity and respect, acknowledging the importance of love calling out to us from within it. We make no designation between the lines of ‘good’ or ‘bad,’ but simply receive energies as allies in forging a deeper relationship with the soul.

Universal forces work in conjunction with every need, all places everywhere, and we give pause at this time not only to reflect, but to give thanks for sacred design, our design, and those that we have signed sacred contracts with for the expansion of our being.

We abide, allow, and embrace that which we have come to fulfill from our most intimate depths, recognizing that without people, events, and circumstances unfolding as they have, even in dark places, we would be incomplete. And in our pause we find the comfort of ourselves, the lonely one who has held loneliness, the sad one who has allowed sadness, and the fearful one who even though afraid, befriended fear; all of this precious time has given our heart the opportunity to be loved, held, and healed by us as no one else can, which we have long awaited to receive.

So as we acknowledge our blessings, both the dark and the shine of life, and in doing so we come to know god in all our various forms, circumstances, and beliefs, receiving the fullness of our innocence in this moment for all eternity. May we be where we are, feeling what we feel, by both acknowledging where we have been, and where we are going, as the one we already are in the light of loving compassion that is. We are the they, who are leading the front wave of humanity, honoring the one coming forth, however choosing to appear, for the benefit of all beings.

May it be so, so it is.

“Christmas Manatees at Blue Springs State Park, Florida”

Christmas Manatees at Blue Springs State Park, Florida

By James Anthony Curtis

Although travel may not be necessary as part of the evolutionary process, it is indeed an integral part of consciousness awakening, and referenced frequently in most spiritual disciplines as a practice of pilgrimage. There is an inherent quality of mysticism from travel, which is often referred to by those that experience it as ‘road magic,’ or an ‘alignment’ of events that clearly present a coordination for our benefit in their meaning. Manifestation comes to action in these events as the soul vibrationally summons whatever is needed, not only for our healing, but for our developing consciousness, and those places within us that desire to explore or express themselves. And paradoxically, that which we desire to manifest requires surrender, deep listening, and allowing energies that come forth to be acknowledged along the way.

One of the most beautiful indications of manifestation is the sacred places we find ourselves in through this process of surrender. When setting out this last fall we had no destination in mind (other than warmer climates to winter over in), and trusted the universe to guide us wherever we might go in the flow of circumstances that proceeded. And as ascension occurs intuition becomes more prevalent, where it is not uncommon to receive glimpses of future timelines: places we may find ourselves visiting, people we will meet, or circumstances that may unfold. Although we had some gleanings of what was being manifested (seeing ourselves in Florida, meeting friends, and visiting the winter home of manatees), universal arrangement was so dense in its appearance it would have been impossible for us to arrange events as perfectly as they manifested: our friends were staying in a state park before heading out west for three days, and we just happened to book the only open sites in the park for those three days; the park was also one of the major places for manatees which we had not previously known; we spent Christmas surrounded in loving circumstances, with the company of ‘manatees,’ some of the most peaceful creatures we have ever encountered.

Throughout human history those who have found the path have continually pointed us to it, “that the kingdom of heaven is within us, that which we seek seeks us, and if we can believe all things are possible.” And wherever we may be at in our journey, what we believe is not so nearly as important as the love we offer, which is the anchor in any storm of doubt that we may experience in our process. So as we explore the ‘heart road,’ meeting other pilgrims along the way, what we find will find us in revelation, ‘that there is a tangible substance in love, where the currency of faith is utilized in benefit of all beings.’

Today may we acknowledge the sacred places, ever deepening our surrender, meeting old and new friends in the holding of the heart, giving thanks, and share with others what heaven looks like as we walk the ‘heart road.’ May this day unfold as it was deeply designed perfectly by you, for the most fulfilling reality to come forth, in all the love that it is, for the wellbeing of all.

May it be so, so it is.

The thunder in our steps (North Carolina Maritime Museum)

The thunder in our steps (North Carolina Maritime Museum)

By James Anthony Curtis

Not long ago we had the opportunity to visit the North Carolina Maritime Museum in Beaufort, NC. One of the latest exhibits was due to the find of Blackbeard’s ship, Queen Anne’s Revenge off the North Carolina coast where it went aground in 1718.’ Nearly 300 years after the pirates’ death, Blackbeard remains one of the most notorious rebels of the high seas, inspiring tales such as Treasure Island, and in more recent times movies such as the series Pirates of the Caribbean. And although there is a mysterious shroud surrounding the details in the path of piracy, many of those who chose to become pirates including Blackbeard, saw themselves as a social caste in revolt against a system which employed unfair treatment to those in it. Once committed to a life of rebellion on the high seas, ships were reorganized in social structure to provide very little power to the captain, instead electing or relieving him as necessary by the consciousness of the vote. And pirate vessels were one of the few places where slaves could gain freedom, which according to accounts a large portion of Blackbeard’s crew were of African origin.


Although Edward Thatch or more commonly known as ‘Teach’ was a tall slender man, his terrifying countenance was achieved when boarding a ship by the many lit fuses under the brim of his hat and in his black beard, which created an eerie essence along with the sling carrying several pistols and sword in hand. And despite his reputation he was remarkably judicious in his use of violence, as various eyewitness accounts claimed, he killed no one when boarding prior to his death in battle with the Royal Navy. Many Merchants simply surrendered without firing a shot, both witnessing his appearance and the small army that followed him as they were overwhelmed. At one point Blackbeard and his crew even settled in the small town of Bath, attempting to live out ‘normal’ lives, but eventually the life of piracy would draw them back to the sea, calling for something more than ‘settling’ could offer. And the image as a killer which was created by authorities to gain both public support for his demise, would not only resolve any of his misdeeds, but quell any future would be attempts at rebellion by setting an example.


Throughout our life path many of us will try to appease the demons that surface, doing our best to fit into the societal structure we live in, sweetening the day with our words, and hiding the doubts that may present themselves in our circumstances, but in the end our nature will expose itself in the innocence of who we are if our darkness is left unanswered. There is thunder in our steps, a radiant impression we leave in signature upon the earth as we walk in pilgrimage here, and even though who we are here may be tossed about on a sea of doubt, our thoughts, feelings, and desires will only continue to surface until they are acknowledged. The power of our divinity in human form wants to be birthed, reconciled, and expressed, which is why we may turn to desperate measures in order to bring our attention back to what the soul is asking for.


Today may we relax into our steps, feeling the ground shake beneath our feet, that the one we already may emerge in godhead, as thunder resounds in the heart of our answering. May we hold fast in dark places, allowing our innocence to guide us, and rather than rebellion, create the sacred space of our birth we have come to experience here in earth. And may we choose a free life rather than the stability of servitude to a system of impermanence, proving the ground we walk on by the love we offer, for the one who only desires to come forth in benefit of all beings.


May it be so, so it is.