The deeper healing


First let me apologize for not posting sooner. This current time in the world has been an incredible opportunity for all of us,  and energies are moving on our behalf in so many ways, even though it may not feel like it at times. I hope all of you are safe, well, and finding this journey serving you as necessary for the ascension process.

Blessings to each and everyone of you, and many thanks for choosing to be here at this time in human evolution.
Much love,

Here is an excerpt from one of the upcoming books:

“The deeper healing”
By James Anthony Curtis


It’s normal to want to feel healthy, vibrant, and alive, abundantly experiencing all life has to offer in complete contentment. Sometimes though, the deeper path is one of sickness, where we go into those places in our body journeying beneath the layers, embracing our demons and darkest fears. This “deeper healing” can look awful, feel terrible, and provoke such depths of misery, we will barely recognize the transformational power at work in the metamorphosis occurring. The temptation in these times is to immediately focus on wellness of the flesh, believing restoration of the body is what we view as ‘healthy.’ Although this is true in part, the deeper healing is in our vibrational shift, those places within us that are in need of resolution, which we have incarnated here to allow our humanity to reveal for us.

Sometimes our soul contracts take us on a journey of terror, where large wounds have been festering for years, often that are in need of extensive attention, the kind that only comes when we are facing extreme or terminal conditions. Often we become more flexible in the nature of the heart, allowing unresolved energies passage through our bodies when facing potential finality in a life path. This does not mean that we ignore the flesh, but rather, we go into the darkness of our affliction, allowing ourselves to embrace through a deeper sense of listening to what the body is asking for, offering space to the emotions arising with loving care. We do this by holding the heart, abiding in strong emotion, telling our heart as we would a dear friend, “I love you, and will not abandon you, not reject you, but I am allowing myself to feel all that is necessary for my healing of those places that are in need of resolution.”

We only do these practices as we are ready, never pushing ourselves even into a healing, as this sends a transmission to the heart either way vibrationally – one being of “pushing,” the other that we care, and are willing to be patient, nurturing as necessary for wellbeing. Our healing is really reliant upon larger self, and universal arrangement, just as we would not hurt our eye, big toe, or arm, we may trust that the universe has our best interests at heart. Our most easeful work is to give attention to what is arising within us in response to the reflections coming to us in our circumstances, opening ourselves for universal support as needed, and surrendering to the process of manifestation.

Today may we trust in the universe, knowing we are blessed, that what we experience has been preordained, even asked for, that we may realize our true divine nature. May we embrace the “deeper healing,” fulfilling our soul contracts, allowing all that we feel as we are ready, for the one coming forth, the one we have been waiting for, the love that we already are in benefit of all beings.

May it be so, so it is.