Insight Healing

Insight Healing

Although the journey for me personally has been one of self-realization stirred by deep trauma, once opened to the process of working with universal reflections to resolve inner desires, fulfillment occurred on a scale previously unimagined. Healing was no longer seen as a goal, but rather became a by-product of resolving vibrational threads which had been asking for attention and love. What we often struggle with is embracing these emotions, and the unresolved energies of desire that store themselves in repeating patterns, cellular memory, and events of our life path reflectively.

Being born a sensitive (about 10% of the population in any species is highly sensitive), the service I offer is based in my personal experience of resolve through sensing vibrations, and intuitively reading universal reflections while ‘holding space’ for the unraveling of egoic constructs that reveal what is essential for alignment. That said, some of my clients simply desire to explore their creative potential, and open areas of their life path for expansion while in pilgrimage here. Feelings of insecurity, unworthiness, rejection, and abandonment are common threads that emerge when we begin to expand willingly, or not, through trauma or simple exploration. These times can be overwhelming in themselves, incredibly difficult to receive as communications, let alone if someone has no idea what is going on in their reality. Frequently as humans we resist the divine nature within us, or any mastery,  not because of these feelings, but by the egoic constructs which have been set in place to insure we are ready for evolvement. The feelings that often arise which may seem ‘afflictive’ are often misunderstood as barriers to abundance, but really are closely associated with our inner most desires, and are merely working as agents of the soul for our benefit. And often when an evolutionary process begins it does so with inopportune timing in relation to what we are familiar with, purposefully challenging what seems practical to our comfort, or the common sense of the world as a new reality is revealed.

For the past 25+ years, I have been working with the universe as an agency of love, one which led me to this path as an intuitive offering therapeutic support for resolve. As much as I love this work, universal arrangement brought me to it, and having undergone this process, I am absolutely confident in what was both experienced, and revealed in order to support those moving into exploration, transformation, and resolve.

So I will promise you this:

~ What is offered here is experiential insight into the ‘reflections’ that manifest, what they may be attempting in communication, and practices of love in order to resolve vibrational ‘askings’ that have been surfacing emotionally.

~ If we choose to work together, I Am a master at ‘holding space,’ and will support your process of ‘heart holding’ while strong energies clear as part of any transformational evolvement. At times this experience can feel deeply painful, uncertain, and the doubtful when stepping inward. Healing is a by-product of resolve, and often appears grotesque,  confusing, and even tormenting at times, but learning how to sit in compassion with these agents of transformative power in disguise leads to a world of fulfillment, abundance, and unrealized potential in each of us. 

~ Through our sessions we will abide with those places that have been surfacing for attention, and by love practices will gain trust in how the universe works, resolving the vibrational threads of the much larger journey we are on. You are the one you have been waiting for, the creator, manifester, lover of your dreams.

So when you are ready, let us begin.

Insight Healing Consulting Packages:

Free (limited time only) Initial Consult:

 If you are interested in an initial consultation, you may select the link below to the “Beginning Consultation” page on this website:

For questions feel free to email at:

This will provide me with a vibrational insight into what is arising in your energy field. After I receive your form, a response will be sent with my insights within 48 hours. If you desire to continue further we can discuss packages or hourly services which may work best for you.

Tier I Service:
  •  Includes Initial Consult, email response (intuitive reading, insights), where would you like to go from here, potential healing, manifestation, self-realization.
  • 55.00/Service — Included is a 30-minute Skype/voice or chat consultation.
Tier II Service:
  •  Includes Initial Consult, email response (intuitive reading, insights), where would you like to go from here, potential healing, manifestation, self-realization.
  •  Move into further communication, connection via the choice of email, Skype chat, Voice Chat. This will be a 1 hour Session, giving attention to those parts surfacing as revealed in Initial Consultation.
  •  Also included with this Tier II are 3 Email consults to support Insights, Transmissions, and Holding Space for the Heart.
  •  110.00/Service, with the option of further sessions, included at 55.00/ hour with one email consult per hour received. After 3 ongoing sessions, this hourly rate drops to 45.00/hour.
Tier III Service:
  • Includes Initial Consult, email response (intuitive reading, insights), where would you like to go from here, potential healing, manifestation, self-realization.
  • Move into further communication, connection via the choice of email, Skype chat, or Voice Chat. Tier III includes 3 one hour sessions giving attention to those parts asking for love, revealed through Initial Consultation, with the option of further sessions included at a lower rate of ongoing client status 45.00/ hour.
  • Also included with this tier are unlimited email consults — 24 hour response time (as long as we are in service working together) to support Insights, Transmissions, and Holding Space for the Heart. 255.00/Service




Insight Healing Services:


Although money is a poor substitute of substance at times, it makes for an engaging soul for investing faith, time, and energy. Being that it is our current rate of exchange, although exchange is not the purpose resolve, it is an energetic investment here, so we will utilize it as such for inspirational willingness to explore in faith. If you cannot afford a monetary fee, we will come to terms with a sense of value from what you offer, as the depth of what you offer reflects the exchange you may receive. 


All appointments may be made through one of four options: via phone, email, or zoom unless I am in the area.

Please request available times for all sessions 24 hours in advance, with a possible backup time if I am unavailable.

For immediate sessions, please contact me for attention, I respond promptly if I Am within service range.

Fees include credit card transaction fees.

Email: or


Preparation: for a session it would be helpful by abstaining from alcohol/drugs 24 hours before.

Write a list of feelings/questions/issues that have been arising within your field (body, emotions, sickness, relationships – however they appear).

If you can, give yourself the space needed for insight the day of the session, allowing it to be the major activity of the day. Remember you incarnated here on earth, you asked for this time of transformation, enlightenment, and resolve – this is your time, your investment in you.

I find Zoom works well with a session, as well as phone, or email. What sits well with your body in the beginning I always suggest, we can expand upon this. Either way I will feel your vibration in what you transmit, and prefer phone, or Zoom if possible.

All sessions must be prepaid via PayPal or credit card.

Missed sessions are not refundable. My time is valuable: and so is yours.


Mutual privacy, trust, and ethical standards of conduct are agreed upon when we enter a contract of services. What is shared with me, stays with me, as a part of our agreement of services. I do not share email or personal addresses with anyone for any reason unless you specifically ask me to forward our session to someone.

I agree to uphold the highest standards of anonymity when working with clients, as our sharing can be intensely personal, and being a ‘sensitive’ myself, understand the often painful nature unfolding in us through our journey in metamorphosis. Although our experiences bring hope to others in unexpected ways, please consider sharing your light, even anonymously with only your permission to me) if you feel inspired to share.

By this agreement, and mutual acknowledgment, we agree all information shared is private, held energetically between us unless hereafter permission is given to relating said information. We assume safety, allowing our hearts to open for expansion in the embrace of love, and transmissions received for well being.

May it be so, so it is.



It has been my privilege to work closely with James over the last months, and I find it difficult to put into words just how much he has helped me to heal, not only those parts of myself that I was aware of, but the layers of pain, rejection and feelings of failure that were below the surface. 
James has shown me how to love myself in a way that I have never been able to do, my entire life, even as a child and to recognize the light within and for the first time in my life, I truly feel worthy, not only of love from others, but more importantly, love from myself. 
I find it hard to put into words the level of gratitude I have for the things he has taught me, because it truly has changed my life, my heart and my soul, in ways that I never thought possible. 
Sincerely, from the depths of my heart James, thank you so much!
Jennifer Scholar