Thought Control?



One of the most prevalent questions I’m asked is, “how do I control my thoughts, they seem to plague me?!?”

In response to this question, thoughts are energies seeking acknowledgement, and ultimately resolve in some form.

An example could be when we go to cross the road, and see a car coming, we think, “I better wait, I don’t want to get hit.” This is actually a healthy fear arising in the body forming as a thought for resolution. Another would be when we see a flower and think, “that’s beautiful,” it’s a resolution of acknowledgement to something deep within for the resolve of recognition. So when the question of controlling thought arises, really it’s more about going into the energies that are asking for resolve.

A simple practice for this is to:

When feeling the intensity of thought arising, allow a space to be with the energy or emotions in them.
Once you observe, acknowledge the energies as you would a friend in distress. Talk to them, say something like, “ I acknowledge this feeling of ______________.”
Often these energies are asking to be integrated, which can only be done so by love. A suggestion here would be to place the hand on the heart, and gently feel what is felt in a space of compassion. Let the heart know that it will not be abandoned, even though sometimes we want to run from what we feel.

This one practice if done in childlike faith will change the world each of us lives in, because we are loving those parts of the self asking for a shift in reality.

Much love and respect in the journey!
💖 (Canvas painting credit by Paolo Troilo)