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Services are offered for those in deep transformation, often struggling with depression, anxiety, and desiring insight into their life path. If you are interested in receiving Insight Healing, or would like an Intuitive Reading, please refer to the tab “Beginning Consultation.”


  • “Understanding Manifestation”
  • “Befriending Pain”
  • “Embracing the One Coming Forth”

If you would like to request a workshop on a particular topic of interest, or schedule a zoom call please contact me through the email address below.


  • “Reading our Reflections”
  • “Befriending Pain”
  • “Shifting Vibration”
  • “Resolving Emotional Debris”
  • “Facing Fear”
  • “Who is God?”
  • “Aligning with our Divinity”

All courses are available at weekly session rates (comparable to Insight Consultation on an individual basis). Each course is about 6 weeks in length, in person zoom meeting format, but can run over depending on rescheduling.


Contact me at: