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Services are offered for those in deep transformation, often struggling with depression, anxiety, and desiring insight into their life path. If you are interested in receiving Insight Healing, or would like an Intuitive Reading, please refer to the tab “Beginning Consultation.”

Current available workshops are: 

  • “Understanding Manifestation”
  • “Befriending our Pain”
  • “Embracing the One Coming Forth”

If you would like to request a workshop on a particular topic of interest, please contact me and we can discuss potential day retreats with what would be covered at: 

I’m also open to guest posting on other blogs or websites, on a variety of subjects for healing, and also with posts from my Travel Blog

Soon my next book will be coming out in the Winter of 2020!

The pending title of:

“Honoring the One Coming Forth: Daily Transmissions of Support for the Ascending Soul.” 

This book is an exciting year of daily transmissions for those moving into, and embracing the ascension process. Not only is it an encouraging work of ascended mastery, guiding each soul to their own innocence, and the ‘One’ they have been waiting for that is coming forth, but these daily readings will support the heart vibrationally helping in the shifting of process of meeting our divinity. 

More to come as we near the release date!

Also, Coming Soon I will be offering suggested courses in:


  • “Reading our Reflections”
  • “Befriending Pain”
  • “Shifting our Vibration”
  • “How to Heal”
  • “Facing Fear”
  • “Who is God?”
  • “Aligning with our Divinity”


Feel free to contact me at: