“Some Mountains are not meant to be moved”

“Some mountains are not meant to be moved”

By James Anthony Curtis

It’s been well over a year now living on the road, since the sale of the land, house, and most of my property. When things began to shift back in 2014, I was married, we had just purchased 24 acres with a small home and garage, there was an abundance of friends, family, wealth and health in many aspects of life. But the universe has a way of bringing things to our attention, things that we are not willing to look at readily, places within us that wait for the timing of perfection to reach its tipping point, and once the doors to these places are opened, a flood of changes burst through unraveling our reality with divine precision. My relationships, faith, and emotional stability were utterly cast to the wind for the current of uncertainty to take me. Reflecting back now, seeing that poor soul writhing in agonizing tears day after day on the floor, experiencing such loss, aloneness, and in complete despair – a derelict of society – there are times I go back and sit with him in his feelings, placing my hand upon his shoulder, gently whispering in his ear, “you are loved, it will all work out.”

We may do our best to succeed in our endeavors, forming relationships with friends and family, developing our skills, and moving upon the earth with grace as best we can, but the most purposeful ‘things’ we can give our love and attention to are those places which call to us that often we are unwilling to hear. Frequently they bring with them the pain of uncomfortable circumstances, feelings that we may wish to avoid, and the loneliness of deep abiding, which is in part what we have come for to offer loving compassion. Although we are never alone, at times it is necessary for our growth, a ‘construct,’ and a tool, that serves only to take us further inward in transformational power, which allows a depth of connection across any perceived border or boundary of who we truly are. Paradoxically the time we spend with ourselves opens our vision for expansion by the love we offer, and as we grow we will experience the loss of our egoic constructs, but in turn there is a multitude of wholeness that embraces our soul. In a sense, we lose a reality that may have appeared to hold and comfort us for years, but was based in illusion, and as it unravels we find the truth of who we are, and a much larger reality to stand on, even though grounded in the faith of losing ourselves to uncertainty.

The feelings we feel through our experiences shadow in comparison to the larger part of our self moving behind the scenes. Not that they are devalued by any means, but rather take on a much higher vibration in light as they become known as agents of our spiritual evolution working in concert with the universe for what we truly desire.

Sitting at the base of the Superstition Mountains, at our new home for the next month or so, there is an unmistakable newness to life, where even in the ache of growth, if we allow ourselves to abide with ourselves in what we feel, providing space for the heart, underneath there is always a rock of peace we may anchor to in what we feel. Comfort comes not from the certainties we may attempt to find in life, but rather from the uncertainties we have found in the faith of love. Underneath our insecurities, fears, and doubts that may arise sometimes, which are only asking for the love we are all deserving of, there is a path to be found, often the less traveled pilgrim’s road, in the uncertainty of the wind, and unpredictability of love.

Today may we find the treasures of our heart, through the ‘openings’ of space loss has provided for us. May we feel deeper, underneath the layers of our emotion, as we abide with what is calling out to us to be heard, seen, and loved for the benefit of all beings. May we find the doors, and answer the one who is knocking, that heaven may come forth in our time as all is revealed.

May it be so, so it is.

“The wind blows where it wishes and you hear the sound of it, but do not know where it comes from and where it is going; so is everyone who is born of the Spirit.” John 3:8

“Falling in love”

“Falling in love”

By James Anthony Curtis

There are many romanticisms in our culture that signify the feeling of “falling in love” with someone. We see it in the holidays, or movies, and in the commercialism of products at the store, and we hear of it on the radio, read about it in books, magazines, and while watching TV. And from an early age we are inducted into the tantalization of meeting that person, or finding the perfect romantic place, and special circumstance, where the stars align coming together for the introduction of our soul mate – the one who will meet every desire, fulfilling our most intimate dreams, and finally we will be complete. Ironically, this is not far from the truth of why we are here. If you are one of those who desires deep connection, looks around every corner for a possible match to your being, and feels in your bones that “person is out there,” there is hope for you.

Our body reveals an amazing amount of information about who we are, the journey we are on, and what life has to offer us. And although we’ve been prodded for years this way or that into various forms of romantic ideas by our culture or otherwise, those messengers of cupid were only a part of a larger picture moving on behalf of our being. The body, our emotions, even the obsessive thoughts we may have at times, are working in coordination with the universe, revealing the innermost desires of our heart as we proceed through life. In a way, we’ve kind of been set up really, because everything we have experienced – even in the romanticism of love, has been to gear us up for the shift in enabling us to receive love on a much deeper level than we ever could have imagined.

So before some of you burst, let us ease your being by first saying, “yes, soulmates exist,” and “yes, the relationship you’ve desired is out there.” Now let me contradict myself and share that, what we are seeking we will never find “out there,” as long as our focus remains in fulfilling our desires through outer circumstances aligning for us. Just as we have in a sense been “set up” by forces beyond our understanding at certain moments we have experienced in our life path, those same “forces” are at work in us to align those places that understand our desire of love. If we are to view ourselves standing inside a great ‘mirrored’ water droplet, the things we see are the reflections of our self upon its walls. Yes, we still interact, and form relationships with others, but how we view ourselves and them is based in our reflection of self. And as we learn to love ourselves in the way we desire our relationships to manifest, the reflection shifts both for ourselves and those we interact with. The “one” we desire has been waiting for us just as much we have been waiting for them, and as we are ready, the parts that are in need come forth to be revealed by the light of the universe for our alignment.

It’s incredibly easy to focus on the outer world, and our relationship to it in attempts to arrange circumstances for our benefit, but if we allow ourselves to observe, feel, and acknowledge what we view in our journey as a learning curve of the relationship with ourselves, we find the universe more willing to cooperate with us as we adjust our focus. “Falling in love,” then becomes an intimate experience of coming to know who we are, our desires, and how we may fulfill them. We may find parts emerging within us that may have been dormant for years, or some we have never known, but desire to give us their gifts. And if we fall deep enough, we discover our voice, we openly share our heart, and we find the one we have in times past sought with such fervor, has been seeking us, and we are never alone.

May it be so, so it is.

“Deeper in our Healing”

“Deeper in our Healing”

By James Anthony Curtis

Often healing starts with external circumstances, like childhood trauma, abuse, and neglect only to name a few. As a healing proceeds deeper though, there are many vibrational threads within our healing that begin to arise that were previously unknown, hidden in a sense beneath the outer circumstances of the wounds we experienced. This “deeper healing” will only be revealed when we are ready for its unveiling, working in coordination with the universe for timing. All circumstances will align both in body and spirit for the most effective chance in shifting our internal vibration for wellbeing.

Soul contracts are one of the avenues we proceed with, both in previous agreements we have made with ourselves, or with other souls in an effort to heal eternal vibrational threads in us. One of these contracts that is very difficult to endure yet works very well is a “twin flame” contract. Twin Flames are those relationships which challenge us in a chaotic, addictive manner, turning our world upside down, inside out, for the revealing of parts in ourselves that are in deep need of love (part of our purpose in coming here). So as we experience our circumstances we begin to ask questions such as, “should I be here?” or, “is this loving?”

Although we live in this 3-D reality, we are multidimensional beings existing on higher planes energetically, simultaneously. What many times appears in our outer circumstances is for our internal path of growth, healing, expression, and spiritual evolution. So what we experience often while focusing outward on our circumstances, is necessary to bring us inward for our wellbeing. The emotions that arise within us due to our outer environment and relationships not only tend to carry debris for clearing as a part of the healing process, but also information about what feels in alignment for our life path.

Holding the heart in loving compassion through this process is paramount, because our heart field feels everything we feel as it arises – energetically we need to ‘feel to heal,’ but if not done with this practice, we may create deeper fissures in already existing vibrational wounds. As we learn to nurture the heart, feeling what we feel, often strong emotion will be granted passage for deeper healing in the contracts we have come to fulfill here as a part of our pilgrimage. This is not for wellbeing, but for our self-expression of what we truly desire – through each part that is cleared in our healing, we also receive a much clearer picture of our circumstances and what aligns with our desires.

In other words, even though we interact with others, care for them deeply, and are here simultaneously in fellowship with the earth and its inhabitants, it really is all about you. Although this may seem like a selfish concept at first, as each of us loves and heals in the process, the clearer picture which we receive transmits not only what each of us desires, but the truth of where we stand, and how love is moving for all of us in guidance to vibrational alignment for fulfillment.

Each of us has our soul contracts, and reasons for coming here. Although every one of us is experiencing a finite path unique to us, yet we are all infinite source creators of love. The more we awaken, clearing emotional debris, aligning with who we are, we expand to receive the infinite love of who we are as source. Clarity comes, but only as we receive our ‘reflections’ in listening to what they are sharing for us, feeling into our experiences, and loving those parts within us that are asking for our attention.

May we embrace the “deeper healing” as we are ready, coming to know those parts that are surfacing for the love we have to offer. May we view others in gratitude, for the contracts they have signed with us, and us with them. May we see our journey as an eternal one, our time here as a pilgrimage, for the love we have come to express, as the one we already are.

May it be so, so it is.



By James Anthony Curtis

When we feel uncomfortable, awkward, or ill inside, it’s easy to assign our feelings to outer circumstances that challenge our sense of peace. Our mind will attempt to resolve feelings with the usual conversations we hear ourselves saying such as, “if only they were like this, then I would be happy” or, “it’s their fault I feel this way.” These are common repeating themes we have heard from ourselves and others when we are in blaming conditions for how we feel. In my own experience I’ve gone so far as to blame the weather, gas prices, who is president, and even ‘God’ for what I am feeling. And to add to the matter is our attempts at altering our outer circumstances spending much of our entire lives trying to rearrange our environments, relationships, jobs, homes, and pets to just how we want them, in hopes that this would somehow satisfy the life we are living, giving us ease in the world that often leaves us filled with ‘wanting.’

Anytime we blame though, our heart feels what is being said, from the finger pointing to the “if onlys” in our attempts at rearranging life as we would have it. This creates a dynamic of unworthiness in our vibrational field, and the heart continues to build walls in order to do its best for protecting itself. Most of us have carried this vibrational thread from lifetime to lifetime until we were ready to address the pain that arises from its frequency. The repeating habitual patterns that exist in us, or karma, often are viewed as plagues that we have somehow ‘earned,’ and we must either be “good enough” to shift them, or we deserve what we have received based on our behaviors in this or a previous lifetime. This is a deeper level of blame in that we have shifted our perspective from outer circumstances to blaming ourselves directly for what we are feeling. This may take us into intense depression or anxiety, much of which exists today in the current mental health field. The resulting trauma of “blame” extends to every corner of humanity, locking us into a cycle of oppression that will not be broken by conventional means. This is where we trust in the saving grace of our greater self along the evolutionary path, as we become aware in our awakening.

Although we may find ourselves in the mire of our feelings asking what we may do to receive help or support to shift our position for the better, the key to easing our pain in the evolutionary process is by the allowing of love to come to the forefront of our practice. When thoughts or feelings plague us, and we find ourselves going further into blame, we don’t fight what we think or feel, but grant ourselves permission think or feel while we embrace the heart in a loving manner. A simple yet very effective practice we this is to place the hand upon the heart, and talk to the heart saying, “even though I feel blame, I want you to know that I will not abandon, or reject you, I am here for you, and I love you.” What arises as we do this is necessary for us to feel for our healing, as we have created a safe channel for cellular debris to travel. We are no longer withholding what we think or feel, but through loving the heart we have given our karma the opportunity to be acknowledged, in essence clearing repeating patterns through the love we offer shifting our vibrational fields.

Today, as we are ready, may we grant ourselves the necessary space for our healing, acknowledging the truths that arise, giving attention to those parts that are being revealed in each awakening, both in thought and feeling that are desiring resolution. May we maintain the simple practice of holding the heart, as we feel all that is arising for our wellbeing, as we love the one that is asking to be loved, for the benefit of all beings.

May it be so, so it is.

“Winter roads”


An excerpt from my new book coming out this year! Love you, miss you all, safe journey to you!

“Winter roads”

By James Anthony Curtis

Some roads are meant to be driven with ease, enjoying the scenery, breathing in the warm sun on our skin, yet others, driven with extra attention and care, focusing on the subtle changes that come with the weather, feeling into the conditions we drive in.

We may want to go faster, speeding up to arrive at our where we are going, finding ourselves irritated, anxious, even frustrated when taking account of our progress, and although our arrival comes no faster, the truths that surface in our emotions are more valuable than any destination. The places we intend in our journey are not necessarily what our journey is about. Those sometimes frightful, often irritating, uncomfortable moments in between, are where we need to be, or they would not be a part of the road we travel.

We learn to trust in the orchestration of our circumstances, those “irritations, anxieties, and frustrations,” that they come into our life for a reason, and by abiding with them in love, they present their gifts on ‘winter roads.’ Every day, each season, and various events that unfold in our lives – even the weather we experience, are a part of the connection to the inward path as well as what we have come here to express outwardly in our being. A thunder clap, gust of wind, or heavy snow in olden times, was of particular meaning in that we are divinity incarnate, sons and daughters of source, and source communicates through any and all ways in our human field of experience.

As we sit with ourselves, in all that we feel, allowing love to touch our heart even in the midst of the most afflictive of emotions, we embrace ourselves, those parts that are coming forth in us to be acknowledged for our most fulfilling reality to unfold. Many times circumstances are created specifically for or by us in these various conditions, that our environment may expose those places within us that have been desiring to come forward, which may not be so easily seen in otherwise more pleasant surroundings.

So today may we feel, touching the hand to our heart, giving ourselves the love we have been asking for, utilizing all circumstances coming into our life as our forefathers did of old, for the insight, attention and love we have been asking for – allowing ourselves to fully engage the roads we travel on, acknowledging the truths that surface in us, connecting both inward and out to our nature. May we allow ourselves to hold the one coming forth to be held, the one we already are, for the love of all beings.

May it be so, so it is.

~ “Honoring the One Coming Forth: Daily Meditations of Support for the Ascension Process” 

Supermoon Wolf Blood Moon Sign

Supermoon Wolf Blood Moon Eclipse Sign

By James Anthony Curtis

Some decisions are made for us, vibrationally, while others we gain insight into as we are choosing them. Life has a funny way of working things out, revealing places, shifting the tide to journey us to the shores needed for our transformation. Although we may feel the pains of where we are headed in uncertain circumstances, often desiring different outcomes, the gift of embracing our heart through the changes brings us to fulfillment in ways we never could have imagined possible.

From the oldest of times humanity has been connected to the earth in the rarest of revelations. As ‘Gods incarnate,’ we have come to express, heal, and experience a mixture of life forces on a level we frequently fail to grasp consciously, with the waves of our forefathers triggering whispered calls to our pilgrimage in purpose here. Souls, we walk traveling through time, mystical agents in disguise, and when we are ready, we start to receive glimpses of our former life, patterns are revealed, as deeper meaning starts to take us back to forgotten halls.

Everything has its place in our dogma, all environments contribute to our evolution, and some decisions arrive with uncomfortable resolution or healing balm, in the most chaotic of healings; turmoil, trouble, and afflictive tides may disturb the waters, but in those disturbances are the key energies of our healing. If we are brave enough to face our fears, feeling into each wave, the shifting tides bring with them the love needed for our transformation in strong energies.

Love, is the key, childlike humility the innocence of admittance, and surrender the action that opens once sealed doors.

May this sacred moon bring blessings, opening those places to receive what we have been asking for, as we honor the one coming forth, the one we already are, for the benefit of all beings.

May it be so, so it is. 

Pictures taken at Roper Lake, Eastern Arizona, January 20th 2019

“Scientific explanations aside, there’s a weightier reason why all of humanity has observed blood moons with reverence since the beginning of time (and countless astrological articles analyzing its significance are published every day).

A supermoon is like every other full moon except infinitely more powerful. The closer the moon is to the Earth, the more intense are the pull on the tides, as well as all of your instincts, feelings, and overall complications in life. When a supermoon is combined with a total lunar eclipse, you get one strong cocktail of cosmic forces. An eclipse symbolizes beginnings, endings, culminations, and clean slates.

Whether you’re ready for it or not, an eclipse is the perfect time to finally make a decision you’ve been afraid to make, to add your final touches to a project that’s been driving you mad, to break off a relationship that lately has been feeling like dead weight, to gather up the courage to ask your crush out, to finally start writing that novel, to quit your dead-end job and follow your dreams. Eclipses are necessary times that book-end the period of life you’ve been living in. Basically, this story is over but a new one will begin tomorrow. No matter where you’re at in life, the eclipse will push you out of our comfort zone. This might result in success as much as it could in failure but one thing’s for sure: by the time it’s over, you will have grown.”


“The Ghosts of Gunfighters: Tombstone, Arizona”

“The Ghosts of Gunfighters: Tombstone, Arizona”

By James Anthony Curtis

As someone who grew up playing outdoors when I was a kid, with no cell phones, computers, or video games to occupy the mind, the imagination was free to roam in the backwoods of Pennsylvania as far as it was allowed to move us.

Frequently my best friend and I would ‘pretend,’ creating various adventures from Saturday morning tv shows, or books we had read. Although we tended to find ourselves on other planets, or fighting for our lives on this one in some post apocalyptic drama, westerns were always a cornerstone in theme of the old cinematic world of showdowns we conceived. Gunfights, or the ‘high noon’ square-off, has always been one of my favorites, and even though it has been embellished over the years by Hollywood, the one difference in the tale of Tombstone, Arizona is it was not “pretend,” but very real in the events that unfolded in 1881’.

As we walk the very streets where Wyatt Earp, the Earp brothers, Doc Holiday and “The Cowboys” lived and breathed, there is a sense of a time when men were hardened by their truths, struggling to survive in them, placing a high value on the pride of life as it was felt by them. One look perceived as threatening could send another man sideways, and in the old west where justice was served from the hip, any movement towards the handle which dispensed it, almost certainly meant death or close to it. Tombstone was not unique in this environment, Dodge City, El Paso, Lincoln, San Antonio and others also were rampant with old west justice, but many of the other gunfighting towns never reached the fame that the O.K. Corral did.

You might think Wyatt and his brothers were famous beforehand, or the cowboy faction they were at odds with had some national news, and although the territory was under distress from the lawlessness, not many people had heard of a place called Tombstone until that fated day of the gunfight. Why? A little known fact besides Tombstone being a very wealthy mining town, silver had transformed the little town, bringing it some modern advances like the ‘telephone.’ Moments after the fatal shooting took place the confrontation was being transmitted across the country, and overnight, the Earps, Doc Holiday, the ‘Cowboys,’ and Tombstone would become famous.

Walking the streets of Tombstone today you will find yourself immersed in a fun loving crowd of actors, shop owners, and tourists who have a curious passion for the mystery of the old west. People who wonder at a time of legends, and a hardened yet fulfilling existence, where words spoken were enforced by bullets, and attention to detail might save one’s life. Although we live in different times, as a species we still crave this edge, its in our mythos of humanity, the story of the ‘hero’s journey,’ and the ‘villains’ of our darkness that accompany us. We need fulfillment, adventure, and challenges, to explore the depths of what it means to be alive. And when we hear of such stories, or another time where such took place, we question ourselves, curiosity coming to the surface, and we open our heart to greater potential of what life paths we are walking.

It’s in our nature to strive for the ‘better,’ gazing in reflection on how we may ‘improve.’ But sometimes its not as difficult as it may seem. Watch any child pretending, playing by themselves or with others, and you will glimpse the world we have come here to explore in our innocence. A virtual playground of imagination raised up in the dust of bodies, all that we may feel, express, and experience ourselves more deeply.

So as today unfolds, let us remember to live as we have come here to be, feeling all that we feel, meeting life wherever we are at, setting out with our imaginations of different times, places, and cultures that might challenge desires once asleep in us. And when we hear of stories from a time past, or wonder how others might live, if it sparks something in us, let us fan the flame of our divinity, without judgement or opinion, but meeting our own hero’s journey with all the innocence of the heart.

May it be so, so it is.????

“Coyotes Howling, 1:47”

“Coyotes Howling, 1:47”

By James Anthony Curtis

In native lore the coyote is the familiar spirit of the trickster, the one who comes as a sign of both trouble and good fortune, bringing transformational energy often in the form of laughter. Ciara’s parents have been visiting us for the past week in Arizona, and as they explore our little part of the world we are staying at, the topic of different sounds we often hear at night comes up during the day conversation. Almost every night this week the fresh air has brought with it various sounds to our ears: donkeys’ hee haws in the distance, birds squawking at sunset, and of course, one of my favorites, usually started by a dog barking somewhere in the campground — one, then two, three or more coyotes chiming in off in the distance.
And almost every morning this week Ive remarked, “Did you guys hear the coyotes last night?”
Which in turn I’m usually met with by her dad, “Are you sure? Coyotes? Did you really hear that here? That would be cool to hear!”
Although those late night howls I hear tend to make me out to have the appearance of a crazy person or a liar, once again tonight as I got up to use the bathroom, sure enough, one, then two, three or more began, until the chorus had dogs all around the camp barking in envy. I found myself smiling as I looked up at the stars, remarking to myself, “Come on you guys, cant you prove to them I’m not just saying this?!?”
But then, that’s the nature of the coyote, the trickster, and as I pondered the time we’ve spent with her parents, reflecting on the visit, I felt the coyotes energy in laughter, warm moments of bonding, good natured sharing, good fortune in transformational energy as I feel a bit closer in connection with them.

Frequently this relationship I’m in has been challenging, not because Ciara and I don’t get along —we have a great connection, but from the judgements that come from within me: those thoughts about our age difference, and how peers, parents, and what others might feel or think about it. Those thoughts alone have brought both great internal strife, but yet great strength in resolve for the heart. What I mean is, regardless of how things turn out between us, both her and I have grown tremendously through our odd choices, standing in each truth, and meeting difficult circumstances either that we have created, or exist in our mind, with a better love of ourselves, friends, and family. Kind of like, coyote saying, “Doesn’t matter if they hear me, do you hear me?”
So as I write this late night, at 1:47 in the morning, “Yes Coyote, I hear you. Thank you — thank you for reassuring us in times where we struggle, that there is also good fortune, ‘God fortune,’ in our paths.” And even though at times we may feel less than, disconnected, and doubting our choices, its not about the choices, but about how we love ourselves and others through them — that the sometimes oppressing weights that we may feel, are not here to harm us, but bring the transformational energy we have asked for.
So may coyote bless each of us as needed when we experience doubt, lack, or difficult circumstances — as both messengers and divine expressers, appearing in the times and places that they are most fulfilling to us, coming for the benefit of love, sharing their lives with us, both in inward and outward, as we walk the pilgrim road.
May it be so, so it is.

“Light upon our fears”

“Light upon our fears”

By James Anthony Curtis

There are times Ive been so cold, it feels like the marrow in my bones has hardened, and the body shakes uncontrollably seeking any movement for warmth. My shell feels like it is cracking under the strain of a relentless pain, but after a time yields to a stillness that quiets the tremors within. It’s funny how the cold brings with it and introspection to our destruction, revealing those places inside that someday will cease, and be still, moving no more in this form.

In the spiritual community, there is a buzz of talk in allowing destruction for the new year, almost an asking of sorts, that those parts within us that serve us no more be completely shattered, so utterly decimated that there will be no recovery of our former selves. While this is a part of our transformational process, we must take care here, for what we embrace in our energetic field also affects the heart deeply. Yes, we desire change for our innermost selves on such a level, that our divinity shines forth as never before — but the nature of our divine is one of loving compassion, so much so we have waited eons patiently in our process for the emerging that is unfolding. Humanity has grown through cycles upon cycles of shifting evolution, to produce these circumstances laid at our feet before us. Our infinite journey is unfolding for wellbeing, not for completion.

So as we look forward in time, devoting ourselves to the light that reveals each intimate desire, if we are ready to move deeper, and as parts experience the creative destructive life-force, let us do so with love, as we hold the heart in compassion, feeling all that we feel for the sake of both our wellbeing, and of all beings universally. Let us approach the ends of that no longer serve us, by allowing them to decrease, fall away as they are ready when fully embraced by our love. And if we fear we are not moving fast enough for our wellbeing, that something must give in order for our divine to come forth, let us proceed into the feelings of what “not moving fast enough” feels like, abiding with the fear while tenderly acknowledging the heart, saying, “I will not abandon you, even though I feel this dark fear.”

Vibrationally the work we do with feeling our feelings, either allows us to go deeper in the myriad of ego, which brings about a firmer resolution in coming back to the heart, or we are ready to clear the emotional debris that surface by the loving of who we are, embracing every defect of character with the love that it has been asking for. As we do so, either path serves for our desire to manifest the one coming forth in us, that we have seen glimpses of, our future self that is master of all destiny.

So let us grant space for the time asked for, spending each moment with our most fulfilling reality where we are, embracing our truths, loving our heart, moving as we are ready in the coming year. And as each choice presents itself, may we remind ourselves that we are here on this pilgrimage not for the choices, but for the journey, that we may live fully well where we are. As all masters do, we came here knowing we agreed to the uncertainty, that there would be pain at times, and that even so we would experience all things necessary for our wellbeing.

May we be blessed, may we be healed, and may all that we desire come forth, as we are ready, loving the heart in tenderness through a that we feel, one breath, one beat, one moment at a time.

Seeing our Greatness in Affliction

“Seeing our greatness in affliction”

By James Anthony Curtis

The past few days near Mt. Graham, Arizona, the temperature where we are staying has dropped significantly, the wind adding to the chill goes right through the body, piercing the marrow in the bones, until it feels like there is just no warmth left to the soul. You begin shaking, seeking out any place that might bring some relief, even acting out in mannerisms that might be very telling of the desires locked away within our mortality. Anger, frustration, and depression are common elements that arise as the cold seeps into the body.

Back east, every winter this seemed like a mass exodus in emotional waves that would cover the small town of people when winter began its arrival. The mountains of the Alleghenies though, have a way of hiding the sky, even their greatness, as the hills are close in relation to one another, providing a sense of density that out west does not have. And the humidity seems to stick with you, clinging, in all its various forms, creating a weight of sorts, that feels very much like your body is oppressed in reasoning as to why you would ‘live where you live.’

But the point of it is, we have chosen, each of us, to live where we live, be with whom we are, even if we are caught in habitual patterns of arrangement unconsciously, seemingly through no control or thought of our own. In an inclusive universe, although it may not feel like it, those very parts that are under affliction, are streaming information to the whole of creation as to what we like, even in our ‘dislikes.’ More importantly, as we learn to listen to ourselves, the places within us that surface in emotion, are coming forward to ask or reveal what it is we truly desire. This is always love, in some form or another, whether it be nurturing, holding space, or acknowledgement, our divinity is the love manifesting circumstances for us even though it may appear we have not chosen them. What we do with our response, or reaction, how we treat ourselves through what comes forward, is the love we have been gifted with for shifting our vibration. How we meet life, even in our dislike of circumstances, produces a way forward for the expansion of the heart, which in turn allows room for us to grow in our eternal form. We can either choose to embrace the beauty in our orchestration, acknowledging the genius source creators that we are, or continue on in our patterns, seeing only what we wish to see until we are ready. In either case though, love again is the point in our choosing, beit conscious or unconscious in our awareness.

It might bring some small comfort that, though I am aware of this process, each time is an opportunity to move through it with grace. The ‘unmerited favor’ comes from allowing me to be with me, finite self to connect with infinite self, choosing to abide with strong feelings, uncomfortable sensations, while holding the heart with love, and not abandoning or rejecting it along with the cold.

Today as I look up at the majesty of the mountain, I feel the incredible wealth of colds affliction, the greatness in our mortal journey, why we are revered above angels, because of the pilgrimage we have chosen. With each breath we open ourselves to the one that is coming forth, that desires more than anything to be born, to live as god incarnate here in earth. The fears that we feel are only the pains of being squeezed into this tiny frame, so we feel as we are ready, being gentle with our mortality, granting passage to our afflictions, knowing they are only a part of the birthing process, of coming to know the one we already are, the love that we are, as compassion warms the heart in light for all beings within us.

Blessings my dear friends, much love, gratitude for the heart road we are walking. May it be so, so it is.