“Bondage and butterflies”

“Bondage and butterflies”

By James Anthony Curtis

It can be difficult sometimes to embrace our circumstances if we feel uncomfortable with the feelings that arise, or our body experiences strong energies that may overwhelm our nervous system. We may experience physical sickness, bodily aches, a loss of focus, and an overall sense of fatigue, finding simple truths elusive, especially in the face of uncertainty. Usually, but not always, when we find ourselves experiencing these characteristics it is a form of communication from the body and soul requesting ‘attention,’ possibly integration, but always love.

As we learn to hear the requests of our soul, giving audience to what we feel, insight into our circumstances becomes more apparent─ which comes by the love we offer. Years ago I had an experience watching several training videos for work. One of them was on “shooters in the building and what to do.” There were 5 other men in the room watching the videos with me, and suddenly I felt sadness welling up within me, ache for the portrayal of violence (they have actors in the video portraying these potential scenarios), and tears began to flow. I remember turning away from the other men because of what they might think, but my heart, and innocence were working perfectly with the circumstances to reveal a desire for a more peaceful world, and also one in which men can share deep emotions.

Egoic tendency is to have a practice of persistence, willing our way through circumstances, and overcoming obstacles. But the spiritual realm exhibits patience, surrender, and embracing what arises as a part of our transformational nature. Doubt, and pain may seem like enemies, but they are actually emissaries of ego, working in coordination with our circumstances and the universe to take us deeper into our transformation. Our part that will provide relief is in coming to know ourselves, the one coming forth in us, and being open to the messengers that arrive as part of our process, rather than something to be overcome. Meeting our circumstances with innocence allows us to observe in loving compassion, rather than the incredulity of egoic patterning. This is where ‘childlike faith’ opens doors, and the universe meets us with an ‘unraveling’ of fortune previously unknown in this life path, buried in the depths until we were ready to receive it. The chains of bondage that may have held us in captivity are released though our transformational process, not because they have been broken, but because we are no longer the same creation.

Today may we be honest, allowing whatever we feel to bring us to who we already are, the one who desires to be whole, healthy, innocent and in love. May we see our circumstances as part of our transformation, working in coordination with the ego, body, and soul to shift us into a higher vibration. May we welcome our reality as a messenger to the desires of our heart, revealing all that we need to offer ourselves the love we have been asking for.

May it be so, so it is.

“Winter roads”


An excerpt from my new book coming out this year! Love you, miss you all, safe journey to you!

“Winter roads”

By James Anthony Curtis

Some roads are meant to be driven with ease, enjoying the scenery, breathing in the warm sun on our skin, yet others, driven with extra attention and care, focusing on the subtle changes that come with the weather, feeling into the conditions we drive in.

We may want to go faster, speeding up to arrive at our where we are going, finding ourselves irritated, anxious, even frustrated when taking account of our progress, and although our arrival comes no faster, the truths that surface in our emotions are more valuable than any destination. The places we intend in our journey are not necessarily what our journey is about. Those sometimes frightful, often irritating, uncomfortable moments in between, are where we need to be, or they would not be a part of the road we travel.

We learn to trust in the orchestration of our circumstances, those “irritations, anxieties, and frustrations,” that they come into our life for a reason, and by abiding with them in love, they present their gifts on ‘winter roads.’ Every day, each season, and various events that unfold in our lives – even the weather we experience, are a part of the connection to the inward path as well as what we have come here to express outwardly in our being. A thunder clap, gust of wind, or heavy snow in olden times, was of particular meaning in that we are divinity incarnate, sons and daughters of source, and source communicates through any and all ways in our human field of experience.

As we sit with ourselves, in all that we feel, allowing love to touch our heart even in the midst of the most afflictive of emotions, we embrace ourselves, those parts that are coming forth in us to be acknowledged for our most fulfilling reality to unfold. Many times circumstances are created specifically for or by us in these various conditions, that our environment may expose those places within us that have been desiring to come forward, which may not be so easily seen in otherwise more pleasant surroundings.

So today may we feel, touching the hand to our heart, giving ourselves the love we have been asking for, utilizing all circumstances coming into our life as our forefathers did of old, for the insight, attention and love we have been asking for – allowing ourselves to fully engage the roads we travel on, acknowledging the truths that surface in us, connecting both inward and out to our nature. May we allow ourselves to hold the one coming forth to be held, the one we already are, for the love of all beings.

May it be so, so it is.

~ “Honoring the One Coming Forth: Daily Meditations of Support for the Ascension Process” 

Seeing our Greatness in Affliction

“Seeing our greatness in affliction”

By James Anthony Curtis

The past few days near Mt. Graham, Arizona, the temperature where we are staying has dropped significantly, the wind adding to the chill goes right through the body, piercing the marrow in the bones, until it feels like there is just no warmth left to the soul. You begin shaking, seeking out any place that might bring some relief, even acting out in mannerisms that might be very telling of the desires locked away within our mortality. Anger, frustration, and depression are common elements that arise as the cold seeps into the body.

Back east, every winter this seemed like a mass exodus in emotional waves that would cover the small town of people when winter began its arrival. The mountains of the Alleghenies though, have a way of hiding the sky, even their greatness, as the hills are close in relation to one another, providing a sense of density that out west does not have. And the humidity seems to stick with you, clinging, in all its various forms, creating a weight of sorts, that feels very much like your body is oppressed in reasoning as to why you would ‘live where you live.’

But the point of it is, we have chosen, each of us, to live where we live, be with whom we are, even if we are caught in habitual patterns of arrangement unconsciously, seemingly through no control or thought of our own. In an inclusive universe, although it may not feel like it, those very parts that are under affliction, are streaming information to the whole of creation as to what we like, even in our ‘dislikes.’ More importantly, as we learn to listen to ourselves, the places within us that surface in emotion, are coming forward to ask or reveal what it is we truly desire. This is always love, in some form or another, whether it be nurturing, holding space, or acknowledgement, our divinity is the love manifesting circumstances for us even though it may appear we have not chosen them. What we do with our response, or reaction, how we treat ourselves through what comes forward, is the love we have been gifted with for shifting our vibration. How we meet life, even in our dislike of circumstances, produces a way forward for the expansion of the heart, which in turn allows room for us to grow in our eternal form. We can either choose to embrace the beauty in our orchestration, acknowledging the genius source creators that we are, or continue on in our patterns, seeing only what we wish to see until we are ready. In either case though, love again is the point in our choosing, beit conscious or unconscious in our awareness.

It might bring some small comfort that, though I am aware of this process, each time is an opportunity to move through it with grace. The ‘unmerited favor’ comes from allowing me to be with me, finite self to connect with infinite self, choosing to abide with strong feelings, uncomfortable sensations, while holding the heart with love, and not abandoning or rejecting it along with the cold.

Today as I look up at the majesty of the mountain, I feel the incredible wealth of colds affliction, the greatness in our mortal journey, why we are revered above angels, because of the pilgrimage we have chosen. With each breath we open ourselves to the one that is coming forth, that desires more than anything to be born, to live as god incarnate here in earth. The fears that we feel are only the pains of being squeezed into this tiny frame, so we feel as we are ready, being gentle with our mortality, granting passage to our afflictions, knowing they are only a part of the birthing process, of coming to know the one we already are, the love that we are, as compassion warms the heart in light for all beings within us.

Blessings my dear friends, much love, gratitude for the heart road we are walking. May it be so, so it is.

To the ‘One’ whistling in the dark

To the ‘One’ whistling in the dark

By James Anthony Curtis

It’s hard to accept the arrangement of some fears, they strike with such precision, and depth, it feels as though our heart will stop. “Not being good enough,” along with the torment of “unworthiness, abandonment, and rejection,” can often leave us feeling bruised, bullied, alone…cowering in some dark corner.

But as we learn about bullies, we find that most of their lives they themselves have been bullied, and receiving little to no acknowledgement, only desiring to be heard, seen, shown the attention they lacked, come knocking at our door. Frequently they arrive with expressions of anger, hatred, and accusations of the ground we stand on, taunting us until we fold inward, sinking deeper into depression.

Some days “the fear of not being good enough” lashes out with such ferocity, that it seems as though the whole world has joined with them as a gang of torment, to all of which we feel overwhelmed, bottoming out, and with no room left to recoil, we turn towards our demons. As we face our captors, we willingly succumb, opening the door, inviting the end to be near, showing them in for as long as they wish to stay, abiding with them in the innocence of our heart.

“Come in,” we say, “I will not abandon me, nor resist you,” and feeling their presence, the deep ache, the pain gripping at our soul, they are heard.

Soon, many more of their friends arrive, ‘self-pity, poverty, cruelty, and ugliness,’ a hard looking bunch, from many years of living on the fringe of existence. They lounge wherever they please, mostly choosing to sprawl across the heart as it opens to receive them. But as they do, we do the opposite of our earthly nature, divining a way less seen, and we continue to sit, holding our heart in the midst of their chattering. Tears gently fall upon the cheeks, gravity guiding them down well-worn paths, as the ruin of our guests touches us.

‘Abandonment, rejection, and unworthiness’ complete the crowd now gathered, a full house, yet still we hold true to love, the practice of being with strong energy, and holding the heart, as each of them comes forth to be felt, listened to, seen as no one else can.

Breath by breath, we feel intimately those that are here for acknowledgement, that healing may occur as needed, with each truth of our pain.

We continue by setting aside judgements and opinions about the circumstances of each arising, simply feeling, allowing passage for cellular debris to manifest, releasing as they will; just as a sliver works its way out of the body, so to the creation serves love even in the most difficult of circumstances.

Gently bowing, each of one of our guests depart, moving on as we stand in truth, holding space for them, while loving the heart, tenderly, as gently as we can.

The sun comes forth, shining, broadening our inner chambers, and the room feels lighter, the breath easier, our healing process deeper.

The room is now empty, but somehow we fill more of it, larger, for as we have come know those parts, so to we have come to know ourselves, the one coming forth, the love that we are, for the benefit of all beings.

May it be so, and so it is.????

– From my next book: “Honoring the One Coming Forth”

‘The sword of truth’

‘The sword of truth’

By James Anthony Curtis

Pain is the great revealer, coming forward to present itself in the most uncomfortable of circumstances, bringing forth once darkened parts to gain our attention. Even though it may seem simple enough, like when we burn our hand on a hot surface, or close our eyes wincing to the brightness of the noon day sun, underneath the surface of our sense experience, flows an intricate often enormous amount of wealth in transformation. This ‘wealth’ frequently goes untapped, for fear of what we might find, in the voice of the deep, calling out with pain as its advocate.

Often we turn aside, look the other way, ‘blame’ becoming a watchword for outer circumstances, and in our ignorance, humanity suffers, as we recoil in the sensitivity of each truth which lights upon the heart. But as all things work in an inclusive universe, if we turn away, our movement only draws us closer to that which exists in us, the hidden desires which hold dear our most precious treasures.

What an interesting discovery, that ‘truth’ walks hand in hand with our most painful of life paths, not only as pains’ confidant, but as its closest supporter, and friend. If only John Bunyan had written the mystics path, unfettered from religious dogma, what would he have said from the darkness in his prison cell?

So we move as we feel moved, some of us awaiting the edge, others in transition, each of us collecting what we need for our journey in wellbeing.

It’s funny how it goes, for even in writing this now, relief enters, as the vibration is acknowledged, floating ease-fully to the words upon the pages. Which leads yet to another door, in speaking volumes of our divine nature we have come forward to express in each incarnation. For if we are to blossom, unfold our wings, we must journey as we are called, each of us responding to the thunder within us, even as we may buckle purposefully in surrender; for death awaits no man, and works in cooperation to each creation.

So let us feel, dancing to the pain of each truth, granting passage to the music which life brings us, and if we must, with each ‘selah,’ form our own judgements, opinions, about the circumstances that surround us. And as every horror comes true, remember what we asked for, the shedding skin, as we gain upon each nightmare in full view.

It was never about ‘them,’ they were only participants, its your time, your dime, given solely for this uncovering anew.

Book of Horrors, Volume 1, “It’s your Funeral”

“Listening to our triggers”

“Listening to our triggers”

By James Anthony Curtis

When we are triggered strongly in our beliefs, it is our habitual patterns arising, which may have little or everything to do with the circumstances we find ourselves in.

Judgement coupled with obsession, and the compulsion we feel in our flesh, can produce the same cycles again and again in our reality, as we seek answers unaware of the questions we truly are asking.

It becomes easy to find ourselves trapped in the darkness of “right and wrong,” leaving little room for expansion in our point of view.

Until we can effectively communicate within a common ground, providing a safe place to hear the truths that are arising within us, struggle, frustration, and inadequacy, nest our incubation as we await universal timing in loves movement.

The shift we are desirous of is building, with each abiding in strong energy, all that we feel, brings surrender closer as living compassion kneads our heart through every experience.

Exploration becomes our watchword, and in each ache of the heart, we tenderly move inward to the relief coming as we walk into the depths of our desires.

We move as we are moved, breathing deeply into the inner chambers, allowing the love we have longed for to touch us in our pain.

As we are challenged, we submerge, embracing our covering, and even though it may seem that we are drowning, we hold the heart continuously with every breath in all that we feel.

Soon, very soon, we find ourselves standing on the precipice, looking out over, seeing beyond to afar beauty, all the land lush in life and color, beckoning our flight to the currents that have been pleading to hold us up upon their acknowledgment.

We realize the choice laid before us, is only the one granted as we fulfill our wings, and in innocence we know, no other thing shall fill us, until we are complete.

May we be blessed, fulfilled, loved as we desire, listening to those parts in need.

May it be so, so it is.?

“I acknowledge your pain”

“I acknowledge your pain”

By James Anthony Curtis

I can say beyond a shadow of doubt, there is another side to this, full of healing, ease, relief and fulfillment.

If feelings are arising that are afflictive in nature, it is emotional debris coming to surface asking to be acknowledged.

This can be a very deep, painful process, that many of us can struggle with for years, if not lifetimes.

Although many people don’t believe in reincarnation, God, or the hereafter, the science of vibration says energy continues, so in a sense, no matter what we believe in, we are still contributing to the universal heart of all loving beings.

Events, people, circumstances that arise in our lifetime are difficult to work through specifically because we think in a linear timeline, on a three dimensional view, which is apart of our healing process.

If we become open to the potential of healing available to us, we can heal, from anything, any vibration, debris, trauma – anything.

I don’t say this lightly, and I work with many people in deep healing. Ive not only experienced this in my own life, but seen it come to fruition in others.

We are infinitely beautiful creatures with the capacity for great or terrible things, all of which is working to bring us closer to self-realization, destiny, and our true nature.

As we acknowledge our truths, allowing ourselves to feel into each sensation, all while holding space for the heart with loving compassion, relief comes, with precise purpose in our eternal unfolding.

You are being heard, listen deeply to the one you have been waiting for, the one you already are, in benefit to all beings.

Many blessings, much gratitude, and love to you in your journey.

Feel free to reach out. Om.

“High places in low altitudes”

“High places in low altitudes”

By James Anthony Curtis

It’s those places we allow ourselves to feel, deep in the crags of earths depressions, that bring forth the most substantial awakenings.

They come to us at the most auspicious of moments, wearing the garments of difficult circumstances, as messengers in foray to our benefit, though we feel painful resistance.

Just as the surgeon meticulously makes his incision, so to the demons of our enlightenment are sent with precision.

And when we open our heart to receive all that has been arranged, we are granted passage into our truth, those places from the past arising to meet our present loving kindness.

As we love, so we are loved.

Deep in our reflections we come to know the one we have been waiting for, that we already are, as universal forces move to resolve obstructions with wrathful compassion.

When we are ready, our God Head steps forward, to reveal all that we have desired for living.

We embrace as much as we are willing to give, abiding with each step in fulfillment of our office.

In the darkness of each gorge, we find sacred waterfalls of our peace; patiently worn surfaces revealing life’s most precious treasures, eternal in our healing.

May we welcome our blessings when ready, receiving all that we have longed for, granting space for relief in our most painful losses.

May we hold our hearts humbly, as compassion pleads for our innocence to come forth, that we may follow our bliss home.

May the one we have been waiting for be welcomed, as strained eyes rest in our surrender, loved, held in the arms of our arrangement, for the benefit of all beings.

May it be so, so it is.

“Devastate me completely”

“Devastate me completely”

By James Anthony Curtis

So few of us are ready when our demons come, those masters of destruction, dark laid in fears that have nestled closely in the inner recesses of our soul.

In hindsight we admit that they were viewed from afar, locked up deep within our psyche, projecting momentary glimpses of potential realities yet to manifest.

And when our doom arrives, we fight as best we can to escape the inescapable, as we are thrust into our worst nightmares of conclusion.

But this is not the end, as we are embraced by our fears, going deeper into the depths of our pain, we are wrenched like some worn rag until we have exhausted all effort.

Sitting there in existence, when we have reached the pinnacle of our devastation, there is a tipping point, a sacred clarity that only comes when we are ready, open to receive our healing in the blessings of the abyss.

Though our foes seem many, and the path narrows, we garner strength in unexpected places, those parts that have come to be acknowledged in the wake of our loss.

If we go into our ache, the broken places of the heart, we will find once lost love, emotional debris surfacing to be felt, held closely, and seen, amidst the chaos of our dream.

We stay in the body, allowing each sensation to wash over us, every desire to release unfelt feelings, as we come forth from our long journey.

If we are to heal completely, we must set aside all judgements and opinions of outer circumstances, and fully breath in the feelings that surface, while holding the heart in loving compassion.

We go beyond the events that triggered our pain, into the depths of eternal tears, vibrations, and life paths, into the truths of our inner most being.

We feel to heal, while saying to the heart, “I will not abandon you, in all that I feel, i will not turn away, though I am in great pain, I allow all that arises, for healing and relief, by doing this, I am not alone.”

Be blessed in healing, be blessed in the love that you already are, be blessed in the one coming forth that you are abiding with.

May it be so, so it is.

“The warmth of alone”

“The warmth of alone”

By James Anthony Curtis

Every basic need comes from a place of emptiness, a wanton urge to be fulfilled, and if not addressed will manifest demons for our initiation.

Learning to be with ourselves, the pain of our desires, can be agonizing, even in the most loving of practices, as we abide with the feelings of our emptiness.

As we stand in our truths, yielding to lives holding in not abandoning ourselves, we come to realize the feelings that are arising are only there as unmet allies, parts that have longed to be reunited with us.

Through each sadness, every ache, and in the most difficult of moments, as we allow ourselves to fully embrace the heart, the one we have been waiting for comes forth, the love that we already are.

Aloneness no longer plagues us, but becomes a familiar friend, seeking only to restore, heal, and revive our countenance, as allow love to freely flow washing over all obstacles of darkness.

The objective is not to relieve the pain, or to light the dark, but to be with our enemies as love.

We invite ourselves to be with ourselves, going inward to the chambers of our innermost self, sitting honestly with all that we feel in loving compassion.

The “warmth of alone” is only the first step, into a much larger room, where the pure potential of our divine expression may come forward, as we spiritually evolve in our dimensional being.

When we are ready, we grant passage for the feelings that are arising, receiving our attention to those parts in need.

We deepen our connection with ourselves, simply by acknowledging the truths that surface, setting aside our judgements and opinions about them.

We love, as we have never loved before, breathing in all of us, however we may feel, for the benefit of all beings.

May it be so, so it is.