“Falling in love”

“Falling in love”

By James Anthony Curtis

There are many romanticisms in our culture that signify the feeling of “falling in love” with someone. We see it in the holidays, or movies, and in the commercialism of products at the store, and we hear of it on the radio, read about it in books, magazines, and while watching TV. And from an early age we are inducted into the tantalization of meeting that person, or finding the perfect romantic place, and special circumstance, where the stars align coming together for the introduction of our soul mate – the one who will meet every desire, fulfilling our most intimate dreams, and finally we will be complete. Ironically, this is not far from the truth of why we are here. If you are one of those who desires deep connection, looks around every corner for a possible match to your being, and feels in your bones that “person is out there,” there is hope for you.

Our body reveals an amazing amount of information about who we are, the journey we are on, and what life has to offer us. And although we’ve been prodded for years this way or that into various forms of romantic ideas by our culture or otherwise, those messengers of cupid were only a part of a larger picture moving on behalf of our being. The body, our emotions, even the obsessive thoughts we may have at times, are working in coordination with the universe, revealing the innermost desires of our heart as we proceed through life. In a way, we’ve kind of been set up really, because everything we have experienced – even in the romanticism of love, has been to gear us up for the shift in enabling us to receive love on a much deeper level than we ever could have imagined.

So before some of you burst, let us ease your being by first saying, “yes, soulmates exist,” and “yes, the relationship you’ve desired is out there.” Now let me contradict myself and share that, what we are seeking we will never find “out there,” as long as our focus remains in fulfilling our desires through outer circumstances aligning for us. Just as we have in a sense been “set up” by forces beyond our understanding at certain moments we have experienced in our life path, those same “forces” are at work in us to align those places that understand our desire of love. If we are to view ourselves standing inside a great ‘mirrored’ water droplet, the things we see are the reflections of our self upon its walls. Yes, we still interact, and form relationships with others, but how we view ourselves and them is based in our reflection of self. And as we learn to love ourselves in the way we desire our relationships to manifest, the reflection shifts both for ourselves and those we interact with. The “one” we desire has been waiting for us just as much we have been waiting for them, and as we are ready, the parts that are in need come forth to be revealed by the light of the universe for our alignment.

It’s incredibly easy to focus on the outer world, and our relationship to it in attempts to arrange circumstances for our benefit, but if we allow ourselves to observe, feel, and acknowledge what we view in our journey as a learning curve of the relationship with ourselves, we find the universe more willing to cooperate with us as we adjust our focus. “Falling in love,” then becomes an intimate experience of coming to know who we are, our desires, and how we may fulfill them. We may find parts emerging within us that may have been dormant for years, or some we have never known, but desire to give us their gifts. And if we fall deep enough, we discover our voice, we openly share our heart, and we find the one we have in times past sought with such fervor, has been seeking us, and we are never alone.

May it be so, so it is.

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  1. James, my heart aches for this person. The last 5 years have tested me in ways I could never have imagined. As you spoke about above I am searching for my soul mate. I know he is out there. I have sustained so much loss and heartache. I am tired, sad, and so very lonely. I ache for the connection you speak about. I am loving myself first which has been very difficult at times.

    1. Lana, I’m looking forward to working with you, and can promise from my own experience, what you will find is more than you could possibly imagine! I acknowledge your pain, the loss that you feel, but relief is coming, and the pain is only an indication of your most fulfilling reality coming forth to be heard, seen, and loved by you! Blessings and we will talk soon!

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