“Deeply Rooted in Love”

There is a growing frequency of people in the world who feel lost, unsatisfied, alone, and overwhelmed by life, and may desire abundance, health, and loving relationships, but feel these elude them in day-to-day living.  There are also many more who do find a sense of peace, have well-rounded relationships, and seem to vibrate higher in joy, yet still feel incomplete. Never before has the world experienced such a mass exodus of souls seeking enlightenment, yet known so little about the evolutionary path we are on.

Often when there is suffering from unresolved emotional debris in mankind, people are considered mentally unhealthy, misdiagnosed, and institutionalized  as the ego attempts to stabilize the pain surfacing in society.  Frequent visitors of depression and anxiety lead to ever increasing rates of addiction in various forms, and regularly culminate with attempts of control leading to heavy medication, incarceration, or suicide. And even in some of the healthiest circumstances we may experience if desires go unheard, universal reflection manifests the emotional triggers to gain our attention.  Although at times the situation may seem dire, there are mystics, teachers, and guides consistently among us, sharing the wisdom of the ‘ancients’ as we are ready to receive it.

As one who has healed, and being highly sensitive and intuitive to my own needs, I can promise you, if you are drawn here, this may be a time of deep transformation, relief, and coming to know parts of the soul that have been asking to be revealed. Many times what we feel in the ache of afflictive emotions, are only the indications of our divinity coming forth in our human experience. Divine nature often emerges from the depths of our most intimate desires, through the reflections in outer circumstances and the feelings that arise in relation to them. This website was developed as a space of sharing consistently powerful gifts of transmission, through the metamorphosis of the soul, and the journey of feeling sometimes intense emotions while learning to tenderly hold the heart in loving compassion.

Together we will listen, going into the soul’s needs, exploring how to best love, acknowledge, and embrace what is being universally offered in benefit of all beings, as our evolutionary process unfolds.

In my latest book: By Our Design: A Human Manual to the Evolutionary Process of Fifth Dimension Ascension we move into the journey we have agreed to undertake, where we discover the nature of our relationship with the soul, how the universe works, and the metamorphosis which will unfold in every one of us as we evolve.


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“There are those among us who are awakening to a world of reflection, where science and faith are meeting in the dynamic fabric of what is felt or experienced on a vibrational level of awareness. Everything from the colors we are attracted to, the texture of the clothes we wear, how we are touched, foods we eat, and conversations we have is a part of a purposeful design in resolve. Each of us has chosen to incarnate to fulfill ‘energetic contracts’ of integration that may seem foreign, even unbearable at times and without merit, but when realized become miraculous in the nature of who we are.”

This site is dedicated to you, those that are trying to find their way home, sensitive beings that only wish to fulfill their deepest purpose, as they feel the desires of the heart emerging. If you struggle with anxiety, depression, and strong emotional debris, you are a highly exceptional person, there is nothing ‘wrong’ with you — you are merely awakening to the one you have been waiting for, the one you already are, fulfilling divine nature, and you are not alone in the ascension process.

Much love, blessings and gratitude. Om!