Insight Healing – Initial Consult



If you have read through any of my blog posts, you may see the transformative nature of healing that has come forth in me. Reflections appear day to day, as love moves to reveal what is in need, those places calling out from the depths, manifesting, gifting divine infinite self-realization.

Although you may or may not be familiar with my work, this type of healing is extremely rare in my experience. It is all-encompassing, with such intimate power, that very few people are readily aware or willing to investigate the substance it has to offer. If you are seeking only comfort — this work may not be for you, but, if you are ready to acknowledge some difficult truths, with loving compassion as our guide, I can promise you, relief is coming, to those parts within you that have been asking to be held.

In my own journey, the universe arranged my life in a series of events to produce loss on a major scale. This ‘void’ was so great, and manifested with such veracity, that no other choice seemed possible, but the one of embracing an uncertain reality, that was being laid out before me. There was no turning back to what I had previously known; the option of escape, and grasping for ground in any of the old familiar ways, only led me deeper into the insanity of denial. Ironically though, as most things work in an inclusive universe, denial only helped to surface those parts that were in need even more, granting me an unshakable ‘knowing,’ that the universe was manifesting, orchestrating my circumstances, in cooperation with the deep vibrational threads within me that had longed to heal, but I was ignorant of how to navigate the illusions of my creation.

Whether you are a novice or an experienced pilgrim, what matters is that if you are reading this, you may very well be in metamorphosis, willing to observe, feel, approach the deep, as infinite self comes forth to express an expanded you for the benefit of all beings.

Change can be frightful, especially if we have grown accustomed to our circumstances, whether they are pleasurable or painful. But I assure you, just as the caterpillar knows it is time, in your season all things will unfold as meant to by divine nature.

To be clear as I can about what we are going to engage in, here is some basic information for you:

  • We will explore reflections in your outer circumstances, those that reveal the inner vibration of what you are asking for (I utilize my sensitivity, experience in working with reflections/universal manifestation, to hold space for the truth coming forth in you).


  • We will address emotional debris on a cellular level, as they rise for attention, love, and healing (this can be an overwhelming shift at times, and it is best to allow space after a session for integration).


  • I will share healthy integration practices with you, which often involve simple tools to care for the body, as a vibrational shift can be taxing on the human nervous system.


  • This type of healing is the most loving, yet painful of transitions at times, it requires a series commitment as any metamorphosis does. Not only will we be sharing on an intimate level, but this allows me to be an anchor of love while you may feel often turbulent and distressed at the truths that arise.


  • You will be given practices that have NEVER failed anyone I have worked with. Even if you are not ready, you will still receive my vibrational transmissions as apart of my practice, when an energetic bridge is opened between us.


Before answering the Questions and submitting the form – Please follow these instructions:

To start our correspondence, there will be a series of questions that do not involve a lot of thought, but rather an abiding with the body, emotions, and what surfaces as you spend time with yourself. Allow a few moments to sit, being with the heart, body, and breath– slow the breathing, feeling the chest rise, and fall, rise, and fall. Close the eyes if it comes naturally, setting aside judgment and opinion about whatever arises, simply being with the feelings, and the sensations that you receive in your body. As you read each question, simply go with what surfaces in your feelings, listen to what asks for attention, and what is desiring to be heard. Feel free to expand, and answer the questions thoroughly, listening to your heart, the feelings arising, rather than your mind.  This is your investment – the time you are creating for you. 

Questionnaire for us to begin:


After I abide with your responses, I’ll send you a reply within 24-48 hours, giving you my first insights into what your vibration is asking for. Remember this is a process of integrity, one in which we both agree to share with a sincere investment of energy. If at any time something arises in you that needs to be addressed, please bring it up in our communication, that we may look into what is arising for attention, love, and healing.

Looking forward so much to working with you,

Many blessings, much love, gratitude to you!