“The impossible possibilities of love”

“The impossible possibilities of love”

“But how is it possible?” the young student asked.

“Just because you cannot see it, and understand it, or how it will be made manifest, does not mean it will not be so” replied the teacher.

“But wise one, I struggle so with moving forward, feeling so overwhelmed and alone in my faith. There are so many obstacles, circumstances that seem against me, barring my belief in the way…”

“My young friend, you see obstacles, and feel overwhelmed, yet you are learning to love and see those parts, purposes, reasons in your world, for what they truly are, not mere obstacles, but steps of a higher path. The pain felt, is only the indication of each darkness coming forth to be seen, acknowledged, heard – and as we allow ourselves to feel these that are asking to felt, we are illuminated by the love with which we embrace them.”

“So I am walking the path of unbelief to awaken faith my teacher?”

“In a sense. As you learn to bless, you are blessed. To love, you are loved. To acknowledge, you are acknowledged. We are coming to know ourselves by coming to know those deep places that are in need” said the teacher.

“And when I come to know myself good teacher, will then I see those paths I once thought impossible, as possible?”

“You will see so much more than that my young friend, you will be pure potential, free from the confines of thought and space, eternal, infinite in form, and without end. Life will be your playground, a dear place of healing, sharing, and expressions, where we dance because we cannot contain the depths of joy in our heart.”

“But how do you know this teacher? How can you see such wonderful, limitless bounds, with such fervent faith?”

“Because my child, I Am comforting you as you needed, loving the one asking to be loved, acknowledging you as no one else knows you, or can. I love you with all my heart, more than you can possibly imagine, because I am you in potential, and otherwise.”

By James Anthony Curtis


Upcoming Online Zoom Workshop/Fellowship Group

Here is the flyer for the upcoming online support group for those who desire to go ‘deeper’ into the process of healing, exploration, and expression! We will be gathering in this unique fellowship of souls starting on Sunday August 2nd, at 6:15 PM.

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“Releasing ourselves”

“Releasing ourselves”

By James Anthony Curtis


By observing our attachments and the relationships we have with them, we may become aware of how we ground ourselves to earthly objects or circumstances for security. This will come naturally throughout life as we begin to sense a feeling of deep insecurity rising in us as we acknowledge our physical impermanency. Whether we are aware of it or not, much of the affliction we feel is based in our third dimensional existence, but once we are capable of viewing these attachments we also may become aware of another path which will bring us relief. In contemplation we may wonder, “how may I love, yet remain non-attached to this or that in relationship?” This is where we might feel daunted by our nervous system, as it may become overwhelmed by the structure of a third dimension reality, one in which we will feel the emotional energy of our investments rising, and egoic patterns revealing themselves as interwoven strands of desire in our circumstances where we begin to see attachment.

We can bring relief to ourselves by a simple yet effective practice in trust. Not from anything that someone else may tell us, or from what we see, but how we feel. When we confront our reality by saying the phrase, “I will ground my divinity by the earthly possessions I have” this may evoke a response within us that clearly feels unaligned in truth, which is a rather large step in the direction of truth if we are ready to receive it.

“Trust” may sound easy, like a handshake or a verbal agreement, but vibrationally it involves our ability to be sound, or ‘ring true’ in our agreements. The reason this seems more difficult as a teaching is because we commonly do not know what we trust or don’t trust except on a three dimensional level─ hence we form bonds of trust and security to physical things.

When I was grieving my mother’s passing a large part of the ‘letting go’ process was by the ‘embracing’ of her transition through death. This meant sitting next to her, looking in her eyes as tears welled in mine, holding her hand as she gasped for air, and speaking heartfelt words that were difficult to say in these moments, doing my best to comfort her, and me, knowing her vessel was a shell that housed her─ not all that she was. After she had passed my body, mind, and emotions continued to grieve the loss, as now it was losing the common reference of who she was in her vessel. Then came the grieving of her possessions as the family went through liquidating the estate, feeling all of the feelings attached on a cellular level to memories associated with her. These life paths we go through can be very difficult, but if we allow ourselves to venture deeper into the soul we find they not only serve our relationships outwardly with others, but most importantly they cultivate an intimate relationship within ourselves, one where we find as we allow ourselves to grieve, feel loss, and face our attachments, we experience a much more profound level of love with ourselves and others than we ever thought possible. We need very few possessions to remember, and sentiment travels with us vibrationally in the heart, not in the physicality of things.

“Releasing ourselves” is a process, one of grieving, respect, and gratitude as we tenderly acknowledge memories that have lodged themselves on a cellular level. Whether it is a person, place, object, event or circumstance we find difficulty in, today we may honor those parts coming forth in us as we abide with the feelings necessary for coming to know ourselves, healing, and allowing our life experiences to serve all beings.

May it be so, so it is.

“Some Mountains are not meant to be moved”

“Some mountains are not meant to be moved”

By James Anthony Curtis

It’s been well over a year now living on the road, since the sale of the land, house, and most of my property. When things began to shift back in 2014, I was married, we had just purchased 24 acres with a small home and garage, there was an abundance of friends, family, wealth and health in many aspects of life. But the universe has a way of bringing things to our attention, things that we are not willing to look at readily, places within us that wait for the timing of perfection to reach its tipping point, and once the doors to these places are opened, a flood of changes burst through unraveling our reality with divine precision. My relationships, faith, and emotional stability were utterly cast to the wind for the current of uncertainty to take me. Reflecting back now, seeing that poor soul writhing in agonizing tears day after day on the floor, experiencing such loss, aloneness, and in complete despair – a derelict of society – there are times I go back and sit with him in his feelings, placing my hand upon his shoulder, gently whispering in his ear, “you are loved, it will all work out.”

We may do our best to succeed in our endeavors, forming relationships with friends and family, developing our skills, and moving upon the earth with grace as best we can, but the most purposeful ‘things’ we can give our love and attention to are those places which call to us that often we are unwilling to hear. Frequently they bring with them the pain of uncomfortable circumstances, feelings that we may wish to avoid, and the loneliness of deep abiding, which is in part what we have come for to offer loving compassion. Although we are never alone, at times it is necessary for our growth, a ‘construct,’ and a tool, that serves only to take us further inward in transformational power, which allows a depth of connection across any perceived border or boundary of who we truly are. Paradoxically the time we spend with ourselves opens our vision for expansion by the love we offer, and as we grow we will experience the loss of our egoic constructs, but in turn there is a multitude of wholeness that embraces our soul. In a sense, we lose a reality that may have appeared to hold and comfort us for years, but was based in illusion, and as it unravels we find the truth of who we are, and a much larger reality to stand on, even though grounded in the faith of losing ourselves to uncertainty.

The feelings we feel through our experiences shadow in comparison to the larger part of our self moving behind the scenes. Not that they are devalued by any means, but rather take on a much higher vibration in light as they become known as agents of our spiritual evolution working in concert with the universe for what we truly desire.

Sitting at the base of the Superstition Mountains, at our new home for the next month or so, there is an unmistakable newness to life, where even in the ache of growth, if we allow ourselves to abide with ourselves in what we feel, providing space for the heart, underneath there is always a rock of peace we may anchor to in what we feel. Comfort comes not from the certainties we may attempt to find in life, but rather from the uncertainties we have found in the faith of love. Underneath our insecurities, fears, and doubts that may arise sometimes, which are only asking for the love we are all deserving of, there is a path to be found, often the less traveled pilgrim’s road, in the uncertainty of the wind, and unpredictability of love.

Today may we find the treasures of our heart, through the ‘openings’ of space loss has provided for us. May we feel deeper, underneath the layers of our emotion, as we abide with what is calling out to us to be heard, seen, and loved for the benefit of all beings. May we find the doors, and answer the one who is knocking, that heaven may come forth in our time as all is revealed.

May it be so, so it is.

“The wind blows where it wishes and you hear the sound of it, but do not know where it comes from and where it is going; so is everyone who is born of the Spirit.” John 3:8

Three Rivers Petroglyphs

Three Rivers Petroglyphs

By James Anthony Curtis


It might not seem like the post for Thanksgiving, but bear with me for a bit.

So on our way to Arizona, we had the privilege to visit what some might consider sacred places along the way. ‘Sacred,’ to me, means touching something deep inside, a part that reflects love in a manner that cant easily be given or received, but involves a space of gratitude, empathy, and attention which provokes the heart to see something more than the mere moment of passing impermanence.

Some beings choose to express these times in art, writing, and music, while others immerse themselves as the flow of the ‘sacred’ allows, giving the current permission to carry them where it wills as the path unfolds. All of us experience the ‘sacred’ through the acknowledging of something meaningful, greater than what we believe ourselves to be, vast, yet small, precious in valuation of what we know based on our current relationships. 

Most times for me there is a period of integration, a space of ‘allowing’ for what has been transmitted, and received, giving time for reflection to manifest back to the universe an acknowledgment of the journey here. Maybe that’s why I choose to write, sometimes in recording, others in expression, both sending those emotional energies to myself and others as apart of universal connection in cooperation with the life lived here. 

It might not seem like we have an impact at times, or like we are here fulfilling purpose, but some of the smallest of actions very well may be the most precious in circling back to our roots, granting ourselves passage as the ‘divine,’ or ‘sacred’ beings that we are — like these testimonials etched in rock, from a people long ago that farmed a once fertile valley, leaving small, unsubstantial traces of animals, actions, and feelings. We too carve out moments in time, possibly left for others to feel as they find, and maybe its not what we think in terms of preserving or recording our memories, or culture, but those ‘expressions,’ feelings that we leave in our absence, ‘signatures’ we leave of our life here in how we interact with our divinity in human form.

The people at ‘Three Rivers’ left no record for us to find, no monuments to any great civilization, but as you sit upon the rocks, walk paths they walked, and touch the pictures they left, you find yourself in the sacred, feeling a place in the heart for family, friends, and a deep gratitude rooted in the preciousness of life. They even buried their dead in the floors of the places they lived, perhaps to keep them close, or maybe as a reminder, to the spark each life holds, that in time transcends all boundaries of limitation.

Today we offer thanks, not for any set discovery, land, or celebration of peoples, but for all beings, on the sacred pilgrimage of love, as we come to know our relationships and why we journey with them. May you be blessed, may you be loved, may you find ease in the open heart of healing.


Glore Psychiatric Museum ~ “Finding our way”

Glore Psychiatric Museum ~ “Finding our way”
Saturday November 10th 2018 by James AnthonyCurtis


Today we visited the Glore Psychiatric Museum in St. Joseph Missouri just north of Kansas City.

St. Joseph is pleasant town, with lovely people, a rare little gem of attractions in US history. Having a commitment we are en route to, we decided on a couple of places that peaked our interest for the day. I chose the Native American exhibit, and Ciara picked the Glore Museum.

As per usual, the universe lines up what we need, even though we may balk at our circumstances. Sometimes I struggle with negative or afflictive emotions, and being in places where tragedy or strong pain was felt, vibrationally I will sense the energy stored in the items, land, and buildings that are still there. Although this happens, Ive received guidance over the years to really embrace the energies, that there are always deeper lessons, healings, expressions coming forth in the experiences that are priceless.

I’m a firm believer in learning from our history, and contributing to the process of healing by emerging myself in these areas of need that call out energetically.
I forget as a healer though, that when in exploration while sighting seeing, the impact things may have on me. This actually works to the benefit of the process sometimes, in that each experience is felt on a much deeper level, when we are unaware of what’s happening, because the mind doesn’t interfere with its analytical inquisitions or opinions.

Earlier in the day when we were choosing our destinations, its also beautiful watching the synchronicity of events that align for our desires of what we need to manifest in our life paths. Everything plays a part in coming to surface what we may realize in hindsight, as perfection is always moving all things together for wellbeing. Our conscious ‘trip planning,’ really is the tip of the iceberg in what happens on any given day.

 So we found ourselves moving through the halls of what was once labeled “State Lunatic Asylum No. 2″, renamed the “St. Joseph State Hospital” in 1899. Built in 1874, the structure has echoes of a medieval fortress, where one might suspect to find all sorts of various torture devices in the damp lower sections of its foundation walls. Although the mind might run a bit with the idea of barbaric treatment as you begin to wander the museum, instead what we found was far more revealing in nature, sinister even, — a vain attempt by our predecessors to understand dark places in the human psyche, and in failing to do so, meet them with brute force in order to bring them in line with societal codes of conduct.

In an introductory video when you first enter the museum, a modern Psychiatrist examines his own methods of treatment for the mentally ill, posing the question, “fifty or a hundred years from now, will the methods I use be thought of as barbaric or inhumane attempting treatment of the mentally ill?

As we walked from room to room, seeing the devices and various forms of treatment used in those individuals that were committed, neither of us had the words to describe what we were feeling. Knowing what I know now, working with many people that struggle with mental health, how many of these people would have been tossed to the wind as ‘abnormal,’ or ‘less than’ in humane consideration? ‘Love,’ seemed far removed from the equation, as each treatment focused more on the obedience of behavior, and awakening the individual to societal norms in thinking.

Though I do not hold those in authority or charged with the care of these people at the time responsible, it is difficult to imagine being flexible with such obstinate thinking. The fact that we are ‘evolving’ is still in debate today, drive long enough on any major highway in the US, and you will eventually see a billboard disputing evolution with a rather narrow view of creationism. And although this may seem counter productive, even resistant, and full of rigidity, we are only being served with a deepening path to practice the love we so much are calling out for in humanities shortcomings.

As I look closely, feel into the history of many of those that were housed at ‘Lunatic Asylum No.2,’ the devices used on the people, the ‘tranquilizers,’ restraints, and many methods of treatment being explored, a story begins to unfold of two lives — both intertwined in the relationship of questioning our sanity. With each whipping, dousing of water, and handling of the insane with brute force, to the more sublime encounters where some small connection might be made, both patient and counselor must have wondered what bridge they were walking on through their chosen life path. As each questioned each, why couldn’t the other see what was so revealing and important in meaning?

On the third floor of the museum is a display of crafts, artwork, and instruments that gave worth to so many in the halls where they stayed. Some venting, others broken in heart, pain pouring forth in expression, and moments of joy in once heard voices having hope of being listened to again. The evidence on this floor was overwhelming, the conclusion of contrast real, that which was opening was being opened by the innocence of love, not by the torture of oppressive obedience. Those place that are so misunderstood, dark to us in nature, even violent in their force, are merely asking for love, the attention we long seek by the demons of our desires. The artwork resonated so much with us, it brought up other great artists of our time, and we were made to wonder how many of them were seeking only to be loved, valued in their journey of introspection, so clearly translated and identified on a mass scale of human canvas in the heart of the minds eye? How many of them were merely seekers, walking the inward road, only to escape incarceration or rejection by a narrow thread had their thoughts been more openly known?

The answer is not an easy one to accept, because it means a shift in each of our personal daily lives. As we draw closer to the truth of healing, expression, and our divine nature, we also meet our ‘mirrors,’ those places we lack conformity with, that are not aligned, asking only to be loved in their cries. As humans we are in a place of unique significance, in that we are both living embodiments of earth and sky, having the capacity for greatness and awe in our movements, but only as we learn to endure our most afflictive of energies in emotion with loving embrace. As we continue to grow into our potential, those parts that come forward in what we may perceive of as ‘insanity,’ are only indications of the higher self we are coming to know as we struggle to maintain some semblance of reality. With each grounding that falls away from under our footing, we are moving inward to the uncertain path, and learning to trust in the universal weight of liberation.



May you be blessed, may you be opened when ready, free to explore those parts that are asking only to be heard by the love that you already are. May it be so, so it is.???

‘The brittleness of cold’

‘The brittleness of cold’

By James Anthony Curtis

As the seasons shift, and the leaves release their colors in recognition of the fall, I feel the cold reaching into my bones, searching me out in the deep of the marrow. The wind is howling outside, as it blows upon the branches, tempting the trees with foretelling of winter, and the long dark that is coming in the cycle of life’s matter. I have to remind myself, that this is natural, a part of the journey we have contracted, and that all is well, even when uncomfortable feelings grip my soul.

Although trepidation may visit the weary traveler, it is in these times that we may offer the hospitality of our heart to those places that seek to be heard in us. Fear and agitation are only guests in our house, come to reveal those parts seeking faith in the ground of uncertainty, and if we allow ourselves to abide in the discomfort of our relations with strong energy, going inward as the mighty trees do each winter, we find solace in the space of reflection, grasping not upon the sands of shifting circumstances, but holding firm in the form of our divine unfolding.

With the cold comes a natural contraction, a seeming ‘revulsion’ to the outer world, but inward, we know of something different taking place. In times past, we would come together around the fire, tell stories in the shelters we had constructed, paint upon the walls, and commune with our ancestors around the fire of mortality’s privilege. And although it may seem we have lost this connection, the universe beckons us to travel deeper into the cave of our mystery, down sacred hallways, further than we have gone before in our species.

We will find loss, but only in the derision of our unbelief; for each fate is a necessity in our evolution, in coming to realize those places within us that have come forward to be expressed.

Our lineage will not abandon us, both in future realms and those we may have forgotten from long ago, for we are all pilgrims here, spontaneously embracing our rhythms, called out by our desires. So let us gather together, just as in days of old, tell our stories in the deep of cold’s brittleness, as we warm ourselves by the fire. And may we view the pictures we have painted, come to life upon the walls, seeing our depths emerge, serving us, as what we have chosen, in love’s universe, by design.

May it be so, so it is.

‘The sword of truth’

‘The sword of truth’

By James Anthony Curtis

Pain is the great revealer, coming forward to present itself in the most uncomfortable of circumstances, bringing forth once darkened parts to gain our attention. Even though it may seem simple enough, like when we burn our hand on a hot surface, or close our eyes wincing to the brightness of the noon day sun, underneath the surface of our sense experience, flows an intricate often enormous amount of wealth in transformation. This ‘wealth’ frequently goes untapped, for fear of what we might find, in the voice of the deep, calling out with pain as its advocate.

Often we turn aside, look the other way, ‘blame’ becoming a watchword for outer circumstances, and in our ignorance, humanity suffers, as we recoil in the sensitivity of each truth which lights upon the heart. But as all things work in an inclusive universe, if we turn away, our movement only draws us closer to that which exists in us, the hidden desires which hold dear our most precious treasures.

What an interesting discovery, that ‘truth’ walks hand in hand with our most painful of life paths, not only as pains’ confidant, but as its closest supporter, and friend. If only John Bunyan had written the mystics path, unfettered from religious dogma, what would he have said from the darkness in his prison cell?

So we move as we feel moved, some of us awaiting the edge, others in transition, each of us collecting what we need for our journey in wellbeing.

It’s funny how it goes, for even in writing this now, relief enters, as the vibration is acknowledged, floating ease-fully to the words upon the pages. Which leads yet to another door, in speaking volumes of our divine nature we have come forward to express in each incarnation. For if we are to blossom, unfold our wings, we must journey as we are called, each of us responding to the thunder within us, even as we may buckle purposefully in surrender; for death awaits no man, and works in cooperation to each creation.

So let us feel, dancing to the pain of each truth, granting passage to the music which life brings us, and if we must, with each ‘selah,’ form our own judgements, opinions, about the circumstances that surround us. And as every horror comes true, remember what we asked for, the shedding skin, as we gain upon each nightmare in full view.

It was never about ‘them,’ they were only participants, its your time, your dime, given solely for this uncovering anew.

Book of Horrors, Volume 1, “It’s your Funeral”

Upcoming Workshop!

So excited for this upcoming workshop to be held in my hometown of Warren Pennsylvania!

Looking forward to this gathering of lovely souls as we explore the heart in journey here in our life paths!

The topics for this gathering will be “Understanding Manifestation” and “Befriending our Pain,” with an intermission in between. Blessings, gratitude and much love as always, hope to see you there!

“Trust in the Universe”

“Trust in the Universe”

By James Anthony Curtis

If we truly want to heal, we begin by embracing fully how we feel, breathing it in, abiding with strong energy, all while holding the heart, telling ourselves, “I will not abandon you, nor reject, in all that I feel.”

Many times we are born into circumstances specific to our vibrational patterns, desiring to heal those parts that are triggered by the reflections around us. The people, environments, and events in our life that get under our skin the most, are those benefactors that have been sent to reveal once darkened parts within us that are need of healing. We resist, because of the pain, which is the relief coming forth in these patterns of vibrational threads, ‘surfacing,’ as a part of our healing life path of greater self realization. Until we embrace them, they will show up in another aspect of our life, because we carry the vibrational fields within us where ever we go.

We start by slowing down, acknowledging those things in the body that carry a wealth of information to us — how we sit, what we eat and how it tastes, the music we like or dislike, the pleasures and pains of life that in the past we may have walked by because of our beliefs that have arisen purposefully for our ego to shroud us.

We give ourselves space to go inward, allowing any demons to come forward that are asking to be seen. With each sensation, we grant passage a little more to what is asking to be felt. If we become overwhelmed, we slow further, focusing on the breath, waiting until we are ready to hear what is being called forth.

With each new day, we set loving intentions, thanking the light that has come to both reveal, and warm those parts that have been cold. We learn to hold ourselves with nurturing, placing our hand upon the heart in loving compassion, knowing that the one we have been waiting for is coming, bringing with them relief upon which we may reside.

We trust in the universe, the reflections that are in our lives, setting aside judgement and opinion, giving ourselves freedom to observe with an open heart. And as we develop our practice, we come to realize our future self, the expression of who we already are, watching over us with deep mindfulness, love, and a wisdom from each ‘allowing’ in our life path.

May it be so, so it is.