“The impossible possibilities of love”

“The impossible possibilities of love”

“But how is it possible?” the young student asked.

“Just because you cannot see it, and understand it, or how it will be made manifest, does not mean it will not be so” replied the teacher.

“But wise one, I struggle so with moving forward, feeling so overwhelmed and alone in my faith. There are so many obstacles, circumstances that seem against me, barring my belief in the way…”

“My young friend, you see obstacles, and feel overwhelmed, yet you are learning to love and see those parts, purposes, reasons in your world, for what they truly are, not mere obstacles, but steps of a higher path. The pain felt, is only the indication of each darkness coming forth to be seen, acknowledged, heard – and as we allow ourselves to feel these that are asking to felt, we are illuminated by the love with which we embrace them.”

“So I am walking the path of unbelief to awaken faith my teacher?”

“In a sense. As you learn to bless, you are blessed. To love, you are loved. To acknowledge, you are acknowledged. We are coming to know ourselves by coming to know those deep places that are in need” said the teacher.

“And when I come to know myself good teacher, will then I see those paths I once thought impossible, as possible?”

“You will see so much more than that my young friend, you will be pure potential, free from the confines of thought and space, eternal, infinite in form, and without end. Life will be your playground, a dear place of healing, sharing, and expressions, where we dance because we cannot contain the depths of joy in our heart.”

“But how do you know this teacher? How can you see such wonderful, limitless bounds, with such fervent faith?”

“Because my child, I Am comforting you as you needed, loving the one asking to be loved, acknowledging you as no one else knows you, or can. I love you with all my heart, more than you can possibly imagine, because I am you in potential, and otherwise.”

By James Anthony Curtis