By James Anthony Curtis

When we feel uncomfortable, awkward, or ill inside, it’s easy to assign our feelings to outer circumstances that challenge our sense of peace. Our mind will attempt to resolve feelings with the usual conversations we hear ourselves saying such as, “if only they were like this, then I would be happy” or, “it’s their fault I feel this way.” These are common repeating themes we have heard from ourselves and others when we are in blaming conditions for how we feel. In my own experience I’ve gone so far as to blame the weather, gas prices, who is president, and even ‘God’ for what I am feeling. And to add to the matter is our attempts at altering our outer circumstances spending much of our entire lives trying to rearrange our environments, relationships, jobs, homes, and pets to just how we want them, in hopes that this would somehow satisfy the life we are living, giving us ease in the world that often leaves us filled with ‘wanting.’

Anytime we blame though, our heart feels what is being said, from the finger pointing to the “if onlys” in our attempts at rearranging life as we would have it. This creates a dynamic of unworthiness in our vibrational field, and the heart continues to build walls in order to do its best for protecting itself. Most of us have carried this vibrational thread from lifetime to lifetime until we were ready to address the pain that arises from its frequency. The repeating habitual patterns that exist in us, or karma, often are viewed as plagues that we have somehow ‘earned,’ and we must either be “good enough” to shift them, or we deserve what we have received based on our behaviors in this or a previous lifetime. This is a deeper level of blame in that we have shifted our perspective from outer circumstances to blaming ourselves directly for what we are feeling. This may take us into intense depression or anxiety, much of which exists today in the current mental health field. The resulting trauma of “blame” extends to every corner of humanity, locking us into a cycle of oppression that will not be broken by conventional means. This is where we trust in the saving grace of our greater self along the evolutionary path, as we become aware in our awakening.

Although we may find ourselves in the mire of our feelings asking what we may do to receive help or support to shift our position for the better, the key to easing our pain in the evolutionary process is by the allowing of love to come to the forefront of our practice. When thoughts or feelings plague us, and we find ourselves going further into blame, we don’t fight what we think or feel, but grant ourselves permission think or feel while we embrace the heart in a loving manner. A simple yet very effective practice we this is to place the hand upon the heart, and talk to the heart saying, “even though I feel blame, I want you to know that I will not abandon, or reject you, I am here for you, and I love you.” What arises as we do this is necessary for us to feel for our healing, as we have created a safe channel for cellular debris to travel. We are no longer withholding what we think or feel, but through loving the heart we have given our karma the opportunity to be acknowledged, in essence clearing repeating patterns through the love we offer shifting our vibrational fields.

Today, as we are ready, may we grant ourselves the necessary space for our healing, acknowledging the truths that arise, giving attention to those parts that are being revealed in each awakening, both in thought and feeling that are desiring resolution. May we maintain the simple practice of holding the heart, as we feel all that is arising for our wellbeing, as we love the one that is asking to be loved, for the benefit of all beings.

May it be so, so it is.