Supermoon Wolf Blood Moon Sign

Supermoon Wolf Blood Moon Eclipse Sign

By James Anthony Curtis

Some decisions are made for us, vibrationally, while others we gain insight into as we are choosing them. Life has a funny way of working things out, revealing places, shifting the tide to journey us to the shores needed for our transformation. Although we may feel the pains of where we are headed in uncertain circumstances, often desiring different outcomes, the gift of embracing our heart through the changes brings us to fulfillment in ways we never could have imagined possible.

From the oldest of times humanity has been connected to the earth in the rarest of revelations. As ‘Gods incarnate,’ we have come to express, heal, and experience a mixture of life forces on a level we frequently fail to grasp consciously, with the waves of our forefathers triggering whispered calls to our pilgrimage in purpose here. Souls, we walk traveling through time, mystical agents in disguise, and when we are ready, we start to receive glimpses of our former life, patterns are revealed, as deeper meaning starts to take us back to forgotten halls.

Everything has its place in our dogma, all environments contribute to our evolution, and some decisions arrive with uncomfortable resolution or healing balm, in the most chaotic of healings; turmoil, trouble, and afflictive tides may disturb the waters, but in those disturbances are the key energies of our healing. If we are brave enough to face our fears, feeling into each wave, the shifting tides bring with them the love needed for our transformation in strong energies.

Love, is the key, childlike humility the innocence of admittance, and surrender the action that opens once sealed doors.

May this sacred moon bring blessings, opening those places to receive what we have been asking for, as we honor the one coming forth, the one we already are, for the benefit of all beings.

May it be so, so it is. 

Pictures taken at Roper Lake, Eastern Arizona, January 20th 2019

“Scientific explanations aside, there’s a weightier reason why all of humanity has observed blood moons with reverence since the beginning of time (and countless astrological articles analyzing its significance are published every day).

A supermoon is like every other full moon except infinitely more powerful. The closer the moon is to the Earth, the more intense are the pull on the tides, as well as all of your instincts, feelings, and overall complications in life. When a supermoon is combined with a total lunar eclipse, you get one strong cocktail of cosmic forces. An eclipse symbolizes beginnings, endings, culminations, and clean slates.

Whether you’re ready for it or not, an eclipse is the perfect time to finally make a decision you’ve been afraid to make, to add your final touches to a project that’s been driving you mad, to break off a relationship that lately has been feeling like dead weight, to gather up the courage to ask your crush out, to finally start writing that novel, to quit your dead-end job and follow your dreams. Eclipses are necessary times that book-end the period of life you’ve been living in. Basically, this story is over but a new one will begin tomorrow. No matter where you’re at in life, the eclipse will push you out of our comfort zone. This might result in success as much as it could in failure but one thing’s for sure: by the time it’s over, you will have grown.”…