“Ranchers, Aliens, and Conspiracy Balloons”

Roswell, New Mexico November 13th 2018

“Ranchers, Aliens, and Conspiracy Balloons”

By James Anthony Curtis

Events leading into 1947’ were a hot bed of activity on Earth. America had tested, and then dropped atomic bombs on Japan as World War II was nearing its end. The world’s first general purpose electronic computer is assembled, and completed (Electronic Numerical Integrator Analyzer and Computer). U.S. Navy Flight 19 disappears over the Bermuda triangle. The Transistor is invented, The United Nations is formed, with 50 nations signing the Charter in an effort for world peacekeeping, and government, as the Cold War begins.

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We may never know exactly what Mac Brazel found on July7th, 1947’ while out tending to his sheep pasture near Roswell, New Mexico. Even the initial press release from the local Air Base stated, “RAAF Captures Flying Saucer On Ranch In Roswell Region.” The story released days later has sparked conspiracy theories to this day, as to the amount debris, odd looking bodies, strange writings on even stranger metals, and two large crash sites — all coming from one “Dummy Test Balloon,” as stated from the supposed cover-up. No automatic alt text available.

But as we entered Roswell, one thing becomes very apparent, the town has embraced this legacy as their own, with everything from alien pizza shops, to used clothing stores, all dedicated to the little green men with graffiti. I found myself grinning from ear to ear, my boyish nature hardly contained, as I saw large Aliens in front of hotels, displayed in paintings on buildings, and lining the streets on lampposts. Our destination for the day: The International UFO Museum And Research Center in Roswell. First let me say, even if you are not a ufologist, this is a great little gem of a place simply to spark wonder, imagination, and intrigue — you will not be disappointed.

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As we walked the halls of the museum, they have done their best to entertain, with fancy mock-ups, artwork, and scenarios, but lets be honest, the artifacts just aren’t there for obvious reasons. This is one place you have to go all-in, without reservation, letting your mind wander where it wills. There is evidence to support arguments in any narrative you choose, believer or not, which is nice in its presentation.Image may contain: sky

Personally Ive been a UFO enthusiast all my life, from the time I could read, to watching those old black & white movies of ‘visitors’ with various intentions coming to our world. I remember as a teenager growing up in the forests of the Alleghenies, intently watching the stars for extraterrestrial presence, longing for contact from universal friends.Image may contain: sky, tree and outdoor

Looking back, the life I knew growing up was very shrouded, there was no internet, no cell phones, and much of the information we received was via television, radio, or newspaper. It gave us the space for the mind to play, to listen to our longings, feel into ourselves with the lack of communication globally. And although I’m not against technology, I do see the need now for this space, one in which we connect specifically in darkness.Image may contain: indoor

Roswell presents us with an opportunity, not so much in the events that unfolded back in 1947, but more to the point of opening our minds to the space from which we may feel into something, be with both our fears and our longings. Whether we believe in the strange circumstances of cover-ups or not, mathematically we are assured its an impossibility that we are alone in the universe; life has evolved abundantly and without doubt on our little blue planet, and the same has already happened elsewhere or is in progress in the cosmos. Aliens present us with the truth about how we face ourselves, the openness we give to our heart, and what we offer to one another, in terms of both borders and boundaries.Image may contain: 1 person, sitting and indoor

When we look into this facet of our meaning, we grant ourselves the wisdom of seeing an extension of life very difficult to embrace in our current evolution as a species — going beyond human limitations and lifespans to a higher place we refer to as “the heavens.” One in which when we look at the sky in amazement, or climb a mountain simply because we feel the need inside of us, we connect to something far reaching in revealing the truth to our pilgrimage here.

For me, Aliens present those sides of me I long to know, and are only ‘Alien’ in nature until I have come to know them.Image may contain: outdoor

Today may we acknowledge those parts, giving them passage in us, breathing in deeply the love they are asking for. May we share in our commonality, both as a species, and as members in the same universe, recognizing the greater body of ‘self’ that we are. And if we meet some day, may we meet when we are ready, preparing our paths to intersect as the long awaited friends that we have been, with each holding of the heart we give, through all that we feel, for the benefit of all beings.

May it be so, so it is. ????