“Listening to our relationship needs”

“Listening to our relationship needs”

By James Anthony Curtis

It’s very common when we start to really get into the meat of it, to feel overwhelmed by the emotional debris that are triggered in our relationships.

As emotions arise out of habitual patterns and behaviors, we may find ourselves trapped in obsessional thought, spinning in the flesh of compulsion, seeking some or any relief as we are tossed about. But even though these often painful repetitive patterns of insanity plague us at times, it is in these very patterns that we become aware of our emotional debris that are arising for healing.

Relief is coming forward as we embrace the difficult feelings that surface to be acknowledged, felt, and held with loving compassion as no one as can.

The body in all its wonderful wisdom is a powerhouse of informative vibration. Mini-recordings of events past are stored in our vessel down to the cellular level; desires that we may or may not be aware of begin to surface when we are ready to receive the light of love upon them in their revealing. We gain perspective by loving the heart through all that we feel, allowing ourselves the space to explore and come to know previously darkened parts of the self.

Further, as we grant ourselves permission to see without judgment or opinion into present and past relationships, with love as our anchor, we abide in the feelings that the circumstances have triggered for our acknowledgment.

We gain clarity through feeling our feelings, discovering that we were not out to harm ourselves or others, but were only attempting to fulfill unmet needs crying out within us for love. Our subconscious knows of no other way to communicate with us, other than to trigger circumstances abundant in life that will release emotional debris that are wanting. So if we are craving attention, and really didn’t want someone who would treat us poorly, this might be the exact person we attract to awaken us to the existing transmitting vibration within ourselves, showing us a reflection of how we have treated ourselves, and are in need of our own loving attentive care.

When ready, we immerse ourselves deeper into arising feelings, acknowledging our preferences, allowing ourselves to observe the emotional debris that hold the keys to each heart desire. As we follow the breadcrumbs of our bliss, the universe will respond by continuing to create outer circumstances in support of our self-realization.

We slow down, allowing the body to breathe, appreciating both the pain and the joy of our revealing, knowing that we have asked for this depth, as our life path unfolds precisely in the manner needed for love to step forth, claiming our inheritance, as the one we already are.

May it be so, so it is.