“Light upon our fears”

“Light upon our fears”

By James Anthony Curtis

There are times Ive been so cold, it feels like the marrow in my bones has hardened, and the body shakes uncontrollably seeking any movement for warmth. My shell feels like it is cracking under the strain of a relentless pain, but after a time yields to a stillness that quiets the tremors within. It’s funny how the cold brings with it and introspection to our destruction, revealing those places inside that someday will cease, and be still, moving no more in this form.

In the spiritual community, there is a buzz of talk in allowing destruction for the new year, almost an asking of sorts, that those parts within us that serve us no more be completely shattered, so utterly decimated that there will be no recovery of our former selves. While this is a part of our transformational process, we must take care here, for what we embrace in our energetic field also affects the heart deeply. Yes, we desire change for our innermost selves on such a level, that our divinity shines forth as never before — but the nature of our divine is one of loving compassion, so much so we have waited eons patiently in our process for the emerging that is unfolding. Humanity has grown through cycles upon cycles of shifting evolution, to produce these circumstances laid at our feet before us. Our infinite journey is unfolding for wellbeing, not for completion.

So as we look forward in time, devoting ourselves to the light that reveals each intimate desire, if we are ready to move deeper, and as parts experience the creative destructive life-force, let us do so with love, as we hold the heart in compassion, feeling all that we feel for the sake of both our wellbeing, and of all beings universally. Let us approach the ends of that no longer serve us, by allowing them to decrease, fall away as they are ready when fully embraced by our love. And if we fear we are not moving fast enough for our wellbeing, that something must give in order for our divine to come forth, let us proceed into the feelings of what “not moving fast enough” feels like, abiding with the fear while tenderly acknowledging the heart, saying, “I will not abandon you, even though I feel this dark fear.”

Vibrationally the work we do with feeling our feelings, either allows us to go deeper in the myriad of ego, which brings about a firmer resolution in coming back to the heart, or we are ready to clear the emotional debris that surface by the loving of who we are, embracing every defect of character with the love that it has been asking for. As we do so, either path serves for our desire to manifest the one coming forth in us, that we have seen glimpses of, our future self that is master of all destiny.

So let us grant space for the time asked for, spending each moment with our most fulfilling reality where we are, embracing our truths, loving our heart, moving as we are ready in the coming year. And as each choice presents itself, may we remind ourselves that we are here on this pilgrimage not for the choices, but for the journey, that we may live fully well where we are. As all masters do, we came here knowing we agreed to the uncertainty, that there would be pain at times, and that even so we would experience all things necessary for our wellbeing.

May we be blessed, may we be healed, and may all that we desire come forth, as we are ready, loving the heart in tenderness through a that we feel, one breath, one beat, one moment at a time.