For those that may be struggling today, a reminder from the soul:

Instead of looking at emotions as something to shift, feel them as a part of who you truly are in energy. So when something arises emotionally, it is asking to be experienced as a part of the integration process, which leads to the shift vibrationally you are looking for. Self-love practices like holding the heart while abiding with feelings will help. An example might be when a repeating pattern arises, an energy or emotion is triggered in you, instead of trying to release it (remember its a part of you), place your hand upon the heart, and speak to the heart saying, “even though I am feeling ________, I want you to know I will not abandon or reject you while I am feeling _________, I am here for you, and am choosing to abide with this energy as it is asking for attention, resolve and love by me as no one else can.”
By establishing love practices that allow us to integrate what we feel, the energy itself becomes a transformative agent in that it is being heard, acknowledged, and loved, which is the root issue in any shift we desire to fulfill. Whether for resolve in healing, or exploration of something new, possibly just simply to express who we are from a deeper level, each experience we have is purposeful in nature— which also opens our humanity to the abundance of the universe manifestationally. Once we learn we are not a victim of circumstances, but that circumstances have meaning, we can work with the universe in wisdom for fulfillment.
Make sense?

“Resolving the unresolved”

“Resolving the unresolved”

By James Anthony Curtis

One of the most difficult life paths is living with and allowing emotional debris to surface as they will for resolution.

Events, people, places and things will purposefully trigger the cellular memories, that are in need of being felt for our wellbeing.

The body works in conjunction with the universe, providing clearing of debris, for the loving of dark places within us to be embraced. As we allow ourselves to abide in what is felt, holding the heart in surrender, we proceed with loving gentleness, allowing those emotions that arise to be felt, and we love ourselves in a way that no one else can.

Walking through this process of healing, we gain clarity, peace, and security into the depths of our being. We become deeply rooted in the love that we already are, and develop the relationship with the universe or our greater selves, that we have always desired.

Our faith becomes unshakable, as we learn new ways of processing information arising, and we are no longer trapped by a paradigm where we saw ourselves as a victim of circumstances. In this shift, we fully begin to cooperate and coordinate on a level with universal reflections that open us to an ever deepening relationship with life.

Ascension is achieved through the loving of those dark places surfacing to be seen, acknowledged, held in the warmth of love.

May we embrace all that surfaces for our humanity to feel, all while holding the heart with our tender love, reassuring we will not abandon.

May we meet the ones knocking at our door, coming to be heard from the shadows of our life, that we may be healed, revealing those parts in need.

May we acknowledge the one coming forth, the one we have been waiting for, as we are freed to live in the innocence of who we already are, for the benefit of all beings.

“Resolving the unresolved”

“Resolving the unresolved”

By James Anthony Curtis

One of the many ways emotional debris surface is through our dreams.

Unresolved matters which are trying to be released will often be remembered with strong waves of emotion upon waking.

We may be tempted to dismiss, putting these feelings aside, saying, “it was only a dream..” but in doing so the heart might feel abandoned, and we miss an opportunity to give attention to some part of ourselves asking for love.

Often the subconscious constructs what we bury consciously, whether purposefully or without intention, creating what is necessary for our innocence to embrace what we may be unaware of in need.

Dreams can be powerful constructs bringing forth those places that we are not capable of, or unwilling to acknowledge consciously.

As we wake, sharing with a close support, or journaling, and allowing ourselves to be with our feelings, will help to manifest healing through the simple acknowledgment of what we feel.

This also brings the heart a feeling of comfort and safety in that it has not been abandoned, even though what we may feel can be painfully uncomfortable, tumultuous and hard to walk through.

So we allow. Placing the hand on the heart, saying, “I will not abandon you, even though this feels uncomfortable or painful to feel. You are loved, and the only reason this is surfacing is for my heart to receive resolution.”

May we give ourselves the love we have been asking for, showing attention to those parts that are asking for healing and resolution.

May we feel all that surfaces for our healing, as emotional debris arise for our feeling.

May we come to know the one who has been watching over us, that we have been waiting for, that is with us in our feeling, revealing all that we need to emerge, as our true divine nature, the love that we already are.

And so it is.