For those that may be struggling today, a reminder from the soul:

Instead of looking at emotions as something to shift, feel them as a part of who you truly are in energy. So when something arises emotionally, it is asking to be experienced as a part of the integration process, which leads to the shift vibrationally you are looking for. Self-love practices like holding the heart while abiding with feelings will help. An example might be when a repeating pattern arises, an energy or emotion is triggered in you, instead of trying to release it (remember its a part of you), place your hand upon the heart, and speak to the heart saying, “even though I am feeling ________, I want you to know I will not abandon or reject you while I am feeling _________, I am here for you, and am choosing to abide with this energy as it is asking for attention, resolve and love by me as no one else can.”
By establishing love practices that allow us to integrate what we feel, the energy itself becomes a transformative agent in that it is being heard, acknowledged, and loved, which is the root issue in any shift we desire to fulfill. Whether for resolve in healing, or exploration of something new, possibly just simply to express who we are from a deeper level, each experience we have is purposeful in nature— which also opens our humanity to the abundance of the universe manifestationally. Once we learn we are not a victim of circumstances, but that circumstances have meaning, we can work with the universe in wisdom for fulfillment.
Make sense?

“Listening to our triggers”

“Listening to our triggers”

By James Anthony Curtis

When we are triggered strongly in our beliefs, it is our habitual patterns arising, which may have little or everything to do with the circumstances we find ourselves in.

Judgement coupled with obsession, and the compulsion we feel in our flesh, can produce the same cycles again and again in our reality, as we seek answers unaware of the questions we truly are asking.

It becomes easy to find ourselves trapped in the darkness of “right and wrong,” leaving little room for expansion in our point of view.

Until we can effectively communicate within a common ground, providing a safe place to hear the truths that are arising within us, struggle, frustration, and inadequacy, nest our incubation as we await universal timing in loves movement.

The shift we are desirous of is building, with each abiding in strong energy, all that we feel, brings surrender closer as living compassion kneads our heart through every experience.

Exploration becomes our watchword, and in each ache of the heart, we tenderly move inward to the relief coming as we walk into the depths of our desires.

We move as we are moved, breathing deeply into the inner chambers, allowing the love we have longed for to touch us in our pain.

As we are challenged, we submerge, embracing our covering, and even though it may seem that we are drowning, we hold the heart continuously with every breath in all that we feel.

Soon, very soon, we find ourselves standing on the precipice, looking out over, seeing beyond to afar beauty, all the land lush in life and color, beckoning our flight to the currents that have been pleading to hold us up upon their acknowledgment.

We realize the choice laid before us, is only the one granted as we fulfill our wings, and in innocence we know, no other thing shall fill us, until we are complete.

May we be blessed, fulfilled, loved as we desire, listening to those parts in need.

May it be so, so it is.?