“Christmas Manatees at Blue Springs State Park, Florida”

Christmas Manatees at Blue Springs State Park, Florida

By James Anthony Curtis

Although travel may not be necessary as part of the evolutionary process, it is indeed an integral part of consciousness awakening, and referenced frequently in most spiritual disciplines as a practice of pilgrimage. There is an inherent quality of mysticism from travel, which is often referred to by those that experience it as ‘road magic,’ or an ‘alignment’ of events that clearly present a coordination for our benefit in their meaning. Manifestation comes to action in these events as the soul vibrationally summons whatever is needed, not only for our healing, but for our developing consciousness, and those places within us that desire to explore or express themselves. And paradoxically, that which we desire to manifest requires surrender, deep listening, and allowing energies that come forth to be acknowledged along the way.

One of the most beautiful indications of manifestation is the sacred places we find ourselves in through this process of surrender. When setting out this last fall we had no destination in mind (other than warmer climates to winter over in), and trusted the universe to guide us wherever we might go in the flow of circumstances that proceeded. And as ascension occurs intuition becomes more prevalent, where it is not uncommon to receive glimpses of future timelines: places we may find ourselves visiting, people we will meet, or circumstances that may unfold. Although we had some gleanings of what was being manifested (seeing ourselves in Florida, meeting friends, and visiting the winter home of manatees), universal arrangement was so dense in its appearance it would have been impossible for us to arrange events as perfectly as they manifested: our friends were staying in a state park before heading out west for three days, and we just happened to book the only open sites in the park for those three days; the park was also one of the major places for manatees which we had not previously known; we spent Christmas surrounded in loving circumstances, with the company of ‘manatees,’ some of the most peaceful creatures we have ever encountered.

Throughout human history those who have found the path have continually pointed us to it, “that the kingdom of heaven is within us, that which we seek seeks us, and if we can believe all things are possible.” And wherever we may be at in our journey, what we believe is not so nearly as important as the love we offer, which is the anchor in any storm of doubt that we may experience in our process. So as we explore the ‘heart road,’ meeting other pilgrims along the way, what we find will find us in revelation, ‘that there is a tangible substance in love, where the currency of faith is utilized in benefit of all beings.’

Today may we acknowledge the sacred places, ever deepening our surrender, meeting old and new friends in the holding of the heart, giving thanks, and share with others what heaven looks like as we walk the ‘heart road.’ May this day unfold as it was deeply designed perfectly by you, for the most fulfilling reality to come forth, in all the love that it is, for the wellbeing of all.

May it be so, so it is.