“Sirius Rising”

“Sirius Rising”

By James Anthony Curtis

Some heats, burn like no others, searing away all reasoning of the rational mind, leaving us with a purging so deep, that we wander in complete despair. We feel like the ones left behind, with little life or emotion, sitting vaguely apart, observing our chest as it draws the next breath. In each moment our waves ripple out in humanity, even though it might feel unapparent, as we seek some resolution for the ache within us.

So we wait.

We wait for the one coming forth, to reveal as we are ready, those truths to be seen, that we feel so much in our connection with others, as struggle works in its movement to uncover what we have hidden in the deep.

If we weep, we let ourselves weep, realizing the tears are a necessary part of each purification, that innocence may warm to our expanse, swelling the heart, in preparation for the larger space that is coming. And though we may be afraid, we also recognize fear as one of our allies, inviting ourselves openly into the darkness of each desire.

With every twist and turn of our uneasiness, we embrace our larger self, breathing into every knock upon the door, as images are burned away by those very things we grasp at, our former selves slipping from view.

Death is not an end, but a fulfillment of life, soul contracts, even in tragic circumstances.

We are infinite in being, our earth incarnations temporary journeys, and though we may miss the ones that have left before us, grieving hard each loss, with each passing we realize the gifts bestowed upon us, the preciousness of life, its fleeting nature, the love we have come to experience here.

So we feel, allowing ourselves to hold the heart as no one else can, abiding with all that arises for our wellbeing.

We love, collapsing into our humanity, thanking the one that we are, for all that is revealed in us.

And we bless, in every opportunity presented, those coming, going, and that walk with us awhile, amidst all that we feel, knowing that in our larger life, we shall see as love sees, the beauty in all things.

May it be so, so it is.?

“Witches, dangles, ancestors and love”

“Witches, dangles, ancestors and love”

By James Anthony Curtis

So our latest adventure has brought us to “Brushwood Folklore Center,” for two weeks of pagan festival filled with ritual, connection, and teachings of love. The freedom experienced here in self-exploration, expression, and ancient wisdom, does require a certain amount of ‘openness,’ that you might not readily find in common spiritual paths of healing.

Walking the grounds visiting carefully constructed shrines, attending involved workshops on various topics in pagan practices, creativity, and lore, we find ourselves deeply involved in rich opportunities for further self-realization.

Many of our neighbors frequently walk the grounds enjoying the option of wearing only their bare skin, smiles, and body parts dangling freely as they move. Although I’m unaccustomed to this lifestyle, its easy to find yourself quickly adjusting to the possibility of sharing showers, eating meals, and a good conversation about whatever may pop up ? in the safety of this community.

Each day brings a revelation of peaceful coexistence with body, mind and spirit, in surprisingly humorous ways, like this mornings class on healing through ritual love, when our instructor asked if this retreat was still clothing optional upon showing up for her class, then proceeded to strip down to nothing while teaching.

Passing conversations range from “I have a tail, but I haven’t seen my rubber chains in awhile,” to “make sure you put sun tan lotion under those, or your nipples will look like purple headlights!”

And while the weirdness of it all sinks into you’re awareness, a strange feeling proceeds to inform you that consciousness actually blocks a large part of our ‘knowing.’

So we learn, more about ourselves daily, each other, the earth, and our humanity.

Nightly bonfires are accompanied by music, stories, and conversations, eventually drowned by the tribal drumming that reminds us of our rich journey over thousands of lifetimes, to this present cycle in reclaiming our heritage.

Brushwood has given us something, an old dimension to the awakening that seeks to be acknowledged in all of us, the freedom we wish to express, to be ourselves, stand in our truth, and speak in love for the fulfillment of parts coming forth to be heard.

May we love, with all the ferocity of the old gods, dance to the fires within us, and live what we have come to live.

May it be so, so it is.

“Gentle Reminders”

“Gentle Reminders”

By James Anthony Curtis

After a few days hard work on volunteer set-up crew for the Blue Heron Festival, I decided to buy a hammock on a local trip into town, and remind myself why I Am choosing this life.

Sometimes when observing the society we live in, feeling into the pain of so many souls, I begin to tell myself sad stories of our enslavement, those places where in the past there came no relief, and each day was a trudged nightmare of sleep; but then I remember the truth of my own loss, the pain that led me to this freedom, the loving abundance, wisdom, and awakening, that revealed a space for the heart which previously had been ignored.

We might doubt our conditions, looking for some answer in the chaos of our circumstances, a ‘way out’ so to speak, from the difficult waters that we find ourselves in, but these very circumstances are of our making, those parts we have called forth to produce the fruit of our salvation.

With each wave of energy, in every emotion, the keys are laid before us disguised as dark gifts upon us in our emerging. We may resist our blessings, even rail against them in their various forms, but when we are ready, as we feel into the light of their burning, we begin to explore what is being purged for our wellbeing.

Just as the field is destroyed by the farmers plow, the ground broken, turned up to make room for the precious seed, so too, we must cycle in our life path, to those seasons of our planting, from which the host of our earth comes forth in due time.

We may feel rejection, unworthiness, loneliness, deep sadness at the loss of our former life, but in all of our circumstances we find a force gently guiding each performance, as the stage is set for the next scene, scripted in deeper revealing.

We are coming forth, honoring those parts, giving attention to the cries of our humanity, that have longed to heard as we slept in the darkness of our derision. As we feel, we heal, giving the necessary space we have long desired for our expansion.

If we are in pain, we acknowledge what is asking to be held, seen, for our heart to feel safe in our evolution, as we begin to understand that pain is only an indication of our highest destiny unfolding.

May we grant ourselves time with the one who has been asking for our attention, that we may come forth in our light, shining as we have never loved before, for the expansion of our heart, that we may know the one we have been waiting for, that we already are, for the benefit of all beings.

May it be so, so it is.