“The warmth of alone”

“The warmth of alone”

By James Anthony Curtis

Every basic need comes from a place of emptiness, a wanton urge to be fulfilled, and if not addressed will manifest demons for our initiation.

Learning to be with ourselves, the pain of our desires, can be agonizing, even in the most loving of practices, as we abide with the feelings of our emptiness.

As we stand in our truths, yielding to lives holding in not abandoning ourselves, we come to realize the feelings that are arising are only there as unmet allies, parts that have longed to be reunited with us.

Through each sadness, every ache, and in the most difficult of moments, as we allow ourselves to fully embrace the heart, the one we have been waiting for comes forth, the love that we already are.

Aloneness no longer plagues us, but becomes a familiar friend, seeking only to restore, heal, and revive our countenance, as allow love to freely flow washing over all obstacles of darkness.

The objective is not to relieve the pain, or to light the dark, but to be with our enemies as love.

We invite ourselves to be with ourselves, going inward to the chambers of our innermost self, sitting honestly with all that we feel in loving compassion.

The “warmth of alone” is only the first step, into a much larger room, where the pure potential of our divine expression may come forward, as we spiritually evolve in our dimensional being.

When we are ready, we grant passage for the feelings that are arising, receiving our attention to those parts in need.

We deepen our connection with ourselves, simply by acknowledging the truths that surface, setting aside our judgements and opinions about them.

We love, as we have never loved before, breathing in all of us, however we may feel, for the benefit of all beings.

May it be so, so it is.