“That which we have come to love”

“That which we have come to love”

By James Anthony Curtis

In Cook Forest this weekend amongst the “tall standing people.” Always a pleasure to come back to this sacred place where so many life altering circumstances have unfolded.

The forecast as per usual with the spring weather never ceases to amaze, as it shifts with the local feel of the ripple reflected in those that gather here.

With each determination, twist in personal adventures to arrive, every heart comes to find an energetic blessing in their travels.

A pilgrimage of sorts, not unlike a rite of passage once experienced by our ancestors, of necessity to unlock the inner chambers we all must eventually embrace.

The most precious moments are those that lay hidden in the rough, the ones we more commonly might pass by, in day to day living as we walk on.

Within each breath though, the groundwork of our healing comes forth as predestined, most out of the intimate comfort nature provides, as we allow our emotions to proceed as needed.

What comes forth is our desire, the hidden truths that have journeyed with us in creation, making manifest our reality we sought to experience.

Those parts that we deem “negative, unworthy,” and “unfit” for our being, are precisely that which we came to love.

May we hear the ancient ones calling to us, the “tall standing” people of our nature, deeply rooted in the love we have been waiting for, that we already are, in benefit to all beings.

May we answer the call when ready, receiving the blessings of our inheritance, as children of the great “I Am.”

May we love, as we have never loved before, all that we have come to love, that we may be fulfilled, in our path as healers of humanity, and beyond.

May it be so, so it is.