“Stillness in the Waves”

“Stillness in the Waves”

By James Anthony Curtis

Emotional turbulence can provide fertile ground for our attention to be drawn inward to the places in need. As we allow space for the times when we are confused, grasping, and trying to bring forth some resolution to the upheaval we feel, we will ground as we are mindful of the feelings rather than the thoughts.

Giving ourselves the room we desire coming forth in our strong emotions, the strong emotions themselves become our vehicle for transformation. With each sensation, every wave we feel, as we hold the heart with loving compassion our energy field clears, shifts, and emerges in clarity. Even though some circumstances trigger distress, the distress itself becomes our healing conduit for love to give the attention it is asking for.

Our emotions reveal a great deal of information about our vibrational field, those strings of energy, habitual patterns, that linger under the surface of all that we do and say.

Learning to abide lovingly with those “waves in stillness,” provides our body the opportunity to experience the healing space needed to clear the stored vibrational patterns in our cells. As we move deeper into the underlayment of our energies, by listening deeply to the emotions that are arising to be felt, we begin to realize previously undiscovered parts of our being coming forth to be expressed.

We may not understand our circumstances, why they have arisen, what exactly our needs are, but holding the heart as we experience the energies that surface is the most important action we can give when the waves of emotion increase in intensity.

With each moment comes a blend in opportunity to emerge ourselves into our experiences. Our gain comes through the self-realization of all that is happening is happening for the sake of love, even in the most erroneous of circumstances.

May we be blessed, may we be beautiful in our sufferings, may we be brave in all that we have come to heal.

May it be so, so it is.?