“Opportunities abound”

“Opportunities abound”

By James Anthoy Curtis

With every day comes a myriad of challenges to our nervous system. Some pleasant, others difficult, either might easily overwhelm our sense of wellbeing.

As we learn over time, our earthen vessels require certain things that will help us thrive in our journey here.

Some vessels require specific foods, amounts, others deep rest, everything from the way we sit, our activities, all with a mix of vibration in a body perfectly designed for this timeline.

Learning of our needs comes through listening, as sensations arise for our feeling.

To often it’s easy to be carried away by our mind, involved in the day, ignoring feelings that surface for what we believe are our responsibilities of life, and in doing so we place ourselves on a waiting list to be heard.

While our earthly jobs, relationships, home, and car maintenance, may be apart of our pilgrimage here, they are all ‘parts’ to our larger responsibility to ourselves, giving way to the one desiring to be loved, heard, witnessed, held by ourselves as no one else can.

With each encounter, in each new day, “opportunities abound” for us to be with all that arises; each feeling, every sensation, are both guideposts and measured ripples, come forth for our expression of divinity to fellowship with.

As we practice allowing ourselves to be with what we feel, with loving kindness lit in our hearts, we begin to view difficult circumstances as friends, teachers, companions, and potential, for all that we desire to come forth in manifesting.

So we embrace our current when ready, giving ourselves over to universal self, relying, leaning heavily on love with all that burdens us.

We thank the light of the universe, for all that it reveals, trusting in divine nature, as our eternal course flows where it wills.

May we breath easy, knowing it will all work out, even in the most difficult of circumstances, we are being set free, loved, held up by creation, as life unfolds for our highest destiny in its revealing.

May it be so, so it is.