“May you be healed”

“May you be healed”

By James Anthony Curtis

I acknowledge your pain, the frustration, ache and deep feelings arising within you.

Much of what we feel tells us a great deal of information about ourselves, but unfortunately many of us have been lost not for a lack of trying, but it wasn’t time for us to receive what we already know.

The body, our emotions, and the “reflections” that come to us, arise from within us, are very accurate, perfect for what we need in our journey.

Sometimes we need twenty years to receive certain blessings, healings, insights about ourselves, that long to be heard, the challenge is always when we are “ready,” to love those deep places, give them the attention they need to reveal parts that have come forward to be acknowledged.

Whenever someone, something, anything, somehow plagues us in what we feel, it is a manifestation for deeper truths surfacing from within us to be seen and felt.

The key is always the heart, going into those feelings while maintaining love for the heart as we do. Our mind will do its best to try to figure things out, if so, let it be so until exhausted, then feel, all while holding the heart in love.

This process can be incredibly painful, because much of what surfaces are emotional debris attempting to be cleared in order that we may be healed.

Many times the person or event that triggered them was simply the trigger, and we will focus so much on the messenger as the cause, we will miss the healing coming forth to be felt.

We are beautiful creations, light bearers, anchors of peace, as we learn what and who we are, and how to embrace the love incarnate in earthen vessels.

We have come to heal, express, and move the waters of humanity, and some of our greatest gifts are sealed in very dark, painful jars.

As we learn to open the seals, abide with the pain, be with our afflictions, all while holding the heart in love, we come to know the one we have been waiting for, the love we already are, coming forth to benefit all beings.

May you be blessed, may it be so, so it is.