“High places in low altitudes”

“High places in low altitudes”

By James Anthony Curtis

It’s those places we allow ourselves to feel, deep in the crags of earths depressions, that bring forth the most substantial awakenings.

They come to us at the most auspicious of moments, wearing the garments of difficult circumstances, as messengers in foray to our benefit, though we feel painful resistance.

Just as the surgeon meticulously makes his incision, so to the demons of our enlightenment are sent with precision.

And when we open our heart to receive all that has been arranged, we are granted passage into our truth, those places from the past arising to meet our present loving kindness.

As we love, so we are loved.

Deep in our reflections we come to know the one we have been waiting for, that we already are, as universal forces move to resolve obstructions with wrathful compassion.

When we are ready, our God Head steps forward, to reveal all that we have desired for living.

We embrace as much as we are willing to give, abiding with each step in fulfillment of our office.

In the darkness of each gorge, we find sacred waterfalls of our peace; patiently worn surfaces revealing life’s most precious treasures, eternal in our healing.

May we welcome our blessings when ready, receiving all that we have longed for, granting space for relief in our most painful losses.

May we hold our hearts humbly, as compassion pleads for our innocence to come forth, that we may follow our bliss home.

May the one we have been waiting for be welcomed, as strained eyes rest in our surrender, loved, held in the arms of our arrangement, for the benefit of all beings.

May it be so, so it is.