“Feeling into differences”

“Feeling into differences”

By James Anthony Curtis

Isn’t it interesting how some things trigger us, the “differences” as we perceive them, what they draw up for us, and how they affect our relationships?

A common practice is to listen to the vibration underneath the words, what we feel is being triggered within us, coming forth in our emotions.

The universe has a way of “reflecting” frequently what we need for our journey, even in the most difficult of feelings, those parts that surface are only surfacing for wellbeing to come forth. It may appear as agitation, insecurities, anxiety, longing, whatever arises are those places asking for attention.

The illusion is to get so caught up in outer circumstances, that we forget we have asked for things to unfold through our existing vibration. Which begs the question, “how do I shift my existing vibration to garner experiences more to my liking?

The bigger “me,” or “us,” “universal self” always knows the deeper truth to this, the one in which life here incarnated is really a blink of an eye, that the desires we really want to manifest are eternal “shifts,” much deeper than fleeting pleasures.

So those events that unfold, are really here to bring us closer to the parts of self previously in the dark, ignored, or “shunned,” to love those parts in need, that are longing to be held.

As we become aware, it’s like living a multidimensional life, one that is eternal, another three dimensional, and still others both singular and plural in being.

The gift in all of this has been a connection, realization, that on a three dimensional level often goes unacknowledged,
because most of us are unaware of the other dimensions that coexist, which ends up leaving a person feeling “alone,” though the deeper truth is far greater, more loving, and beautiful than we could possibly imagine.

May we embrace the differences for what they reveal, those parts in need of love, attention, and deep healing.

When we are ready, may we come to know the one we have been waiting for, the love we already are, in benefit to all beings.

May it be so, so it is.