“Enemy ‘Mine“

“Enemy ‘Mine“

By James Anthony Curtis

Some truths are so difficult to be with, we must go to great lengths before we may be willing to see them, acknowledging the various parts as they arise from the darkness.

We may provoke our enemy, feeling the confrontation within us, acting out in various forms as we seek resolution to the agitation we feel.

If we attempt to deny, ignore, or kill the demons that plague us, they only steep further, making their brew stronger, awaiting for perfection to bring forth each revealing in time.

Every life path becomes a potential short fall, as the “enemy ‘mine'” stalks us, seemingly goading us to retribution, for our lack of attention.

From an early age the demons are fed, growing stronger with our wanting, seething, as life presents her precious treasures before our feet.

“Grasping,” becomes our universe, pain it’s watchword, as we struggle for some ground to hold firm in, to live in peaceful contentment.

At our end, we may come to our rest, which is the finality of our truth, the healing we have long awaited for, in the realization of all that we ever wanted, which is ourselves, through the embracing of our enemy in being.

So we abide, as we become aware, that the one that arises in our difficult emotions, is here to help us, revealing hard truths, with every opportunity we acknowledge in circumstances.

‘Mine’ is apart of our process, of coming forth, claiming our inheritance, as we ascend in each unfolding.

The child, the lonely one, wanting nothing more than to be held, loved, given shelter in a storm of impermanence.

May we embrace our grasping, feeling into each part, abiding with love, holding the heart, giving space for the one asking as no one else can, healing, for the benefit of all beings.

May it be so, so it is.?