“Devastate me completely”

“Devastate me completely”

By James Anthony Curtis

So few of us are ready when our demons come, those masters of destruction, dark laid in fears that have nestled closely in the inner recesses of our soul.

In hindsight we admit that they were viewed from afar, locked up deep within our psyche, projecting momentary glimpses of potential realities yet to manifest.

And when our doom arrives, we fight as best we can to escape the inescapable, as we are thrust into our worst nightmares of conclusion.

But this is not the end, as we are embraced by our fears, going deeper into the depths of our pain, we are wrenched like some worn rag until we have exhausted all effort.

Sitting there in existence, when we have reached the pinnacle of our devastation, there is a tipping point, a sacred clarity that only comes when we are ready, open to receive our healing in the blessings of the abyss.

Though our foes seem many, and the path narrows, we garner strength in unexpected places, those parts that have come to be acknowledged in the wake of our loss.

If we go into our ache, the broken places of the heart, we will find once lost love, emotional debris surfacing to be felt, held closely, and seen, amidst the chaos of our dream.

We stay in the body, allowing each sensation to wash over us, every desire to release unfelt feelings, as we come forth from our long journey.

If we are to heal completely, we must set aside all judgements and opinions of outer circumstances, and fully breath in the feelings that surface, while holding the heart in loving compassion.

We go beyond the events that triggered our pain, into the depths of eternal tears, vibrations, and life paths, into the truths of our inner most being.

We feel to heal, while saying to the heart, “I will not abandon you, in all that I feel, i will not turn away, though I am in great pain, I allow all that arises, for healing and relief, by doing this, I am not alone.”

Be blessed in healing, be blessed in the love that you already are, be blessed in the one coming forth that you are abiding with.

May it be so, so it is.