“Cry little one, cry”


“Cry little one, cry”

By James Anthony Curtis

“It very much seems like a very large opening, but when you arrive, you find it to be to small to pass through…” said Neeker.

“But how is that we are allowed to perceive such a grand thing, yet, we are not allowed through?” asked Tumble.

“Oh its not that we aren’t allowed through, we can only approach it when ready. Its sort of like ‘seeing’ in the first place,’ said Neeker, “you are just there, and this thing comes along, you see it, and then it happens!”

“What happens!?”



“Well, maybe it doesn’t exactly sound like that” said Neeker, “but it does very much feel like that, at least to me.”


“Don’t try so hard to understand, just feel” said Neeker, “these are very different times, and its much harder using words to share. The place we came from was very brilliant, and there was little in the way between folks, truth was embraced, everything very transparent, revealing much of all energy.”

“Things seem so dark here, confusing to me,” Tumble said, “and I hurt frequently when I open, like thousands of tiny things poking my insides.”

“That’s just your light,” said Neeker, “its coming through allowing you to see. Seeing is always the hard part because we try to understand what we see.”

“I feel like crying frequently’ said Tumble.

“Then cry little one, cry. Be with that part of you that aches for love, that only misses who you are, and desires to feel, coming forth to be acknowledged.”

“What happens to the pain as I feel?” said Tumble.

“The pain is only an indication of your revealing, once you realize who you are, you have fulfilled all desire, and there is no need crying out” said Neeker.

“No more tears?” said Tumble.

“There will always be new desires,” said Neeker, “but as we grow we learn to be fulfilled in who we are, rather than grasping at ourselves outside of heaven.”

“I feel better,” said Tumble.

“Truth does that,” said Neeker, “sometimes it hurts at first, but then we can breath a little easier after.”