By James Anthony Curtis

Often a mantra I share with others and myself is, “there are no wrong choices.”

That said, some days I give an incredible amount of space to what choices I’m making.

Yesterday I had made a choice at work and rounding the corner this sign struck me with ease in my heart.

Almost as if to say, “your on the path, we’ve got you.”

So where exactly does “no wrong choices” come into the picture?


Not the comfort of “no wrong choices,” but the comfort we seek in making choices to feel better.

Even writing the words this morning, I struggle with my choices today because I know many are based in the simple choice of comfort, feeling better.

What feels good.

This goes against everything in my practice, the wholeness of my wellbeing.

While some choices may be more appealing to others, there is a middle way. One in which it’s not about feeling bad, or good, but simply about living out the part, allowing ourselves to embrace the necessary things that arise for our deeper healing.

Reflecting on walking around the corner yesterday, viewing this sign, it wasn’t about the “choice,” it was about allowing the path laid down before me. You might say that’s a choice, and while my logical side would tend to agree, the difference is in destiny, intuition, precognition, flow.

There are certain experiences I’ve come here to have, to abide in, to embrace, it’s not about cause and effect, but more about feeling, embracing, being who I already am in these experiences.

Allowing the divine self to fully engage in this body, for the most fulfilling reality to come forth, whether it feels good or bad.

As we become more aware of our innocence coming forth, holding our heart in the safety of love, the heart expands allowing the divine to become more embodied in our experience.

Today may we allow, allow ourselves the steps laid down before our feet, feeling the safety in walking ourselves home with love.

May we embrace our experience to the fullest, allowing our full potential to come forth, feeling all that we feel for the expression of the divine that we are.

And may we love, in all that we feel, remembering that we came here to express, to be who we are, as we are, for the benefit of all beings, allowing life to unfold, as life unfolds, all for love.

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  1. Thank you so much James. This is one of my favourite posts. I really just related to this, I relate to a lot of your writings, just really enjoyed this one.
    Much gratitude, respect and love

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