“Difficult Decisions”

“Difficult Decisions”

By James Anthony Curtis

Some of the most difficult decisions in our life can be focused so outwardly, that it’s hard to see the ground beneath our feet, where we stand in this moment.

We may feel uncomfortable, experiencing deep ache, moanful longings, with night bringing far away places into our dreams, as desires emerge to tell us of the many secrets within the heart.

Soon enough, foggy mornings return us back to this body, and in awakening awareness, we contemplate the many wonders of imagination that have stirred our emotions.

So we listen, allowing ourselves to abide in the strong energies, holding our heart, as we observe the many choices that come to and fro in our mind, taunting us at the multitude of paths that lay before us, while we flounder in the dross of our seeming stagnation.

The seasons shift, and the wind blows, whispering, “…receive the key, to live as you truly desire…”

Even in the recesses of the mire, somewhere deep within us, that part calls to us, asking to step forward, peering over high walls, to the outer circumstances that beset us, waiting for the perfect timing of a painful birth. And as today unfolds, we ask ourselves if we are ready, if our heart has been loved, if we realize there really are no wrong choices, as reflection reaches out her hand of providence to present us ever opening desires.

“Has this come for me? Am I aware?”

For it is in these uncertain places that we shall find our most stable footing – in the darkness, that we shall truly come to know our light, as we explore where we feel lost, alone, and unsure.

E Ma Ho!

‘Healings, Soulmates, and Abundance’

‘Healings, Soulmates, and Abundance’

By James Anthony Curtis

Three of the most common questions we have in the human experience are:

1) “I’m in such deep physical, emotional, or mental pain, what can I do for relief or healing?”
2) “When, or how will I find my soulmate?”
3) “How do I create, or attract abundance, what must I do?”

Though it might not seem like it, these are all very similar in nature. But first, I want to allow space for us, before we go into this, I want to say Ive read your posts, acknowledged your pain, even cried with you as I granted passage for your words to move into my heart, and felt each ache as it were my own, in relation with the life paths and struggles Ive embraced.

Pain in any form, is difficult to work with, but I ask that we open to the possibility of pain as energy, nothing more, nothing less, but an indication of our higher self moving forward in us, bringing awareness to those places in need that are asking for our attention.

Whether we feel loneliness, physical pain in the form of a condition or disease, ‘lack’ in the vision of what we desire, all forms of suffering are to be acknowledged, given space for their voice, and seen as they present themselves in truth.

Truth, is merely light shining upon that which is calling out to be expressed, or heard, felt, and seen. It has nothing to do with right or wrong, good or bad, and reveals only as a liberator to potentiality, never as a weapon forged through our circumstances.

Both pain and truth are friends, allies to us, though at times they may appear as destroyers of our dreams, uprooting our plans, even losing that which we hold most dear. Though we may not understand, and most likely will try our best to figure out, resolve, and unravel the pain, the truths we are attempting to ‘fix,’will often leave us with more questions than answers. In old script, this may have been referred to as, “…the very hairs of your head are all numbered.,” and in more modern terms, “the universe knows us better than we know ourselves.” The old school of thought on this was, “take it on faith, it will all work out,”but the new light emerging (which does not conflict with the old, but rather goes deeper into our being) is, “feel, embrace, use the body as a vessel in all sense experience, to explore the depths arising for our benefit.”

So as we go into these realms of darkness, that appear as our plagues, nightmares, and demons on our behalf, we ask, “how are these questions, desires we have, similar in nature?”

The one common thread within every question is ‘ourselves,’ how we vibrate, what we are willing to feel, what depths are arising within us as we have each sense experience. From before our birth, we have accumulated a contrast of these things we deem as pleasurable, and those that challenge us in suffering. Whether we feel the deep ache in our wanting of a ‘soulmate,’ or desire to be healed of a condition, possibly seeking relief in a particular disease, or wish for abundance in life, all of these start with the acknowledgment of our pain, and the truths welling up within us. Every question stated above has the desire of ‘fulfillment’ in its asking, love only for the crying out of the one listening.

So we begin with ourselves, observing, listening, feeling those parts that provoke the questions we ask, while holding the heart in each breath of our asking.
We honor the one coming forth, however they may appear, granting passage through the doorways of our heart, being with ourselves as no one else can.

The healing we have longed for, has longed to heal our heart.

The soulmate we have been asking for, has been asking for us.

The abundance we have greatly desired, has been waiting for us to receive its wealth.

As we acknowledge, so we are acknowledged.

With the love that we meet, we are met, and further than we can imagine.

We manifest what we need, even though we rebel against our manifestations, they still work for us, drawing us deeper into our roots.

We start where we are at, knowing relief is coming, even if we are unaware of its coming.

We feel.

Blessings for the journey, knowing the one you have wanted for, is coming, the healing is near, all that you desire is being fulfilled as you already are, for the benefit in all beings.

May it be so, so it is.

“Does everything have a reason or purpose?”

“Does everything have a reason or purpose?”

By James Anthony Curtis

I acknowledge your pain, and understand the frustration with seeking answers.

‘Reason’ might be to strong of a word for what I believe you are seeking.

But yes, everything that happens affects our energetic field whether we are aware of it or not.

Much like a ripple in a pond, the closer we are to the circumstance, the more intense it feels.

As far as cause and effect, the higher we are in ‘dimensional awareness,’ the more we will experience our interconnection with everything. From the birds outside the window, to the garbage trucks timing, everything is a part of our experience and life path.

Understanding manifestation is difficult, because it’s meant to be.

The parts of us that are in deep struggle are ‘mirrored’ by the universe to help us emerge dimensionally when ready, not before.

So each feeling, thought, life circumstance that we are going through, might feel very much purposeful, or not, depending on where we are at in journey, and what greater ‘self’ desires to reveal as a reflection of what we truly desire to manifest while here.

So in answer to your question, when each of us is ready, we begin to go below the surface, into the depths of what is triggered in us, into often very hard truths, and as we begin to acknowledge, we see that everything has been for our help.

Every break up, loss, and horrific circumstance, has allowed us to feel into the darkness, those parts, that have been asking to be seen, held, heard, and loved.

And as we love, giving attention where it is asking to be received, feeling what needs to be felt, our heart recognizes the love we are offering, feels safe, and opens in response, allowing for us to expand.

As expansion occurs, we realize more of our infinite ‘self,’ the one that we have been waiting for, the love that we are, and coming forth manifests all that we have desired.

Our ‘struggles,’ become our greatest allies, in welcoming the deepest desires of our heart.

‘Loss,’ was only necessary to make room for what we have longed to believe, space for a much larger view of ‘possible,’ to enter into our vibration.

Many blessings for our journey, much love, gratitude and warmth for the beautiful light, that we most assuredly, already are.

“Many waters”

“Many waters”

By James Anthony Curtis

Water: the life giving, flowing force of nature, providing both nurturing qualities and destructive force, in pressure or ease, magnifying or distorting, as we view our circumstances.

With each rising we float, swim, or sink with our condition, driven by our own ‘waters,’ flowing through the current of our being.

As we awaken, what we experience as difficult, erroneous, or overwhelming, are only those parts of our process coming forth that are asking for the love, attention and healing we have long desired. Just as the rains storm heavy, and the tree deepens its roots, seeking the good ground, so too we move as moved in a larger view of ‘knowing,’ receiving the loving song of the universe for our benefit; though the rhythm of the universe unfolding in our life may look like chaos, it is indeed purposed and will harmonize by law.

In each ‘flowing’ of events, we may be tossed about, spun to and fro, as we attempt to understand the waves that have come into our life paths. The mind reels in all its grasping, searching for some comprehension of what is taking place, but will find no relief. Only when ready, we are approached, given the opportunity to hold space, perfect, but fresh, new, as life springs forth in seeming destruction of our friendship with all that is.

All is as has been, for all time, in creation, for loving waters as needed to be as needed; whether we realize or not, life is well, worthy, and in full cycle of our being. We need not know, to love, nor must we choose, in order for destiny to meet us. When ready, we simply surrender to the arms that have longed to hold us, the one we have waited for to come forth in season.

So the waters come, flowing or standing as they may, gentle or abrasive, solid or fluid as needed, and with each presentation, we begin to surmise that we have not been alone, that what has arisen has done so for our benefit, as for the benefit of all beings. We feel deeply into our infinite self, coming to know those places of longing, the depths of our calling, as we open our heart to the love it has been asking for, breathing into all that we feel.

May we love, as we are met with love, in all its various forms, embracing our journey for the one coming forth, as we acknowledge our pain.

May we grant passage to long desired lands, setting out across the ‘many waters,’ as we are ready in transformation, allowing, and grace.

May we flow as we are called to flow, not in outer circumstances, but inward, in the the depths of our heart and being.

May it be so, so it is.

“Full Circle”

“Full Circle”

By James Anthony Curtis

The nice thing about time is, we receive a reference point by which may view our manifestations as we walk our life path. As we allow space to abide with our feelings, we come to know those parts, both physically and spiritually, that have been asking for attention intimately in our circumstances. What has been triggered in us is nothing more than those places that are wanting, aching to be seen by us, held as no one else can.

As we proceed down the halls of time, day to day we may receive glimpses of the one we are coming to know, our truths emerging, as we practice holding the heart through all that we feel. Observing who we are, where we are, how we feel, yields are great deal of information about what we have manifested, would like to manifest, or continue to be drawn to as we explore the cycles of of vibration within us.

We may be tempted to ‘keep score,’ viewing our life path with a perception of progress, causing ourselves afflictive emotions. If this happens, we remind ourselves our journey is about self-realization, and the afflictive emotions we feel are a necessary part of our feeling, arising simply to be with, as we continue to hold the heart with loving compassion. If we go into judgment with strong emotion, rather than staying in the mind, we abide with the feeling of judgement, asking ourselves, “what does judgement feel like?” As we sit with the feelings, we grow closer to ourselves in love, because as we are allowing the space for all that comes to the surface, we grant our heart space also, showing we will not abandon ourselves.

So as we come “Full Circle,” we may find ‘differences,’ subtle or major shifts that have occurred in our vibration, tone, walk, and sense of being. If some of these ‘seem’ in our perception to be worse, rather than ‘better,’ again we go into the practice of love, heart holding, reminding ourselves that the pain we feel is apart of the healing process in our spiritual evolution.

But if we feel ‘tuned in,’ noticing shifts that reveal more of who we are, the divine master, self, expression coming forth, we have moved beyond some of our habitual patterns, changed our karma, and have opened doors to the light that we are emerging as we have desired.

When we are ready, we grant ourselves permission, we move with the grace we have been given, embracing the one coming forth in our transformation. And although we may experience pain, side by side with joy, we begin to see both in all energy, as apart of the universal make up in all things.

May we be blessed, fulfilled, awakened as ready, for the beauty that we are, the divine one, coming forth as no one else can, for the benefit of all beings. May it be so, so it is.

“When we are ready”

“When we are ready”

By James Anthony Curtis

Many times throughout life we may find ourselves feeling depressed, aching, wandering about seeking some solace for the path we are on, relief from the obstacles that lay before our feet each day.

We may awaken to find ourselves in some habitual pattern, repeating days, caught in a loop of gradual increasing weighted oppression.

With each red light we encounter, we are lost in a gaze of what we truly feel, staring off into the distance waiting for the change that will give us permission to move through the intersections of our stopping.

As the sun rises and sets, we watch people go by, each person living seemingly happier lives, moving though time with an ease that calls to us, plaguing our mind with intensity.

Emotions surface, we groan inward, desiring to move in a different direction, yet we may resist, rebel, as the pot of our inclination is stirred.

It may only shake us, producing little result in our momentary reason, yet resolve is coming, even though we quickly return to the familiarity of what we have been living.

As the pain of living increases, we add to our flavors, pausing before returning to old ways, and though it may not seem as though we are gaining ground, the contrast deepens our desires, allowing each fire to purge deeper, burn brighter, hotter, with each afflictive emotion.

When we are ready, we come forth, to claim what we have long suffered for, stepping into our manifestations with full confidence, holding the heart as no one else can.

When we are ready, we allow our truths to be made known, acknowledging each part, granting ourselves passage in the grace we have merited.

When we are ready, with each “I Love You,” we come to realize more of ourselves, those places once hidden, long covered by our cocoon in stage.

When we are ready, we welcome our darkness, for as the inner chambers blacken, they bring us closer to seeing, that all is light, to bright to be confounded, no matter how deep the illusion.

May we embrace when we are ready, be blessed, be beautiful, be brave, as we are already love.




By James Anthony Curtis

As we interact with the world we begin to realize the contrast within us, the things that we like, and the things that we don’t like.

In our coming to know the preferences within us, both those physically, and spiritually, we start to see that our “preferences” have been tainted with emotional debris, maybe some from previous trauma, our environment or social conditioning, even some we were genetically born with.

We begin to ask, “What is it that I truly desire, how can I know as I sort through the emotional debris that are arising?”

This is wonderful! We are open to a point of view that we are allowing our truths to be challenged, that there are deeper meanings to our feelings than our surface reactions.

As we abide with our feelings, giving space for what arises, we begin to see the habitual patterns, those subconscious structures that have been manifesting what we vibrate.

The earth becomes a school of reflection, teaching us about ourselves; those places in need of attention, the love that we have been desiring, our ache of heart and what makes it sing.

This is where self love becomes our greatest gift and ally, as we embrace all that we experience, we become deeply aware that our most difficult circumstances have been filled with emotionally charged energy attempting to be heard; those parts that are in great need coming forth to be held, in some of the most unlikely of ways, yet perfect in their divine nature.

As we learn our life path, both the healing coming forth and the expressions of our heart, we see our truths appear, and as we stand in them, feel into them, we emerge as the love we already are, come forth to experience life.

Blessings, gratitude, and much love, for all that we are.


“Relying on our choices”

“Relying on our choices”

By James Anthony Curtis

While we may feel into our choices seeking some prognostication, always holding the heart as we do, ultimately once a course has been chosen, we trust in the universe, relying upon the choices we have made for our highest destiny to unfold.

Those life paths that sit well with us, the ones where we feel safe, loved, and held in, will yield meaningful coincidence, synchronicity, and contentment, as we walk forth in them. Even in often uncomfortable and painful situations, as we learn to relax into our body, we will find an ease of clarity rising within us.

As we become more and more familiar with parts we may have abandoned in the past, other darker aspects begin to surface revealing needs previously unknown. This is wonderful news, because it means the light of love we have been giving is warming those parts that have been asking to be held subconsciously, allowing them to come forward by the love of our acknowledgement.

When we abide with those parts, the places that are in need, we are giving them the love and attention long sealed in their desires, and in doing so we honor the one coming forth.

We lean heavily upon our life path, going deep into our healing, embracing all that we feel for our most fulfilling experiences to unfold.

With each encounter reflections continue to manifest our most inner chambers of the heart, though we may not always understand their meaning.

We allow our difficult truths to release their most precious gifts, and though at first some may have occasion to appear darkly in disguise, the fruition of them comes with our abiding, as love cultivates within time’s guiding.

May we stand, deeply rooted in love, lifting our heart with gentle hands towards the heavens, feeling all that we feel for our divinity emerging.

May we grant ourselves all of our choices, opening our heart when ready, for the grace welling up within us.

May we shine forth as the expression we have longed to share, in pain or peace, as we unfold golden wings, through the universal forces of the love we already are.

May it be so, so it is.

“This choice is for you…”

“This choice is for you…”

By James Anthony Curtis

If you’re reading this, and you don’t know what choice to make, feeling unsure, scattered, and lacking direction, this post is for you.

Many of us wander through life, asking the same or similar questions, hoping for answers, guidance, someone who will provide insight into the choices that will best meet our needs.

Look no further!

Happily today your request has been filled, you have been answered.

In order to process your request though, there are some vital questions you must answer before we proceed. These questions are structured in a way to open you energetically to receive what you are seeking the answers for, so if you are ready to move forward, let’s begin:

1) Are you willing to hear what the answer is, no matter what feelings arise, and what possible outcomes may occur?

2) Are you ready to receive the direction that will change everything, how you live, what you believe, and most important, grant you the perfect choice that you have been waiting to receive?

(For those of us that have made it this far, no this is not sarcasm, not a joke, this is for real)

3) Are you willing to experience extreme discomfort, possibly very painful, disturbing truths, that are triggered by what you may now hear?

If you have answered yes to the above questions, then you are ready. If no, please read no further.

The universe is an energetic construct made by you, the Divine One. You may not remember, because you chose for this journey, to allow yourself to forget. But you desired, contracted this incarnation willingly, not only for your benefit, but for the benefit of all beings.

The choices you are in deep thought about run deeper than the surface view, through each pulse in the nervous system, in cellular memory, into the vibrational frequency of who you are, that’s why they “seem” so difficult.

The “choice” is merely the outcome of every potential timeline you have ever thought about, felt in your deepest desires, and are waiting to make when ready.

Each moment is a culmination of your vibration, those parts desiring to be heard, held, loved as no one else but you can.

The universe, or your greater “self,” is working in conjunction to bring about your most fulfilling reality through your choices, those parts that are arising to be acknowledged, seen, and heard.

As you listen, feeling into your experience, the practice of “holding your heart” is the choice you are looking for, giving yourself the love that you desire, through all circumstances that arise.

This is the choice that you desire above all others.

It is the opening to all else that you desire, everything you wish, your infinite being, and all fulfillment.

I promise you, every other choice you are pondering, possibly agonizing over, is leading you to this choice.

As you choose this, everything will change, all outer circumstances, what you believe, what you know, every self-realization that you infinitely are.

All energy unfolding, moments, are mere reflections of our deepest desires, they are manifested from our truths, those places both dark and light within us, coming forth to be heard, seen, expressed, felt.

May you be blessed, free in your choice, as you are, already in your desires, follow your bliss, listen to the one coming forth to be heard, you are brave, beautiful, loved beyond all measure.