“The texture of life”

“The texture of life”

By James Anthony Curtis

Sometimes I forget to feel the texture of life. The beauty in a falling leaf, or sound the trees make when they creak in the wind, and the warmth of the sun when it gently touches my face.

But the universe is so good at bringing us what we need, loving us when we forget, priming our hearts with inspiration.

In the early morning hours, freshness often comes to awaken the stillness I’ve experienced in the night, a “good morning” of sorts from the day I suppose.

Just as life comes into its movement in the forest in those early hours, so to consciousness comes for another encounter with the world.

We have this wonderful body of sense perception, and as we embrace all that we feel, we begin to go deeper into our spiritual evolution, those parts that do such a great job at revealing necessary steps in our journey.

Being with the heart, feeling all that we feel, allowing space for energy to come and go, deep healing, shifting to occur, our vibration begins to expand our heart field to sense beyond old confines.

Time and space become relative to the relationship we have with ourselves. Moments can seem like eternities, and lifetimes like moments.

The texture of of life unfolds new depths to explore, beauty to be yet revealed, and a curiousness wells up within us as our innocence comes forth to greet life.

Beyond great suffering is deep healing, and beyond this healing are riches to explore.
We may cycle several times back to our beginning, to the places that scare us, only to be led through the doorways of our heart when we are ready, to embrace our roots ever growing deeper into the darkness that our heads may lift upwards to the sky.

But as infinite beings, may we allow time, space, when we are ready, for our gentle unfolding, as the texture of life greets our day.

May we come to know all that we feel, for the deep healing and expansion, spiritual evolution that is taking place in our beyond.

May we welcome our teachers, the ones who know us better than we could possibly imagine, that have come back to guide us.

May we be loved, as we embrace the one we have been waiting for, the one we already are.

“Allowing ourselves to be found”

“Allowing ourselves to be found”

By James Anthony Curtis

It sounds rather odd doesn’t it? Why would we not want to be seen?

I mean, we all have our various reasons for hiding, for me it tends to be self preservation, deep emotional debris that emit energetic fields that frankly I’m ashamed of, feeling very unworthy, sad, and not good enough.

So I hide.

Sometimes directly, pulling my covers up over my head, staying in the warmth of comfort, other times indirectly, putting on my nicest face, turning away from challenging situations, denying my hurt, and ignoring what is crying out within.

We all have bullies, and when our innocence comes forth to attempt a healing, guess who’s right there to greet them.

You can’t fight a bully either, it just makes them more of a bully, stronger in their resolve, and even if they back down or get a nose broke, it only seems like a temporary win.

That same bully will lash out at someone else, and when it feels strong enough, guess who they are coming back after.

The only way to beat them, is not to play the game. Invite them in for sit down, compliment them, feel their pain fully, bless them, love them while holding your heart, allowing yourself to be found.

So when we blame any character within our play, we withhold love from our own heart. As we learn to embrace every character as an opportunity for growth, loving ourselves as we are, our innocence feels safe enough to emerge through the doorways of our heart.

We become free from the bondage of emotional debris by feeling deeper into the subtleties of what surfaces for our healing.

We shine.

May we start today by coming forth, greeting all who show up as we emerge, while holding our hearts in tender compassion.

May we allow ourselves to be found, as we hold our heart, loving all those parts that cry out from the darkness, only to be blessed, acknowledged and heard for our healing.

May our innocence come forth by love, through the doorways of the heart, loving as we have never loved before, that we may become no longer our protector hiding in the shadows of doubt, but our brilliance, shining forth to all parts in need, becoming the one we already are, for the benefit of all beings.

“Be with them”

“Be with them”

BY James Anthony Curtis

There’s a childlike quality that comes forth to play in the presence of innocence.

The mind loves to roam, creating all it’s various constructs, and labels to quantify it’s existence, but the heart simply is, knowing only what it feels, allowing space for the love of being.

Last night a dear love had come to visit me in a dream, I was in a house with her family and many friends, there was an uneasiness as she accepted me there, my age, beard, and wanting look of connection that I gave. A skinny young girl came up to me, bumping into me playfully, smiling, and I remarked thinking it was her daughter, “how are things going, are you still playing basketball?” What I hadn’t realized until waking up was, this wasn’t her daughter, it was the younger her, her innocence coming forth trying to play with me, bring forth my heart, the smile of God within me.

We can get so captivated by what the mind wants, it’s ideas of what will bring happiness, our innocence gets lost in the shuffle, we lose the moment, and the warmth of just “being together.”

True connection needs no quality of thought, it simply is.

You stand there, I stand here, we smile and bump into each other.

It’s the heart of knowing, the “I am” in truth, the essence of heaven.

Tears streamed down my face in meditation, both for joy in this connection, and suffering of the mind. Both exist within, and as we learn to embrace, hold our heart while feeling, one becomes what it has always been, the other gently begins to fall away in the light of love.

We are all “bumping into each other,” drawing forth the innocence of the heart, and although our fears may turn us away, ask for more than others can give, our heart will remember, it will gently guide us back, provide ease in our darkness, love our fears.

May we embrace all that we feel, allowing our innocence to come forth, guide us, bump into us as we remember who we are.

May we love in our darkness, breathing into the heart all that we fear, exhaling relief, praying in our “knowing place,” for all that are suffering, lacking, in the growing pains so sincere.

May we bring forth the one we have been waiting for, the love we already are.

“Fall friend”

“Fall friend”

By James Anthony Curtis

Sometimes we don’t have the words, understanding or knowledge to express what our heart so deeply feels.

We sense a longing for a connection in another’s face, their sadness of doubt reflected in our being.

We want to reach out, hold them, tell them it’s going to be alright, that it will all work out, as we realize our own pain coming forth in our innocence.

We might never understand why things happen the way they do, or how deeply we are connected in our journey here, but we can embrace the beauty, feeling both the joy and the suffering in this moment.

The explicit sensations of our being, in each breath, touch, and interaction we experience, feeling fully the many gifts that come our way in the light of our shadowed form.

We are drawn to them, the ancient wisdom that arises from each gift, like incense burning in sacred temples.

If we can feel the pain within us, and gently hold our hearts in this moment, our gift of joy we offer is the deep healing that we are going through in the transformation of our revealing.

The rebirth of our selves here on this pilgrimage, scattered like the leaves in the wind on a fall day riding the current of faith.

Brothers, sisters, children of the great I Am walking each other home.

We are the chosen ones, divinity incarnate, sent into the great fire of baptism for our heart.

We are the healers, that see ourselves in deep pain, reaching out to touch the inner most parts, with gentle peaceful hands.

May we be who we have come here to embrace, in all of our joy and suffering, through all that we feel, for the benefit of all beings.

May we allow love to flow where the winds carry us, healing all that we are, in our time on this journey.

May we be fulfilled, feeling all that we feel, coming to know the inner most parts, the dark parts that cry out, for our attention, love and healing.

May we be blessed, giving gratitude and love, as we hold dear, the one we already are.