“The pain of wrong”

“The pain of wrong”

By James Anthony Curtis

One of the deepest emotional traumas we experience is the belief in our body that we have done something wrong, that our life path has been an occurrence altered from “right,” and if we had made better choices we would feel differently.

“Wrong” assumes a great deal in our state of being, denying truth any freedom of universal consciousness in our connection with destiny.

We are inclined in our pain to “beat ourselves up,” forming further judgements and opinions about how many variations could of, should have, would have taken place if only we knew then, what we seemingly know now.

Our mind can easily perpetuate what we feel, running each scenario by the screen of our scrutiny, seeking some absolution from the burning house of our derision.

When we tell ourselves we are wrong, we effectively close the door on that part within us coming forth to be healed.

When we recycle the pain of our decisions, we only do so in an attempt to open the door to those parts needing our gentle holding, care, and nurturing, for the one coming forth to be embraced by our innocence.

Depression, anxiety, loneliness, and the ache our heart feels, are only manifestations of the divine grace we are striving to allow, in order that we may be completely healed to our fulfillment.

With each desire we acknowledge, we grant passage for light to abide in it and with ourselves.

“Wrong” becomes not a prison cell for us to be abandoned in, but rather, a feeling to be felt for the greater self awareness to come forth in loving compassion, sharing in necessary ways for all that we have incarnated to experience and explore.

As we learn to trust in the universe, receiving our blessings as we acknowledge our truths, we begin to realize there are no wrong choices, that everything is here to help us in our reality of healing. All that we experience is perfect; every unfortunate circumstance, nightmare, and darkness, is apart of our infinite unfolding, the love that we are coming forth to be held.

May it be so, so it is.

“When life gives you lemons”

“When life gives you lemons”

By James Anthony Curtis

Although I’m a huge fan of lemonade, sometimes “when life gives you lemons,” it’s not about making lemonade.

Sometimes, the deeper teaching is to be with the lemons, abiding in how we feel with their texture, smell, even taste, as we boldly go into the natural state of what is arising for us to explore and experience.

We don’t do this with a point in mind of curling our lips in recoil at the sourness of our truth, but simply to be with our truth in however it appears.

So often it’s easy to become accustomed, so familiar with our reflections that we are tempted to try to arrange them, making “lemonade” out of our lemons, rather than with being with what arises as they show up.

When we are ready, we grant uncomfortable feelings and thoughts passage into a deepening relationship with ourselves, as we begin to embrace long awaited arrivals, revealing parts coming forth to be loved for our wellbeing.

This practice yields not only the love we give our heart through what we are feeling as we abide, but allows us to explore under the surface of once ignored darkness previously sweetened to suit our tastes.

In our abiding, we might discover new doors, depths that once upon a time uttered, “impossible, impassable, inconceivable” to our experience of being.

And although we may be with our lemons for a little while, in our space of gifting ourselves the love of ourselves, we may not only make our lemonade, but enjoy the new depth of freedom in choosing to do so.

May our innocence come forth as we are ready, to explore, experience, and express all that we have longed to share in our abiding.

May we hold, feel, taste, see, and smell, every lemon that life offers us for our wellbeing.

May we come to know the one we have been waiting for, the love we already are, as life springs forth from our abundance of being.

May it be so, so it is.

“I can’t”

“I can’t”

By James Anthony Curtis

From an early age self-will becomes an important role in our model of what we believe success is. The mind is conditioned to a lifestyle where “change” is the obstacle to be overcome by will alone, receiving instruction in the form of “I think I can, I think I can.”

We see it in commercials on the box, with slogans such as “just do it,” or “be all you can be,” and feel failure as deep wounds surface again and again in an attempt to bring our attention to the truths darkly awaiting recognition.

We begin to realize that in all our striving, struggle, and application of will, these have only been temporary shifts to deep vibrations within us, which return back to their oscillation upon our completion.

Muscle memory runs deep, withstanding the depths of time past the confines of life, death, and rebirth, as neural pathways reform in recurrence until we are ready to receive our healing.

How then, if not by will alone, do we escape the prison of our soul, as “can’t” becomes embedded in our reflections that surround us?

We start by embracing “I can’t,” going into the despair, feeling our aloneness, being with each whisper of dread in the night, abiding with our unwelcome guests as love holds the heart in our hearing.

We allow our reflections to bring us ominous warnings, listening to every part in our body, as the waters rise in our inner chambers, for vibrations to be heard.

We abide in the depths of “I can’t,” as no one else can, loving our heart as we explore all arising waves of doubt.

In everything we are presented with an opportunity to anchor our light, with each truth we humbly face, we invite more of our divine self to come forward.

We heal very old wounds, for all of humanity, with every “I love you,” freely given to the heart as we grant space for uncomfortable feelings.

We are blessed in our pilgrimage, receiving the journey we have asked for, as the one we have been waiting for comes forth, the love we already are, in benefit to all beings.

May it be so, so it is.

“Wouldn’t have it any other way”

“Wouldn’t have it any other way”

By James Anthony Curtis

Life can sometimes be messy; relationships, money, careers, lessons, but through it all, somehow we begin to see, without life’s messiness, we would lose a great value in living.

The struggles, our shortcomings, those people that irritate the bejesus out of us, tend to draw out the best in us, or worse in us, depending upon perspective in where we are at.

Teachers come, and as we realize our lessons, contracts are fulfilled, relationships retire, relieving our hearts of once darkened imagination that we were separate.

In our aloneness, we find the vastness of our being; in our emptiness, overflowing, abundance unrestrained.

Once unwelcome guests, dark shades of our mystery reveal themselves to be our most precious allies.

The destroyers in our life bring with them our evolution, allowing space for our unfolding.

As we cease hatred, by the embracing of our hatred with love, holding the heart as no one else can, the heart opens to reveal the compassion we have been desiring, to benefit all beings.

So we grant passage for life’s messiness, realizing the harmony in the chaos, the joy amongst the pain, beauty in each ugliness.

May we love, in all that we feel, all that we see, every hearing of our ear, for the one coming forth, that we already are, as we wouldn’t have it any other way, and have chosen wisely our life path, for the sake of love.

May it be so, so it is.



By James Anthony Curtis

Disappointment is only the unraveling of our darkness being held by the light of truth; those places within that seek only to surface, that they may be loved as needed for our wellbeing.

It’s easy to disguise our truths in various outer circumstances that don’t align with what we desire.

We can become depressed, experiencing deep pain in the ache of our sadness, for all of life that seemingly refuses our wishes. But this is the healing, the universal arrangement in our journey for the inner path we are walking; soul contracts being fulfilled as we flourish in despondency, leaving no corner darkened as emotional debris surface to be acknowledged.

Through love, we find everything as a help to our heart as it opens, receiving all circumstances as gifts for our spiritual evolution.

So we feel, holding the heart with every gentle kindness we have been asking for, in each feeling that comes.

We allow transformation to move us, shifting vibrations for our wellbeing as we breath deeply into our experiences.

We accept our blessings with each uncomfortable truth they reveal, granting forgiveness for every resistance.

We embrace our heart in loving compassion, as we learn from all reflections what our inner chambers are sharing with us.

We walk the inner path, saying, “As above, so below, as within, so it is in all that manifests out.”

We come to realize our greatest strengths, are those things we have despised, our deepest truths, hidden in our darkest lies.

We love the one who has been asking for our attention, as the one we have been waiting for comes forth, the love we already are, in benefit to all beings.

May it be so, so it is.

“Into the blessings”

“Into the blessings”

By James Anthony Curtis

It often isn’t what most people believe, the path of healing can be incredibly painful, frustrating, and tumultuous. Our world can be shattered, turned upside down, and completely destroyed by the weight of those parts asking to be loved. Ugliness, depression, anxiety, all are signs of our divine nature rebalancing those places in deep need.

Slowing down, being with ourselves when we feel alone, in longing, and ache, are the most precious moments we can give through our life path we have come to fulfill. These times are those of unfathomable growth, allowing expansion of our truths to reveal those parts that have been in darkness to express themselves for our wellbeing.

If we are in uncomfortable feelings, its natural to want to feel better, talk ourselves into positive thinking, doing our best for what we know as realignment that we can function throughout our day, but these are the times of our healing, where if we are to be free, we must know the truths that are arising to be heard, felt, and seen.

The only way to heal, is to embrace the demons of our uncomfortableness, as this is the vibration that most of us were BORN with, the plague of our humanity that tries to reason with us, in our spiritual ego of right and wrong.

There are no wrong choices, no wrong feelings, nothing but those depths seeking to be loved in some way where passage is granted for the emotional debris to be acknowledged.

So we feel, holding the heart through all that we feel, giving our birth the attention we have come to embrace, healing others as we shift in our responsibilities of all that we have come to experience, heal, and love as no one else can.

May we love, as we have never loved before.

May we be with our uncomfortable places, loving those that have been crying out to be heard, holding space for the healing that is coming forth in us.

May we bless the people of our inner reflections, thanking them for their gifts of our truth, as we welcome the one coming forth, the one we have been waiting for, the love we already are, benefiting all beings.

May it be so, so it is.

“Some caverns run deep”

“Some caverns run deep”

By James Anthony Curtis

When the Florida caverns were first discovered, the entrance was but a tiny little hole leading down under the surface.

It was rumored local natives had utilized some underground shelter to weather storms, and hide from their enemies from time to time.

We had no idea the beauty that was to be discovered crawling through the tiny opening down into the dark abyss.

With only small lamps, and little gear, explorers discovered room after room of “long in the making” caverns from hundreds and thousands of years of dissolution of limestone.

Some days we are much like these caverns, and though we may try to quantify our life by the surface, our humanity is long in the making.

Hundreds, thousands, hundreds of thousands of years or more is stored vibrationally in our DNA.

We carry within us deep caverns of sometimes undiscovered beauty, wisdom and nature. All waiting, for bravery to explore through the tiny opening, into the depths, room after room of awe.

Our surface may also be full of wonder and beauty, but as we learn of our darkness, we find we are not mere moments above, but our truths run far deeper than we ever thought possible.

As we explore those parts that reveal tiny openings, the depths that call to us from our darkness, reveal the extensive nature in our being.

May we boldly claim our inheritance, stepping forth with curiosity, to learn of our making, and all that we feel deep in the caverns of our humanity, for our healing.

May we embrace deep places, acknowledging our inner chambers, for the one that is desiring to come forth, the one we already are, for the benefit of all beings.

May it be so, so it is.









“The deeper healing”

“The deeper healing”

By James Anthony Curtis

It’s normal to want to feel healthy, vibrant and alive, to be healed of all ailments, living in our fullness.

Sometimes though, the deeper healing is in our sickness, those places in our body that journey us beneath the layers, routing our darkest fears, demons and desires.

This “deeper healing” can look awful, feel terrible, and provoke depths not only in the one experiencing pain and discomfort, but in many if not all around them for healing.

The temptation in these times is to immediately focus on wellness to the flesh, believing restoration of the body is what we view as a “healthy person.”

But the work we are here for, our soul contracts, sometimes take us on a journey of terror, festering much larger wounds, often that are in need of extensive attention, the kind that only comes when we are facing terminal conditions, and in those places we grant passage in finality, for what is asking to be addressed.

This does not mean that we ignore the flesh, what it feels, but rather, we go deeper into the darkness, allowing ourselves to embrace the “hearing,” sensing what the body is asking for, as those emotions arise for more acute care.

We do this by holding the heart, abiding in strong emotion, telling our heart as we would a dear friend, “I love you, I will not abandon you, will not reject you, but will abide and feel with you all that you feel.”

We open ourselves for the universal support that is needed, as we feel what surfaces for our healing process to manifest.

We trust in the universe, knowing we are blessed, that what we experience has been preordained, even asked for, that we may realize our true divine nature.

May we embrace the “deeper healing,” fulfilling our soul contracts, allowing all that we feel, for the one coming forth, the one we have been waiting for, the love that we already are, for the benefit of all beings.

May it be so, so it is.

“Our deepest fears”

“Our deepest fears”

By James Anthony Curtis

When my mother was dying, my sisters and I spent the night with her in the room at the hospital as she slipped into a state of unconsciousness at dusk.

The days before this she began questioning, asking me what I thought would happen in death, where we would go, nervously approaching her final hours, very much like she could see them.

That night, after she lost her ability to speak, and slowly shifted somewhere between this world and beyond, her breath became labored, her mouth dry, and although her eyes were open, we could see she was in journey somewhere beyond.

We frequently would wet her mouth, share with each other, and hold her hand saying, “it’s ok mom, we’re here, everything is ok, we love you.”

As I laid my head next to hers, looking into her eyes, the little boy who she watched over for so many years, wished he could reach her one last time, give her some ease in her passing, tell her he knew of some place we could meet soon.

But in all of those last moments, all I could do was hope that heaven was true, that angels would care for my mom, and give us both what we need in our journey.

In those sobering moments, when the family looked to each other for comfort, and we all did our best to be with our mom, to put our best face forward for her, to love her, I couldn’t help but question my own mortality, the places within that labor to breath, that ask for help to be loved when there is no understanding of our passage.

My mother passed at 6:01 in the morning. I hadn’t received a text, or interruption of any kind all that night, but not one minute after her passing my phone vibrated. At the time, in our grief, I didn’t look, but later that morning, in the hallway outside her room, as we were making the final preparations for moms body, I glanced down at the phone. All the text said was, “I love you.”

We get what we need as we are open to it, feeling what we feel as we allow, being with those we love however we can.

The universe knows, and just as we are all connected in the mystery of our journey, so to as we embrace our “deepest fears” we are greeted with the love we desire to be held in and through all our transitions.

We are loved through all that we feel, one “I love you” at a time, placing our hand upon our heart, receiving our greater self healing in the moments we embrace all that we feel for wellbeing.

“I love you” – thank you mom.

“Weathering the storm”

“Weathering the storm”

By James Anthony Curtis

It’s in those times that our rational mind will not make sense, things fall apart, and we feel ourselves slipping into the darkness, times when we are lost, desperate, alone; these are the moments of our storm, when the great eye falls upon us, our heart beats furiously full in reverence, and the breath falls short.

When it counts, and we add ourselves to the sphere of influence, embracing all that arises, feeling into the labored loss of our inner healing.

We place our hands upon the heart, feeling the static charge in the air, breathing in, out, slowing down to this moment, listening as the rain comes, bringing with it thunderous pounding, and all at once we are struck…but still here.

We meditate in the storm, just as we do before it comes.

We breath in our truth, standing where we are at, as we do before it comes.

We ground ourselves in our love, divinity, before, during and after, reminding ourselves this is our journey, we are the ones that have chosen to come here, to expand in all that we feel for wellbeing.

We make love, because we are love, in all circumstances, allowing what comes, granting passage as we hold the heart tenderly.

The storm only heightens us, widens the cracks, that the seeds may receive deeper root.

Our earthen vessels carry our most precious treasure, and as we awaken to that which we already are, the light of our innocence reveals the infinite universe which we have come to express, as we heal, acknowledge and love those truths in need.

May we embrace our storm, weathering all that comes for our blessings to reveal themselves, and our most intimate relationship to occur.

May we feel, as we are struck, seeing what we must, for enlightenment to heal dark places.

May we welcome all that arises, for our healing, holding space for our humanity, as the mystery unfolds our divinity in earthen vessels, the one that we have been waiting for, that we already are, for the benefit of all beings.

May it be so, so it is.