“What is your truth”

“What is your truth”

By James Anthony Curtis

It’s funny how we come to see things, our perception of them. We view a thing from what we perceive is the truth about it, and accept that view as truth, until something comes along to shift that point of view.

For many years I sought “truth,” like there was some unseen force of absolute to be won by the universe, and if I could grasp it, everything would make sense.

Never pondering the notion of, “what is MY truth.”

The simple truth of me, how I view things, what I feel, the reactions and triggers within me.

What if the “truth” is simply acknowledging the innocent one within us trying to come forth, not a change of our circumstances, just the “truth” crying out to be heard.

All the fears, pain and struggles of life’s diversity in us tends to manifest outwardly, just to get our attention, that we may speak our truth.

Trees speak their truth.

The hills speak their truth.

The wind, rains and sun speak their truth.

All life in nature, the universe and creation comes forward to speak its truth.

Why not speak our truth?

The truth can be painful, often scary, riddled with darkness and future unknowns, but it can also be our healing, the salve that sets our deepest wounds free to be ourselves.

We don’t know the depth of our truth, until we begin to acknowledge our pain, the fears that reside within us.

Love is our song, the beauty that allows the sweet fragrance to be released as we embrace our truth.

Truth need not be addressed in brutal confrontation, but rather we learn to hold our heart tenderly as the tears come forth in our innocence.

Yes, facing our truth can be uncomfortable, a painful path, but the dark is not only filled with the bitter, but with the sweetness as well.

May we embrace our truth, that the revealing of our true divine nature may come forth.

May we allow all that we feel, holding our hearts dear in the song of our truth.

May we love the one who comes forth, to express all that needs acknowledgement, witnessing our innocence of the one we have been waiting for, the one we already are, for the benefit of all beings.