“Stillness in the Waves”

“Stillness in the Waves”

By James Anthony Curtis

Emotional turbulence can provide fertile ground for our attention to be drawn inward to the places in need. As we allow space for the times when we are confused, grasping, and trying to bring forth some resolution to the upheaval we feel, we will ground as we are mindful of the feelings rather than the thoughts.

Giving ourselves the room we desire coming forth in our strong emotions, the strong emotions themselves become our vehicle for transformation. With each sensation, every wave we feel, as we hold the heart with loving compassion our energy field clears, shifts, and emerges in clarity. Even though some circumstances trigger distress, the distress itself becomes our healing conduit for love to give the attention it is asking for.

Our emotions reveal a great deal of information about our vibrational field, those strings of energy, habitual patterns, that linger under the surface of all that we do and say.

Learning to abide lovingly with those “waves in stillness,” provides our body the opportunity to experience the healing space needed to clear the stored vibrational patterns in our cells. As we move deeper into the underlayment of our energies, by listening deeply to the emotions that are arising to be felt, we begin to realize previously undiscovered parts of our being coming forth to be expressed.

We may not understand our circumstances, why they have arisen, what exactly our needs are, but holding the heart as we experience the energies that surface is the most important action we can give when the waves of emotion increase in intensity.

With each moment comes a blend in opportunity to emerge ourselves into our experiences. Our gain comes through the self-realization of all that is happening is happening for the sake of love, even in the most erroneous of circumstances.

May we be blessed, may we be beautiful in our sufferings, may we be brave in all that we have come to heal.

May it be so, so it is.?

“Is it worth it?”

“Is it worth it?”

By James Anthony Curtis

Yes, it is well worth it, either route, holding the heart in loving compassion, or not, both paths lead us home, but the one does so only in preparation of the other.

Awareness of our judgements does not shift our vibration, we are only aware of our judgements. The same habitual patterns stay unaltered in us at a cellular level.

“Boredom,” is only a surface emotion, underneath is so much more in emotional debris.

When we embrace the practice of sitting with what we feel, observing how we think, the patterns, this is apart of the process that leads us back home, to self-realization, the true nature of who we already are, but in my work as a healer, I’ve not only earlier in my own life experienced the stagnation, boredom, and anger, I knew no way out at the time, and as a result stayed in the mud for years, possibly lifetimes.

Much of our spiritual community remains trapped somewhere in the muck waiting, suffering, hoping to blossom at some point, asking, “is it worth it?”

I’ve been through incredible pain, suffering, and loss, only to be left with the practice, wondering those same things, until a few years back.

For me, those moments had to increase to the point and depth where I was ready, precisely, perfectly, to hear further, deeper than I’ve heard before.

That’s why the practices, the “boredom,” are so important, because they allow us the necessary cultivation time, just as everything we do does, to build our cocoon until we are ready to acknowledge the one coming forth.

ALL that we experience, do, feel, or think, is apart of the process.

When ready, we receive the choice of holding the heart, this is the choice that will change our lives, and even though we may take lifetimes to prepare, it does not mean that once we choose it we are pain free.

The difference is, we don’t abandon love with what we are feeling, the boredom as you shared, the habits, judgements, all that you observe, you observe while telling your heart, holding your heart, saying, “I will not abandon you, even though I feel all that I feel, think what I think, I am here loving you, holding you, with tender compassion.”

It sounds easy, but doing this while feeling extreme emotions, or emotional debris (habitual patterns), is incredibly painful, overwhelming, and can be isolating as you mentioned if proceeding in following your truths wherever they may lead.

My own experience was a year of almost total isolation, grieving, sometimes so hard my ribs were breaking.

But to go there without love, means we are not there, but building up to there, on the path, but not emerging. Asking to come forth, but not ready to receive what that means.

As I said, the three questions I posed yesterday, were for those ready to hear, receive this choice, emerge when and only ready to embrace who and what we are.

You sound/feel ready, relief is coming dear heart.

Much love, gratitude, blessings for you.

“May you be healed”

“May you be healed”

By James Anthony Curtis

I acknowledge your pain, the frustration, ache and deep feelings arising within you.

Much of what we feel tells us a great deal of information about ourselves, but unfortunately many of us have been lost not for a lack of trying, but it wasn’t time for us to receive what we already know.

The body, our emotions, and the “reflections” that come to us, arise from within us, are very accurate, perfect for what we need in our journey.

Sometimes we need twenty years to receive certain blessings, healings, insights about ourselves, that long to be heard, the challenge is always when we are “ready,” to love those deep places, give them the attention they need to reveal parts that have come forward to be acknowledged.

Whenever someone, something, anything, somehow plagues us in what we feel, it is a manifestation for deeper truths surfacing from within us to be seen and felt.

The key is always the heart, going into those feelings while maintaining love for the heart as we do. Our mind will do its best to try to figure things out, if so, let it be so until exhausted, then feel, all while holding the heart in love.

This process can be incredibly painful, because much of what surfaces are emotional debris attempting to be cleared in order that we may be healed.

Many times the person or event that triggered them was simply the trigger, and we will focus so much on the messenger as the cause, we will miss the healing coming forth to be felt.

We are beautiful creations, light bearers, anchors of peace, as we learn what and who we are, and how to embrace the love incarnate in earthen vessels.

We have come to heal, express, and move the waters of humanity, and some of our greatest gifts are sealed in very dark, painful jars.

As we learn to open the seals, abide with the pain, be with our afflictions, all while holding the heart in love, we come to know the one we have been waiting for, the love we already are, coming forth to benefit all beings.

May you be blessed, may it be so, so it is.

“Granting ourselves permission”

“Granting ourselves permission”

By James Anthony Curtis

So often we will not allow ourselves to think, dream, and explore, how we truly feel. We use tactics such as sarcasm, blame, and ignorance, to induce judgements which provide us with the necessary shame to turn on ourselves in fear.

Seeing through this veil can be difficult, if not impossible, when we are caught in the throws of our ridicule, but as we move closer to exhaustion, we become more pliable to surrender.

Our “plagues” work for us, opening rusted doors, allowing fresh air to break upon cold seals, even the deterioration itself is an ally in disguise, as once impassible barriers begin to crumble under the weight of time.

As we go deeper into our pain, we find the witness of our resolve, waiting, waiting for our readiness to be in the depths of the darkness, simply abiding without judgement.

We “grant ourselves permission,” to go into the difficult emotions, further in love, exploring the caverns of our desires, while holding the heart with all tenderness in each deep breath as we do so.

These are the moments of infinity, when eternal places come forth to be acknowledged, long forgotten wounds, parts, that as they emerge we find deeper reason in our desires.

We set aside transgression, leaving room for innocence, as we sit with the heart in all that we are feeling, allowing passage for ourselves down ancient halls.

This is a practice of “deep abiding,” where if we allow ourselves to take part, that which we take part in, begins to take part in us, relieving the ghosts that haunt us in our desires.

As we feel all that is arising for our acknowledgment, we find a greater sense of self emerging through the holding of our heart in love, feeling safe and not abandoned.

When we are ready, may we “grant ourselves permission,” that the one we have been waiting for may come forth, the love that we already are, for the benefit of all beings.

May it be so, so it is.

“It’s the simple things”


“It’s the simple things”

By James Anthony Curtis

We might have fantastic dreams, feel inspired by those that have walked the path before us, and desire to manifest magnificent abundance in our lives, but if we pay close attention, listening to our hearts, we will find all of this and much more are already here.

We all have those moments when the child eternal comes out to play; noticing the butterfly’s gathering in some unified fashion of chaotic harmony, big puffy clouds laying lazily in the sunshine, the water flowing along the rivers edge, gently swirling as it goes by. When we allow our presence to be immersed in our experiences, even in difficult times, our heart whispers an inaudible tone of “perfection” as contentment washes over our soul.

The divinity that we are wants to come forth, and in our busy lives calls to us however it can, touching every reflection of awareness, awakening us when as we are ready for fulfillment overflowing.

As we open ourselves to all that we are feeling, acknowledging the most minute of our truths, we sense further in connection with ourselves, receiving the abundance life has to offer.

By giving ourselves the gift of abiding in however we may feel, we are granting love energetically to those parts that are coming forward to be loved.

Not only are we washing over ourselves by embracing burdensome feelings, but those very feelings are the parts coming forth asking for the love needed to manifest all that we desire.

May we love, as we have never loved before, welcoming the little things into our heart for our wellbeing.

May see with a child’s eye, all that life has provided, in our reflections that come to open once closed doors.

May we play as children of divinity, come to acknowledge and express for the sake of love all that we hold dear, that the one we are may come forth, in benefit to all beings.

May it be so, so it is.

“Allowing honesty”

“Allowing honesty”

By James Anthony Curtis

Sometimes we’re afraid of what will happen if we are honest, like it might let the genie out of the bottle to sit with the truth we feel. So we go on long journeys, excursions often necessary to allow ourselves time to receive deeply painful, often uncomfortable feelings, the kind that the storm of late night, or very early morn arouses within us.

We awaken to rolling thunder, light flashing in the darkness, as we ponder once walked roads come to visit us in the night scape of dreams.

People we have known, unresolved heart matters, emotional debris surfacing for our viewing in fanciful firing, as our mind constructs a reality for us to feel in.

So we feel, viewing our unrestrained choices in dreamland, those parts asking for our acknowledgement, truth, to be revealed, that maybe consciously we could not, or refuse to embrace.

The ache of our pains seeps into our bowls, we wince at the work of feeling, what it means, and what we will do with the information we’ve been graced with.

Thunder rolls upon the sky over us, shaking our body with a warm sense of relief, even though we recoil in awakening.

We decide to move from the bed, the soft touch of our pillow, getting up to abide with our vision, the storm, feeling into the mystery of our subconscious conjuring.

Quietly we welcome each breath into our bowels, receiving bit by bit hard truths that our life path is revealing.

Loneliness, ache, longing, and despair, silently, slowly, glide across the floor, dark shades walking to sit with our imagination, as we feel deeper into our space.

Holding the heart tenderly, we remind it, “I will not abandon you, nor reject, even though I may feel abandonment, rejection, and unworthiness, in the dark recesses of my mind, body and soul.”

We sit with these parts because they have come forward to be felt, loved, as no one else can.

We grant passage for the pain, as pain is the highest indication that we are healing, that what we feel in our emotional debris of truth, is lighting our path to freedom.

May the storm awaken us, giving us all that we desire, blessing us with the thunder of its healing.

May we feel necessary aches, realizing we have chosen certain life paths, for the benefit of our deep growth, transformation and healing.

May we come to know the one coming forth, the one we have been waiting for, as we acknowledge our truth with love, for the benefit of all beings.

May it be so, so it is.

“Some of our best prayers are those we acknowledge”

“Some of our best prayers are those we acknowledge”

By James Anthony Curtis

Everything has a frequency, and when touched, plucked, dropped or otherwise, will vibrate. Whether we realize it or not, we are frequently sending out a vibration to the universe, full of requests, expressions and gratitude for being.

Even in our darkest hours, when we might feel deeply depressed, or anxiously on edge, not only are these times indications of answered prayers, healing and relief coming, they are also continuing requests that are sent for our well being to manifest as we embrace our wholeness.

How then do we know our truths, what we are asking for?

If outer circumstances are a reflection of our most precious dreams attempting to bring us into the reality we have contracted, as we sit with our feelings, abiding in those layers under the surface of what we see three dimensionally, we become aware of deeper requests.

Much like hindsight, when we look back and see the universe working in our life, finding the good in what was once might have been perceived as a negative, we can begin to feel into every situation with love, observing and acknowledging our prayers as we become aware of them.

This is a powerful practice in self-realization, as we are opening doors to fully engaging our responsibility for the life we live.

No longer are we “victims of circumstance,” but rather we are empowered by the desires we begin to see we have come to fulfill.

Our life becomes a walking meditation, as we come to know ourselves, receiving all the love we have desired, and not only do we become aware of our requests, but we see the potential of what we have come to heal and express.

May we acknowledge our prayers when ready, arising to walk the inward road, that our guides may reveal themselves to us.

May we receive all that we have desired under the surface, going deeper into our circumstances, feeling all that we are feeling, for our well being to come forth.

May we love, as we have never loved before, granting passage for our truths to be heard by us, that the one we have been waiting for may be revealed, the one we already are, for the benefit of all beings.

May it be so, so it is.

“You showed up”

“You showed up”

By James Anthony Curtis

One of my favorite new practices I learned from a lovely family we camped with recently on the road is, whenever one of the family would “put themselves out there,” meaning, share some insight, wisdom, or how they felt, no matter the outcome, a comment was made “you showed up.”

It’s taken me many, many years to be ok with me, to learn no matter the outcome, the important thing is to “show up.”

On this day I celebrate “showing up.” Being with the one coming forth in all of us, no matter the outcome, here, now, I’m so grateful to share this time with all of you.

This is our time, the space we occupy has been “purposed” specifically for us, to embrace all that we feel in our unique form of humanity, as we express the love we are as no one else can.

With each breath, our beating heart transmits a vibrational signature distinctly offering to the universe our gifts we have come to reveal, those parts eagerly incarnated for our truth to shine.

Our light of passion that must be set upon on hill, as no other way will bring our fulfillment to fruition.

As we come to know the one we have been waiting for, meeting each desire with the loving attention we have asked in each experience, our divine nature expands with our truths as we acknowledge them. We are set free, as our body and reflections effortlessly bring forth all information for our spiritual evolution to occur.

Our unfolding is completely perfect as we come to recognize the healing in our journey.

Today may we be blessed as we “show up,” embracing each character as a well spring for our coming forth.

May we love deeply, passionately, as the fire that we are is revealing our truths we have come to express.

May all beings everywhere know themselves, as the one we already are, in benefit of wellbeing.

May it be so, so it is.

“Beyond the floodgates of fascination”

“Beyond the floodgates of fascination”

By James Anthony Curtis

It’s been almost a full year since I decided to share these writings, giving space for help to those in deep transformation on the path of healing.

When at first I began to emerge from my cocoon of ego and self preservation, the pain of loss that had occurred in that process was almost unbearable, leaving me with utter devastation, in a deep bewilderment.

It seems appropriate that the seasons aligned, and the most excruciating pain brought forth exactly what was needed as intended, birthing my unfolding wings for the uncertain ground that I was to stand on.

The universe knows, and will always provide, even in seeming aloneness, darkness, the depths of our needs, calling out from the abyss in our falling.

Sometimes it feels sickening, that spinning, undeciphered form of our reality, beckoning us from long lost hopes of fulfillment; but in those moments of acknowledgement, where we brave the darkness, allowing ourselves to explore our desires, the depths of love that we give our met in measure, as we feel deeply into our wanting.

“Impossibilities” open in the cracking of our souls, and from death a new life emerges, one full of potentiality and grace.

So as we look forward in amazement, we might be tempted to doubt the truths we have embraced, even attempting to ground in the old carnage of death from whence we emerged; but now is the time of our being, although we may feel fear and hesitation, boldly we step forth into the unknown, trusting the wings that are unfolding.

We step “beyond the floodgates of our fascination,” claiming flight in our wings, going deeper than we have ever been, in all confidence of our upholding.

May we trust in the universe, that all is well in our arrangement, everything has been fully aligned for our being here, now, in this moment of love.

May we see when we are ready, the many gifts that have been bestowed for our journey, as we hold the heart through all that we feel.

May we acknowledge the one coming forth, granting passage for our healing, that all we have desired may be fulfilled, as the love we already are, in benefit to all beings.

May it be so, so it is.

“Hatchback Jesus”

“Hatchback Jesus”

By James Anthony Curtis

Two neighbors were talking one day about their friend’s lifestyle who lived on the road:

“You mean she just lives on the road, going from place to place, not really knowing her destination or ever really where she will end up?!?”

“Yes! Isn’t it ridiculous! How can one possibly float along, with no path or destination under the feet, being some so called ‘ambassador of love’ to everyone she meets?!?”

“What does that mean? ‘Ambassador of love?!?'”

“That’s her practice now. She claims she has ‘found Jesus’ or something, and wants to travel, living on the road as some sort of healer.”

“So does she actually heal others?!”

“Sort of. She claims she is love, and love does the healing.”

“How does that work?!? I mean someone somewhere has got to be a little suspect with seeing a healing or two! I mean a modern day messiah walking around healing others!!”

“It’s not that obvious. In fact, she says she’s the one being healed. That all the ‘others’ are really beautiful reflections of her life, and as she heals, everyone around her does also.”

“So she’s no self proclaimed messiah!? Well, at least there’s that. We don’t need anymore of those.”

“On the contrary, she says we are all messiahs. We just haven’t realized it yet, and that as we do, heaven, nirvana, or something like that will appear before our very eyes right here on earth.”

“That’s the most silly thing I’ve ever heard of! Now I’m a messiah! As if I didn’t have enough to worry about, I’m going to end up handing out goodwill on earth!”

“Well, that doesn’t sound to bad does it? I mean all things considered, who couldn’t use a bit more love?”

“Your starting to sound like her! What’s gotten into you!”

“I guess I have been hanging around her some. She’s even feeding people now, right out of her little hatchback. They just show up wherever she stops, almost like they know she’s there for them.”

“Oh. My. God. A ‘hatchback Jesus! As if I haven’t heard it all! With all the problems in the world, this woman thinks she’s some sort of ‘love is the answer’ Lennon serving others for world peace person!!!”

“Hey, I’m heading down the road, I understand your frustration, fear, frankly I was too about this, but not so much now. This really helped, our sharing, thanks.”

“What do you mean this helped?!?”

“I guess I just needed to feel what I felt, sit with all the things this morning provoked in me when I thought about her.”

“And now?”

“I feel okay. Like I have purpose or something.”

“So what now?”

“I’m not sure, but I hope you have a great day, love you neighbor!”