“Building bridges”

“Building bridges”

By James Anthony Curtis

Sometimes we give an accounting to ourselves for what we have been offering to humanity.

With each interaction comes an opportunity to unfold the blessings of our uniqueness, the vibrational ripples of our essence, as our life path through time manifests the desires of our heart.

We may not always understand the reflections that appear, but as we begin to embrace all relationships with ambiguity, the expansion that is revealed forms a bond with the integrity offering an innocence that frees our heart to follow its bliss.

So we build bridges, and as the water rises, our passage forth becomes more magnificent, blending with the beauty of our difficult circumstances.

The relationships around us mirror both places in need, and those parts that feel safe enough to express themselves. Life flows deep, uninterrupted by the embracing of our heart, as we learn to walk grounded in all that we create.

May we go into our fears, be with the pain, turn to loving compassion, allowing hard truths to present their light, granting passage over each expanse, as precious wings unfold through every breath.

May we move when moved, dance when the music sounds, and embrace the realizing power in all that we do, for the healing of our souls, as love guides us into all that we are.

May it be so, so it is.?