By James Anthony Curtis

In yoga one of the eight limbs is a practice called “Santosha,” which helps to quiet the mind, and open the heart.

This morning my mind and heart were troubled, once again the sacred texts bring relief in the form of exactly what is needed.

The mind says I “need” certain things to feel content, to be calm in mind and open the heart, but in truth, things arise to expose those parts in need, that we may have the opportunity of this practice from what arises, for attention, healing and love.

To be truly unbound, one embraces his bondage, feels into those dark places, the shadows of our existence.

In any mantra we choose, our focus for what we rest our heart on, is where we come to be.

Things, people, places tend to drive us in directions, feelings and energies only to trigger the deep awareness of those places within us in great need.

All of those places that are afraid, that cry out from the depths calling for someone to save them, are here to free us, show us the lock to insert the key.

Subtly, all day every day, the things that arise, such as an irritation with a coworker, to the chill in the wind, or the loss of a loved one, possibly our confrontation with an insecurity: all arise in preparation for our needs to be met, to bring us to a deepening in those parts with greater love.

Loss, in any form, is love shining through to unbundle our innocence, unwrap the presence of our wings, that we may in turn fold them over another in loving compassion.

Today may we embrace the practice of contentment, by allowing our innocence to come forth, to greet our mind and heart with the love they have been asking for.

May we love, as we have never loved before, opening our heart in the allowing of all that we feel.

May we come to know the one we have been waiting for, the wise child and youthful sage, the wizard and the monk, who smiles in the face of all with the warmth of who we already are, for the benefit of all beings.

May we shine bright, in the darkest of places, being the love we have been waiting for, the love we are.