“Being fully present”

“Being fully present”

By James Anthony Curtis

This present moment contains both deep joy and suffering.

So much effort and time spent working on feeling better, being better, changing, growing, like a tree trying trying to work at being a tree.

We can attempt to deny this reality, or feel the fullness of beauty in it.

We can’t escape what we are, or how we feel, but we can choose to feel our feelings fully.

Bringing the mind to the present moment, embracing all that arises, however we feel, can be a scary process if you are used to turning away, running, always looking towards something better.

But by allowing this moment, as it is, we open our hearts to the vulnerability of being.

We may be flooded with emotion, or we may find surprising calm, but engaging truth with compassion, our heart feels safe, watched over, and secure that it is being held through whatever arises.

Thoughts may come, we may be triggered by past memories of joy or pain, and we gently allow ourselves to feel this moment, the breath, here and now.

There is enough material for our attention to heal those parts in need, all that we have been given, to come to know those deep places, that are being loved as we are.

As we come to rest in our awareness, the depth of what we feel is only an indication of our openness.

Whether it is great joy, or sadness, all that it means is that we have opened the inner chambers of our heart.

We have allowed the mystery of God to permeate our soul.

Deep feeling, is healing.

Abiding with who we are, is our growth.

May we come to know the richness of all joy and suffering that enters our open door, as our innocence comes forth to greet this moment with an open heart.

May feel all that we feel for our deep healing, with gentleness, compassion and love.

May we serve others through the embracing of ourselves, being all that we have come to be, for the benefit of all beings in this present moment.

May we love deeply, as we have never loved before, coming to know the one, we already are.