“B movies, wet camping, and soggy shoes”

“B movies, wet camping, and soggy shoes”

By James Anthony Curtis

Late night last night the stars came out after a pleasant rain, the campfire crackled its warm tones, and the sharing continued.

“Fellowship,” the acknowledgment and connection of a similar journey, along a well walked road of humanity, granting each life path the healing process of love.

In each breath we find an amazing opportunity of self realization, “parts” coming forth as needed to be made manifest in our union of unlikely allies walking each other home.

Once feared adversaries, ominous whispers of our delight, now reveal all that we have been asking for, as we step into the night.

Out of the chaos, comes melodious banding, with old wounds we allow ourselves to explore, deep rhythms from past times ignored.

Though the road is long, our path difficult at times, we find even in our darkest hours if we are open, surrendering to the feelings that arise, we are set free.

In the fullness of our expression, all nature bends to the truth coming forth, as we blossom in our unfolding, gently offering our perception with bowed reverence.

We honor “B movies, wet camping, and soggy shoes,” as we joust for contentment round the campfire of our stars, well wishing for others, in the love we already are.

May we acknowledge our heritage, the connections however they flourish, as we laugh at our humanity, flowing on in its various forms.

With each breath may we sit, as the divine tortoise of old, ancient in wisdom, as love never grows up, but ever on in the fold.

Be blessed, be beautiful, be brave, you are loved.